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Meizu Mini Player SL 8GB media player

James Smith
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Cowon D2

That's the fella that has the SD slot and the flac and great sound ... oh and I've watched 3 films on mine and still had anough battery power left for music on the 3 hour flight home.

The best player hands down! Nothing comes close.


French tempted with €199 Eee PC HSDPA bundle

James Smith

Nickable Small Stuff ...

I just wanna get one because at that price I wouldn't worry about dropping or getting it chav'ed off me or more imporartantly spilling 'beer' on it when i was looking at my wall-paper in the pub ... which will be that chick ... joke ... it has wifi right?


Beeb's iPlayer reaps streaming traffic dividends

James Smith

Two Words ...

Nova and UK, not in that order

USB 'compact cassette' promises 1980s nostalgia, home taping

James Smith


space for two whole flac songs on there ... how can express all my unrequited feels in two song? unless my love is expressed in a lower resolution these days

Thom Yorke dismisses net-only album paradigm

James Smith

MP3 is Dead

Everyone is talking about Lossy digital formats and no one has mentioned FLAC, with cheap hard drive space these days and fast connections why bother with taking information out of the equation?

I think within 20 years you'll see 96 KHz / 24 bit FLAC files becoming more of a standard for digital files and for those that say it won't sound as good as vinyl will be wrong if the files come directly from the mastering data. Who will have the lossy format then?

BTW, I've a 96/24 sound card and a nice Linn Sondek which I digitize / back-up my music for playing on my iPod and store most of my albums in this way. Ok it's the exeption to the rule at the moment but over time I think you'll see a shift.

Prince and fan sites could unite

James Smith

I was shocked at B3TA as well ...

... seems like a slippery slope if they start bowing ... I actually like the site because it was something that truly was free speak on the net.

I mean I would have loved to see some of the post on there go through the courts either in America or the UK ... it would have made Prince a laughing stock.

Tarzan's yell must be written in music for trademark registration

James Smith

Something to do with Phil Collins?

He was the guy that wrote the stage musical music (cash-in) for Trazan ... I bet it was him that was pushing for it.

This is the guy who became famous for playing at both the Live Aid concerts ... and subsquently made a shed load of money by writing 'Another Day In Paradise' (a trashy, over-emotional number about poor people). Nasty nasty man.

Oh but he does lots of work for charity ... you're right ... he does ... animal charities like PETA ...


He'll probably be trying to push for trademarks on Meow, Moo, Woof & Oink next!

Exploitative little bald toxic man. Go back to Switzerland!

/Rant Over

Maddy: TV torture for the ADD generation

James Smith

Same we don't have this media ...


Rather suspect.

And personally I've always viewed the news, in whatever way it's reported as pure soap opera ... unless it's happening in your life personally it's complete dissemination any way.

The Christmas Console Wars: round one to Xbox?

James Smith

I'll be going for a Wii at Xmas ...

... too much booze probably.

I'll get my coat.

The Register takes the stand at Interop

James Smith


Set up a stand on the beach doing the same thing and I'll even come down and bring you all a few bottles of Estrella

Public-private shoe-in wins Birmingham contract

James Smith

Crapita strikes again ...

for any reader of The Eye (Private, that is) we know what comes next ... seriously, who is getting rich from this company? Go find out. Same old Establishment England ... it's one of the reasons why I moved out.


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