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IBM kills Global Technology and Global Business Services: It's all ‘IBM Services’ now

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They already have this its called Brokerage....was Gravitant

They bought Gravitant years ago and renamed it Brokerage services. Problem is customers are not ready to truly use cloud services agnostically.

Dark net webmail provider Sigaint still in the, er, dark

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And I still cant get my 25K of bitcoins

Next time I will have two emails for pw recovery

Next Superdome CPU chips amble into HPE

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Re: With Due Respect to Eric Idle...

IBM shot the first two bullets. They dropped Itanium from their Intel line then dropped it from their software support. The only thing that kept it alive was HP-UX and HP has said that will not get ported to Xeon.

Oracle doubled the price on Poulson so only an idiot would "upgrade" to Poulson with the same performance per core and 2x the Oracle licenses. With Xeon getting Fab before desktops expect Itanium to be fabbed for one day and Intel will sell the chips until 2025.

'Android on Windows': Microsoft tightens noose around neck, climbs on chair

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Re: Why stop there?

reminds me of when IBM OS2 included Windows....there was no longer any reason to make an OS2 application when Windows support was included

IBM to cut '118k jobs worldwide' – report claims

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Re: Axe the axe!

Cringly which is not even his real name is an idiot. Do the math...dont write a chicken little story to promote you lame book on Amazon. Forbes should fire him

Put down that Oracle database patch: It could cost $23,000 per CPU

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actually $184K per SPARC chip and $736K per server

SPARC T5 is 16 cores * .5 core factor table = 8 licenses required.

8 * $23K = $184K

Since most database systems have four sockets at least you are now talking about $736K per box.

Now you know why Oracle bought the SPANC technology.

Dell disputes 15k layoff figure: Only a few staffers accepted 'voluntary separations'

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expect it to be significant and ongoing

Dell has to adopt the Larry Ellison model of culling the bottom 5-10% and hiring to backfill

It was inevitable: Lenovo stumps up $2.3bn for IBM System x server biz

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Re: Where does that leave IBM HPC sales

There is no profit in HPC sales...the only reason people play in the market is to try and pay for the large fixed cost of development. In the intel world you wont see the major mfg's signing up to lose money to help intel pay for their fab costs.

Lenovo shares in trading halt ahead of 'disclosable transaction'

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Lenovo bought more of IBM

It sounds like a good strategy to sell to the same company as the pc biz and since Lenovo is full of ex-ibmers but with very deep pockets it should give the system x a huge jolt of R&D dollars. For those of us who think they would rather buy from a US company....i think 85% of intel servers are made in China, so it's not a US vs China thing

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Lenovo is buying HP?

Makes you wonder what Larry things about all of this rumor-mongering.

Ex-Oracle manager claims he was fired for asking to give Indian staff equal pay

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An Irish person temporarily in the US suing oracle about an indian coming to the US because they didn't like market based pay. I'm thinking it was a huge pay raise to come to the US. It's supply and demand not some mythical fairness.

Oh well....glad I am not working for an IT company.....it is cut throat now.....much better to be in the cpg industry.


ARM server chip upstart Calxeda bites the dust in its quest for 64-bit glory

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moonshot? x86 is Proprietary!

HP can be so stupid. To name a project/product moonshoot is saying to potential customers that it will fail but we have a 1 in a billion chance it might be worthwhile. If the prior sludge CEO hadn't blown 11B on a stupid sw company they would have bought calxeda.

Someone has to keep Intel honest and if it's not going to be ARM then it has to be Power.

with AMD and Itanium practically dead x86 is really just "Intel" now. So much for x86 not being Proprietary !

Karl...you should go back to IBM....I hear they miss you in the Power division.

cheers guys....Allison

XBOX ONE ROUNDUP-of-the-ROUNDUPS: Everything YOU need to know

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always order early

I ordered one back in June when Amazon started selling it. Just sold it on ebay for a nice $300 profit and all I had to do is redirect the shipping to the person who bought it on ebay. Easy money

Oracle hides ExaLogic price cut

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Re: Dazed and Confused Great, you've spilled the beans

you must work for Oracle in California, because only someone on weed would say SPANK is the most performant CPU on the market. It does not come close to the performance of Intel or IBM chips. Ok it does do better than Itanium and yes because Oracle gives it a .5 core factor table handicap it is surviving but look at the revenue numbers. Oracles HW is down 14% not the 7% they talk about because the HW services revenue is going up. Sounds the the typical Oracle buy technology increase services prices to cash cow and and force customers to a proprietary product scenario.....it's not like they didnt do the same thing with Rdb years ago.

