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Sony blames record $5.7bn loss on everything but Sony


no TV

I don't have a TV but I am considering buying one. Will it be a Sony? More probably a Samsung or LG. Need a cheap 50" with PC connectivity.

Pirate island attracts more than 100 startup tenants


Re: Not a new idea ...

Regarding TCP timeouts.

Mobile (cellular) data traffic doesn't leave all the reliability issues to be handled by the upper transport protocol (e.g. TCP). The link layer (whether WCDMA or LTE) implements different levels of quality of service and performs automatic retransmission when necessary (see ARQ and HARQ).

PlayStation Suite SDK beta opens today


what devices are supported?

"You can test and debug games and applications developed with the PS Suite SDK on the PlayStation®Vita system and PlayStation™Certified devices."

Is my PS3 a "PlayStation™Certified device"? It doesn't say.

Fate of punters' Megaupload files to be thrashed out in court


intellectual property rights of individuals

Shouldn't the IP rights of *individuals* be respected? Persons that upload their own data have a right to that data. How can that right and the corresponding data be taken from them forever?

Banks toss $8bn into Facebook's lap ahead of IPO


If a service or product is free, then *you* are the product.

DragonFly BSD developer stung by Opteron bug


All processors have erratas. I have yet (in the embedded field, mostly using PowerPC) to see anyone without an errata.

Intel plugs both your sockets with 'Jaketown' Xeon E5-2600s


Re: Is this really progress? I seem to have missed it.

Moving functionality on-chip decreases latency and increases throughput and performance. Just not raw CPU crunching performance perhaps. But even CPU crunching benefits from lower latency memory accesses, the biggest advance there for Intel was with QPI.

This chip with on-chip PCIe gen3 controllers (think 40G Ethernet and beyond) will be great for network processing. Indeed this is one of Intel's focuses. See http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/communications/global-communications-network.html

Intel is not designing chips just for your desktop but for a lot of diverse use cases.

Vacuum cleaner set Swedish nuke plant on fire


management error

I read in my local paper that management decided to re-schedule the pressure test to an earlier, unused time slot (otherwise performed just before the reactor is going to be started and the enclosure completely emptied) in order to save some time... Orders to clean up the reactor enclosure before the test were not very strict (i.e. remove combustible stuff, not all stuff) and it was allowed to leave equipment in the enclosure that was going to be re-used soon. This left too much freedom to the individual workers to decide what could or could not be left.

In my opinion, the error was not caused by the specific individual who left the vacuum cleaner. A management short-cut turned out not to be so wise.

Microsoft stealth launches 'historic' programming language


twenty years ago...

...the functional language Erlang started to be used for industrial strength programming.

But a GUI toolkit is probably a good idea.

ARM boss forecasts mass migration to netbooks


ARM vs. Intel

Me thinks ARM wants to eat Intel's lunch. The performance of ARM processors is increasing rapidly and ARM knows the SoC business.

ARM would probably benefit if applications' dependency on single-threaded performance decreased, i.e. if applications were better to utilize multiple processor cores. Why stop at one or two cores in a processor?

Intel leads the race in single-threaded performance which is great for legacy applications but at a cost (power consumption). Apple's coming iPad uses an ARM-based SoC which includes just about everything except RAM while Intel-based netbooks have multiple chips. Who is the winner in battery life?

Apple's iPad - the tablet with the data center soul


what my daughter could use

My daughter's most beloved possession (except for her MLP's) is a portable DVD/DivX player. But it could be improved:

* Wireless networking to connect to our NAS and all movies stored there.

* Internet connection and web browser for YouTube and online games.

* A touchscreen could be useful for interaction, currently only has DVD-specific navigation buttons

* VGA or HDMI output (currently has only composite video) for connection to TV or projector

* USB connector(s)

We solve some of the deficiencies by complementing the DVD-player with an old laptop with WiFi-access but it is heavy and the battery is dead so difficult to move around.

What is does not need:

* Keyboard

* Harddisk or any other large internal storage

* Probably don't need that DVD-ROM any longer as everything would be ripped and accessed from USB or network.

* General purpose OS (Windows or Linux)

Think of current intelligent TV's but portable and rugged.


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