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Oracle hurls Sparc T5 gladiators into big-iron arena


Re: RISC Chips

> Any Sunshiners out there still trying to pretend that single-threaded performance and cache don't matter?

No one ever said it didn't matter. The problem is that Sun missed two generations of single-threaded processors (Millennium and Rock). Sun would be an independent, profitable company today if it had taken a 10th of the money wasted on those projects and invested it in the evolution of UltraSPARC-IV+.

Apple fights off ebook suit with anti-Amazon defence


"Democrat president"

The adjective is "Democratic". If you tuned away from Fox News once in a while, you'd know that.


IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop


And that is where strippers come from.

Teenager acts immaturely and inappropriately, as teenagers do. Adult responds with violence, anger and humiliation. That'll jist about do it.

Moviemakers on a quest for their real-time 3D Holy Grail


2D to 3D

Yesterday, I saw a trailer for Titanic 3D, which was presumably 3Dized by the aforementioned army pixel pushers in Mumbai. It looked terrible. Reminded me of peering into a View-Master.

Oracle dumping HPC: Genius or foolhardy?

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I hate to say it, but Larry is right

HPC at Sun drove technology in the wrong direction. Wildcat diverted million of dollars and who-knows how many man-hours. HPC requirements added to the cost and delay of UltraSPARC-III and Starcat/Serengeti. HPC complexity helped make Millennium unbuildable.

If HPC innovations trickled down to products that actually...y'know...generate revenue, that would be one thing. But historically, that has not been the case. One of the things that killed Sun was a this tolerance for staring at shiny objects, instead of watching the bottom line.

Leave HPC to the spooks and the grad students.

Open source boss quits Sun Oracle


Business Model

(1) Business; (2) Model.

Ya need both.

One let's you sleep at night.

The other earns you money so you can buy

a bed to sleep in.

Schwartz goes all of a Twitter


Re-enlist this

He came in with an 11 word vacuous non-plan.

He leaves with a 9 word whiny non-excuse.

And in between...he gave away the crown jewels, squandered billions on misguided acquisitions, and let the McNealy-era calcification continue. What a waste. What a lost opportunity.

Oracle to invest in Sparc iron, clusters


"has not done in a very long time"?

"[Y]ou'll be relieved to know that Oracle at least said it will invest in Sparc and x64 servers, storage, operating systems, and other technologies. That's something that Sun itself has not done in a very long time."

Huh? Sun invested billions in Millennium, Rock and other projects. Just because those projects were ill-advised--and then on top of that suffered due to spectacularly poor execution--doesn't mean the money wasn't invested.

Even after this lost decade, Sun still has some of the best engineering talent in the business. Maybe the Oracle boys will finally do what the old regime couldn't or wouldn't: finally put a stop to the infighting, the self-delusional project management, and the perpetual research project atmosphere.

I'm glad to see Fowler at the helm. But he's still got a long row to hoe.

Europe clears Oracle Sun for take-off


10 months...

...with her heel digging into Sun's neck to come to a foregone--and bleeding obvious--conclusion. Nice work if you can get it.