I wonder if the america's cup team cheated because their sponsor is known to cheat?

I, for one, welcome our robotic communist jobless future

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Re: Deja vu

half of the comments on the reg are from robots.

I am perceived therefore i am

Oracle revenues miss expectations – AGAIN

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Hardware will soon only be support services

If you look at the financial statement you will see that hardware system products fell from 779 to 669 in 2013 but system support rose from 574 to 592.

Obviously people are trying not to buy Oracle hardware and the sales reps are now relying on audits and automatic support cost increases to increase revenue. When looking at hardware decline you really should only look at hardware which was down 14% NOT INCLUDE SUPPORT RANSOM which make it look like it is only down 7%

BTW we dislike Larry and will someday get rid of all their software even peoplesoft just waiting for the other offerings to get to the required function which is progressing quickly

cheers you fanboys

Fujitsu to push 28 nanometer limits with Sparc64 X+

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why would anyone buy this old technology?

Between Power and Xeon why would anyone buy Itanium or a SPARC T? Insanity to buy a Fujitsu sparc chip...it was a joke 5 years ago and has not changed much

NASA to flip ion engine's 'OFF' switch after brilliant 5.5 year burn

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great analysis

Not sure about you but I have been taking a vitamin supplement which should keep me alive for 15K years to see the results. Now I just need to work on a project at work which does not expect a deadline for 15K years then I wont need to work so hard.

HP StoreOnce has undocumented backdoor

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Re: Allison Park userid pw

it was a joke..... funny ha ha......btw..and i know you know this I really hate being called anything but Allison. Maty

sad but true HP killing HP3000 and now VMS is no joke....if you want to be serious :-D

as someone recently said....

"As I said last week when reporting that Hewlett-Packard has decided not to port the latest OpenVMS 8.4 release to the current "Poulson" Itanium 9500 processors from Intel and has basically sunsetted the hardware platform on the older Itanium 9300-based Integrity servers that are several years long in the tooth, it is important not to gloat. But, having said that, it is Silverlake's 25th birthday, and it seems appropriate to keep score."

Allison Park

userid pw

I heard the userid was admin and password sys1 not sure why so boring I would have expected userid matt and password bryant

Oracle posts flat revenues on slow software sales

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people still buy sparc?

Anyone that still gets excited about sparc should be SPANC'd

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who gets fired next?

Oracle (larry) goes thru co-presidents like someone goes thru bottles of wine.

I doubt Safra will get canned since she really runs the company, but you really have to wonder how long Mark's tennis playing with Larry will last before he gets the boot. Been told from several sources Oracle continues to give away the hardware gear for free to customers who sign an ELA/ULA but since it is a package deal the reported earnings are zero discount.

I guess they can do this but it certainly seems fishy and really comes at the expense of software sales which is why that is artificially low at 1% while hardware is "only" down 24%

Off to Paris tomorrow...love ya'll

Windows NT grandaddy OpenVMS taken out back, single gunshot heard

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And who said Itanium was end of life? Looks healthy to me.... NOT

HP's Ray Lane faces $100m tax bill over 'sham' tax shelter

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Criminal in so many ways

So who is going investigate how he got HP to pay $11B for a company worth $1B?

Oracle and Dell forge worldwide server alliance

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Re: The death knell for SPARC.

The IDC 2012 results for Power, SPARC and Itanium are

Power = $5.7B, SPARC = $2.6B and Itanium = $1.6B

obviously if you think SPARC is dead then Itanium is drawn and quartered

Oracle actually puts money into marketing SPARC, but it is still geting SPANCed by POwer

Cheers Blokes

HP preps Project Kraken for monster HANA in-memory jobs

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Flash is the way to go

Our SAP image is plenty small enough to put into all flash. The real big db is in our data warehouse....err sorry its called "Big Data System" now.

