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Huge fat pipe squirts mighty streams

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Can anyone tell me how many megatits there are in a kilowrist?

Popular gamers 'should play for free' – Valve boss

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The photo in the linked Develop article looks curiously like Peter Griffin.

Microsoft sends in the tanks against Motorola, Android

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Re: A possible solution

Already done (and granted, I think?!):


ARM flexes muscles with fivefold performance boost

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duel core?

As much as I love the idea of CPU cores fighting over the honour of its process threads and whatnot, surely we're talking about dual core here?

Cops taser Somerset chap's nether regions

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deed poll

Mr. P Cox. should now change his name to Chris P. Cox.

Sam Mendes to helm new Jesus Phone ads

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The Appening. Fart apps start communicating amongst each other to release toxic (and rather smelly) fumes, bringing about the demise of humankind...

L'Orange and T'Mobile: Together at last

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they'll call themselves E2?

Carrier apathy depresses Google Phone outlook

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TCO? Surely N1 is way cheaper

"TCO for a Nexus One over 18 months with *similar* services available to O2 iPhone users (*unlimited* Wifi, Data etc.) approx £1100, same period with O2 for 3Gs? 16GB £879 32GB £979. It's even less for the iPhone over 24 months. Just saying like..."

Bought an N1 from the US for £390 (*including* VAT); Can get SIM only contract from Virgin with 300 anytime/anynetwork mins, unlimited texts and unlimited internet for £18/mo. Add £80 or so for a 32gb microsd. That makes the N1 about £800 over 18 months. I'm sure there are other options. And IIRC Virgin Mobile use O2 for the HSDPA/3G and T-Mobile for voice, so I guess that's similar enough to the iPhone offering?

This approach has minimal lock-in, so Google could release another phone in a year or so (A "super-duper" phone?) where I'm sure I can get a good price on eBay for my N1, upgrade to the new phone for significantly less and not have to sit out the remainder of a 24 month contract...

The N1 is an absolute belter - I've never used a phone so much, highly recommended.

Oracle should cannibalize JavaFX Frankenstein

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What version of Java do you have installed? Try updating to 1.6.0_18 from java.com. There has been quite a lot done to improve start up speed of applets etc. JavaFX requires at least 1.6.0_10 to run, so your JavaFX installation process may have failed because of that?

There is still more to be done with the start up performance and the installation process, IMHO, still leaves much to be desired. I find the Flash installation process very user friendly and actually quite slick.

Also - I have also seen AV software such as Kaspersky *absolutely murder* JavaFX startup time. Unfortunately that is out of JavaFX's domain.

As for ugly applets, that's just FUD - it's not the fault of the technology, that's just sloppy programming. Anyone can pump out ugly ass apps in Java, Flash or whatever.

And if your wish comes true for the burial of AWT, Swing and JavaFX, what exactly are you proposing takes their place?

Google yanks IE6 love from web apps

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@AC 22:16 - no this is big cahunas

Given the hold IE6 has in the enterprise, I think that making this announcement at such short notice is actually quite brave on Google's part.

Hopefully now with Google leading the way it will encourage many other companies to follow suit and we can finally prise IE6 from the clutches of the enterprise and get on with writing better web apps.

Good riddance to IE6 you will not be missed.

Firefox 3.6 goes live and final

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Chrome dev channel 100/100 in acid test

@Jacko - interesting, I'm using Chrome from the dev channel and it passes the Acid test perfectly.

Good luck to this FF release, I still use FF quite a bit and there is still much to like - this release definitely feels more responsive, esp. at start up. I was also getting about a 25% boost in the Sun Spider test.