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Church of England takes on Ofcom

Andy Haynes

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As an engineer specialising in Church audio, I would disagree with the "using illegal equipment" statement - every church I have visited over the last 2 years has had either a vintage VHF system (legal but pretty poor quality now), a channel 70 UHF system (legal) or have a licensed channel 69 system. I don't see churches using cheap, sub-£100 systems anywhere as they are useless for anything beyond karaoke. On the other hand I have seen interference on these systems from illegal TV transmitters causing problems.

Since the law on Induction Loops changed, every church is tested to meet the standards and hence all of the "illegal" kit has long gone.

As to the cost, the cheapest, half-decent UHF system you can buy currently is about £180, the good ones are closer to £450. Doesn't take long to get a £million.