The DL980 is two four socket boxes tied together with two glue chips. The problem is the I/O is tied to the processors so it is unbearable to get from one processor thru the glue chip to the other processor then finally out to the network.

Will be interesting to see when HP actually gets this system out the door. ivy wont be until 4q at the earliest and HP never does anything before OCT 31st so many 1Q '14 or will this be like Integrity schedules which never had ny integrity and after being 3 months late HP would finally admit that it will be another year before they come out....i.e. Tukwila it was not ddr3 that held up product for 18 months.

Cheers...off to cancun again this weekend....I need summer after moving to NY.

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again

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Re: Licenses 'sold'.

i am supprised there are only 238 comments about this debacle. I saw it before win8 came out....let's get rid of the start button...oh the only thing that is central to windows the only reason i installed it was because you could get $15 licenses and free up some win7 licenses then change it to start at desktop and install a start program....my money was only to get more win7 disguised as win8

IBM selling x86 server business to Lenovo?

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Re: Allison Park Mikel Storm clouds

not really a dodge.... just a bigger picture view.

Lenovo has done very well. I never viewed IBM as a consumer company. From looking at their acquisitions and divestitures it sure looks like they want to get out of commodity (hard drives, point of sale) and retain high value. I would not view this as a hardware general issue and I think they make higher margins on hw than services but sw eclipses all.

should be interesting either way i think customers are happy with ibm and lenovo can't say the same for my friends watching the HP ship burn


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Re: Mikel Storm clouds

HP Profitable? Last I checked HP did not have a P/E ratio because you actually need a profit. I looked it up -$6.55 per share. HP is a fool.

Allison Park

not surprised

I think every major vendor will adopt the Oracle model. Dump "commodity" give all profit to Intel and move into premium high value systems which give less importance to intel / power / sparc

lenovo seems like the right choice but you never know about samsung, fujitsu or hitachi

Movie bosses demand Google take down takedown notices

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Re: Because you came here to troll.

how much is the toll for your bridge?

Ellison aims his first Oracle 'mainframe' at Big Blue

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Re: Fastest?

If Larry really had a higher performance core he would not feel the need to have a handicap core factor of a half a license per core.......but then again its about more cores not more performance.

Oracle's hardware wing keeps on bleeding

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Re: personally I think all major vendors will get out of the volume x86 server market

interesting crystal ball......Cisco and VMware I think are also having a backlash because of their prices.

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Re: short-sighted?

Oracle forked LInux and now you can't be assured your code will work everywhere... welcome to Unix Linux

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Re: short-sighted

And why Meg wished she dumped the pc biz a long time ago....HP is getting crushed by tablets and phones.....was ibm incredibly smart or lucky....it really does not matter

Oracle revs Database Appliance to X3-2 – and nearly to Exadata

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I hear the MTBF of those Sun nodes is about 2.5 years which is the #2 reason we have steered cleard of exa-xxx. The number one reason is they are exa-expensive and the single vendor lock-in is with the worst IT vendor out there as far as price and terms.

cheers to my ex-sun co worlkers

Build your own 180TB NAS for $US1,942.59 (plus disk)

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thanks Matt

I didn't know ZFS couldn't be clustered. Crazy we dont use it as we prefer storage from EMC/IBM/Netapp

IBM forges Power7+ PureApplication appliance

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Pure data for transactions

We are looking at the Pure data for transactions solutions. Our company has parallel sysplex on the mainframe and have been looking to implement that in the Unix environment, but given the effort to implement a pre-integrated systems would be perfect. Interestingly, the name for the technology on Power was called PureScale. Looks like they used the Pure name for everything but have abandoned the term purescale. It will take forever but we are looking to dump oracle RAC.


Remember that Xeon E7-Itanium convergence? FUHGEDDABOUDIT

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Re: Re Alli Spin

Thanks for the explanation, curious if there will ever be a 22nm chip. Intel said kitson will not be for two years that makes it 2015 and I think the agreement was only till 2017 in making the chips. But I am sure Intel could make enough chips for 10 years in their fab in one week since there is not that much supply.


Allison Park

Re: Spin

This is the obvious result of Intel moving all of the Itanium engineers to xeon in 2011.


