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Green light for spooks' net snoop plan


I'm no expert

but please can you explain how the government can monitor the traffic coming out of VPN server if it is located offshore?

Nigerian perv scanners lay Lagos ladies bare

Paris Hilton

@John Savard

You would think that's how it should work, indeed that's how I thought it did work until last week. Travelling through Amsterdam Schiphol to Bangkok - one queue for women one for men.

Female queue: perv scanner not in operation - usual x-ray scanning of hand luggage and metal detectors for the women. Pat-downs by female security staff.

Male queue: metal detector NOT in operation, perv scanner in operation and images being viewed by a FEMALE staff member.

Couldn't quite believe it, not that I was particularly bothered, but imagine the shit storm if this situation had been reversed.

Paris - because she knows a thing or two about perv scanners......

Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade



This why I buy all my phones from mobiles.co.uk.

Sim free Desire with no upfront payment on an 18 month Vodafone contract @ £25 a month.

Got my Froyo update on Sunday morning!

Android's UK phone sales quadruple

Paris Hilton

Take it from someone who has owned both the Desire and the HD2

that the Desire if far superior in many, many ways. My HD2 fell to it's death around a month ago. When I made an insurance claim I was told I could choose between a Desire dispatched immediately or could wait 4 weeks on more stock of the HD2. I opted for the Desire and looking back I have NEVER been so pleased to have broken a mobile phone.

Paris because she knows a thing or two about desire.........

It's non-stop fun in Zero Carbon Britain, 2030


I don't see any mention of the ability to synthesize crude

Appears to be a fermentation process producing a hydrocarbon petrol substitute and not "crude" as such......


@ "Bedwetting is nothing new."

Neither is ignorance!

"No, I merely argue for the continuation of scientific and technological development. The same stuff that got us here."

Whilst science and technology got us part of the way "here", I'd hazzard a guess that humanity stumbling upon 2 trillion barrels of a certain black gooey substance probably had more to do with it........


Are you for real?

Seriously, are you typing this from your cell in the looney bin??!

"We stopped being dependent upon "finite physical resources" to feed ourselves a long time ago"

I actually had to re-read that around ten times to believe it? You do realise that THE ONLY reason we can feed current global population levels is due to intensive farming processes made possible by oil and natural gas?

The vast majority of the worlds agricultural soils are so nutrient deficient that they can only be farmed with a massive input of chemical fertilisers. Chemicals which owe their very existence to oil and natural gas.

You're avin a laugh son, when did they start letting your ilk play on the internet?

Sneaky bin chipping still in the bag for UK.gov


Moaning by the retarded....

The spanner in your argument is that the "people on benefits" pay nothing in to the council tax pot, whereas the people moaning about the waste tax are being sucked dry year after year by ever increasing council tax bills. Waste collection and water are the only council services I avail myself of. Living in Scotland I downright object to having to pay for water, let alone having to pay more for waste disposal!

Here have a grenade - do the world a favour and recycle yourself.......

Thousands wrongly labelled by CRB checks


I'm amazed

at the number of people who think you can "fail" a CRB check. All the check states is a list of convictions, they don't give you a pass or fail as such. I needed a eCRB for the post I have at a University. I have two minor convictions and the University in question didn't view these as a problem. It's up to the employer to decide whether or not you "fail" the check.

The Pirate Party is the shape of things to come


how ironic.......

"One belief, one vision, one truth, all imposed on others, against their will if necessary."

Sounds like a mantra for new labour. Anybody who compares the pirate party to the taliban clearly needs to lay off the crack pipe........

Net downloads cause 'millions of lost jobs'


Simple fact is

I'll only stop downloading illegal content when one of three things happen:

1) The government figures out a way to stop me (highly unlikely!).

2) The risk of actually getting caught becomes so high that it's not worth the risk (again highly unlikely).

3) The content industry moves with the times and provides content at a fair price with no differing region release dates!

e.g. I download "desperate housewives" for the GF (honest!) and in the US they are close to 15 episodes ahead of the UK. Lost is the same I watched S06E08 on Wednesday evening and it's not aired in the UK until Friday. O.K many will say what's the problem in waiting 2 days, but why should we? In a supposed "Global economy" there is simply no excuse for differing regions getting differing release dates!

LibDems drop net blocking, blame activists


and this can be enforced?

NONE of the proposals put forward in the draft stage of this bill are enforceable.

SSL, Tor, encrypted VPN's etc will make sure of that...........

BT reveals faster broadband pricing


@Neill Mitchell

I don't know where you are in the country but my connection, when throttled, is still more than usable: unthrottled 19Mb with 19ms ping, and throttled 5Mb with ping 38ms. With BT my ping was NEVER less than 100ms...........


BT suck balls!

errrr you only get 1.5GB between 4 and 9pm with the 10Mb "L" package. I just moved from BT to Virgin on the 20Mb "XL" package (£31 PCM), 4 months ago and it's a far better service. Yeah, I can only download 7GB between 10am and 3pm and 3.5 GB between 4 and 9pm, but at other times I download around 200Gb a month and get slightly under 19Mb consistently. There hasn't been a peep out of Virgin. BT on the other hand are an utter nightmare. Download more than 80 GB in a single month your connection will be throttled to arround 1Mb between 5pm to 12am for the remainder of the month. So if you download say 80Gb by the 10th of a particular month you will be throttled for the remaining ~20 days. Virgin are far from perfect but at least they have a clear and transparent throttling policy. Something that cannot be said for BT. Plus even with the throttling you still have a usable connection (5Mb, providng your on the XL package) whereas with BT it is pretty much unusable.