Shocking that intel will not simply move the poulson chip onto 22nm and put a larger cache on it.

How hard could that be, but its all about money. Intel wants more money from HP and HP does not have any money, so that make processors thru 2017 will be just poulsons.

And the end of the story is now.


Big Blue takes the fight to Xeons with Power7+ entry, midrange servers

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Will be interesting to see how the new pricing effects the product line. We have standardized on the p770 for all of our data intensive workloads. We have some of our websphere on the 770's but the majority of it (non-ecommerce) is on intel. If the price is right we will move to Power entry for our application systems. The reliability and certainly the IBM software pricing is advantages Power.

We have not bought an AMD box or Itanium box here in over four years so we have changed our standards to say Intel not "x86". Call a spade a spade.

Anybody see that coke ad during the superbowl, we are still laughing on how stupid and non-funny it was.

Budwiser made us all cry and godaddy made us all throw up in our mouths.

Pepsi Next was the best but it assumes you have seen project x.

cheers e99

Oracle loses appeal in HP row over Itanium

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2.5X what is that really?

finally getting to 8 cores / chip after everyone else is not something to brag about, but somehow people will be fooled into thinking 2.5X is actually more than a chip fab enhancement thanks to xeon.

so if a 4 core chip is lets say 400 units (100/core)

an 8 core ship is 2.5x that its 1000 units but only a 25% improvement per core.

IBM has been about 3x the performance of itanium cores and looks like HP is falling even further behind on the per core and also software license measure.


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Re: IBM does have details about Power8 in its public roadmap and has for two years

npar is just partitioning not virtualization. Apparently there is no plan to provide real virtualization in the hardware.

nice....take the disaster of Larry paid back for hurd and try to position it as a competitive advantage. Don't keep your head in the sand too long you will get burned. Everyone is circling the dead itanium carcass and having an unoptimized port will not help hp. At least IBM's Power systems has DB2 to keep Oracle motivated.


Allison Park

IBM does have details about Power8 in its public roadmap and has for two years

IBM does have details about Power8 in its public roadmap and has for two years.

there is a tool called google to find info.

there is also a site called wikipedia which has the details.

curious when Itanium will have hardware virtulization?

Except for larry pissing on itanium already do you think $500M will just piss him off more or make a difference in the business for customers?


Three years since his Sun gobble, what hath Ellison wrought?

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Re: Probably not

Intel/VMware/Redhat is not vendor independence its standardizing on substandard offerings and latching them together hoping it creates a "good enough" technology to run your business.

A lot of companies can lose more in one hour of downtime than the server costs. Not sure where 10-20x comes from last I checked RISC was only more expensive because it takes two x86 boxes to have similar reliability.


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Other Sun purchase benefits

Oracle was able to essentially kill MySQL, which was the biggest threat to its cash cow. DB2 and Oracle now rule the market.

Oracle owns JAVA and SAP is screwed. SAP retooled their who application stack on JAVA and is about freaked about asking Oracle for the re-license cost.

Oracle is milking that cow better than anyone else. They have no customer compassion so eliminating 9-5 service and forcing every dusty box to be under service.

Oracle knows how to take account control to the max and suck more wallet share from customers, personally I prefer the dual vendor strategy. We played IBM vs. Amdahl and now its Oracle and IBM.

Microsoft is the odd man out and now that M$ft is investing in Dell expect HP to sink even further into the abyss. Microsoft is going to buy Nokia and Dell to become competitive again vs. Apple. They will fail but that is their strategy.


IBM continues to squeeze blue blood from IT stones

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Got mine at sub $12....but i still would not buy their gear. Even the touchpad which i bought for $100 i gave away

Allison Park

Compare IBM to HP

I wish I owned IBM stock. I bought some HP right after the stock got crushed from the Autonomy writedown.

Since 2006, HP has taken $26.1 billion in "restructuring charges, goodwill writedowns, and merger-related expenses," according to Rolfe Winkler of The Wall Street Journal. The company's current market cap is $23.5 billion. So in six years flat, more money was destroyed on overpriced, ill-conceived acquisitions than the entire 73-year-old company is worth today.

Martian 'lake' said to hint at 'deep biosphere'

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what ever happend to the big black slab

I thought they found a big black slab in the 70's?