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The New Order: When reading is a crime


Book burning

I hear there will be a Nation Wide book burning fenzy some time this summer, anything not meeting the current governments criteria will be burned in public places, bring your children for a lesson in democracy.

Temp workers to get equal rights after 12 weeks



You all seem to be ignoring the millions of agency workers working for just above minimum wage, it has held down the avarage wage for the working man for the last 5-10 years. I'm not talking about qualified 'IT temps', bu t the people who put goods in the shops and food in your supermarkets.

Hopefully this will be the final nail in coffin for the leeches that are employment agencies

Wanted: Americans to join Al Qaeda


Cut em off

just cut off the US from 'The Internet' problem solved.

Home Secretary goes crazy on drugs... policy


teenage tokers

How many of these people who are adversely affected by the use of cannabis are acutally minors?

How many of the great British public would be outraged if they decided to make alcohol illegal because of teenagers were getting drunk at the weekend? Did I hear someone say 'you cant count alcohol as a drug' wtf not? Oh cos the government would loose too much revenue and the health service would collapse.

Simple answer, classify cannabis in the same group as alcohol, tax it and improve our national Health Service with the proceeds. It only needs some politicians with balls to do this but they wont cos they would loose the white middle class ignorant vote.

HSBC pops thousands of customer details in the post


Free smokes

Just waiting for my cheap-cigs-online.net spam mails to start flooding in when this data gets 'found'.

Coming up: the fingerprint-grabbing keylogger

Black Helicopters


TIA may be science fiction now, but so were mobile phones and the 500MHz cpu....

Sorry got to go there are people in black breaking my door down as I type this messfdgsdgfge

UK.gov demands 999 ads on social networking sites

Paris Hilton

You're all surprised?

Haven't we come to expect such a cutting edge idea from our great leaders?

Maybe its time we voted in Paris, get some brains on the front benchs.......

Home Sec: British rings to be tightened against intrusion


To Michael

Let me know when you're planning your next trip, I have some friends awith packages that would like to arrange a sailing trip from Holland to the Uk......

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies


Black Box Time

Another hero progressed beyond the realms of the Black Box rules.

A sad day for geekdom in general,.

More videogames to face censor scrutiny


Kids Vs MP's

Who could find an illegal song/game/pron on the internet the fastest?

a) A 7 year old

b) Your local MP

c) Some TV slut

California deploys dope-vending machines



We already have these vending machines near where I live, they are called phone boxes, the security guards have just been replaced by 'legitmate buisiness men'. They are open to all, not just those willing to sign up to a back door ID-Card.

Got me coat, going to make a 'phonecall'.......

Forget passports - teachers and kids are the new ID card targets


So am I going to get fired?

Teachers 1st eh?

What are they going to do when unions reccomend that members do not accept a new ID card, are county councils going to lay off all the teachers who decline the governemnts offer regardless of the fact that they have beenin the industry and for 10-20 years and have past already Police checks?

Its things like this that may make a life long labor voter turn blue!!!

Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting


Copy protection?

Is this M$ latest ploy to stop users backing up thier own cd/dvd's?

Just make it so painfuly slow people just give up...

Microsoft spits out final XP service pack, beta version



"Windows XP SP3 does not bring significant portions of Windows Vista functionality to Windows XP."

Does this mean it works?

US fails to reverse online gambling ban


What a load of bollocks

Its just BS isnt it....

They will be blocking non-US websites next...

EVE Online update kills Windows PCs



My XP install has been telling me I have a corrupted boot ini file since I installed XP. It still works (if you define works loosly).

XP is the necesary evil to use EVE, until the linux client runs better anyway.

Nokia to offer unlimited music downloads... for free


*reasonable use

I bet there is an asterix in the T&C somewhere.

Unlimited* downloads

You can chose from a vast library of poptastic tripe which you probably own anyway on CD when it was 1st written by a real artist way back in the dim and distant 90's.

You dont get jack fro free. Except the wonderful reg that is.

* 1 per month

Mother of God seen on USB Flash drive


Why not

If you can have Mickey Mouse USB drives, Transformers mouse mats why not another ficticous character....

Bloody religion, people will belive the world is round soon!

Public says no to ID cards, No2ID says 'starve the beast!'


Fine until

I'm sure no2id will have a lot of supporters until the crown starts summoning people to give data. How many people were against the Poll Tax, and marched against it, but when it comes to actually standing up in court and being counted people loose thier nerve.

Has anyone worked how long it is going to take to take biometric readings from 60+ million people? Imagine if every songle person in the UK eligible for a UK passport all requested a new one on Jan 1st, how long do you think it would take for all our passport offices to recover?

Balls blames parents, computers for English literacy slide



Maybe if Mr Balls didnt keep changing the way that literacy is taught to youngsters every couple of years and let teachers teach we might have a different story.

Maybe, this is an outside chance here, but maybe if parents read with thier children rather than assuming that the only place a child gets educated is in school kids might be able to read C-A-T or spell thier own name by the time they start school.

Met Police to pilot Tasers



Another reason to leave this shit hole of an island.

Does anyone remember the big hoo-ha in the 90's when Korea were using electrified riot shields and battons. All our PM's saying how barbaric they were....


Datapocalypse Now


ID cards NOW

cant you all see that if we had ID cards we wouldnt have to worry about all our data being available for all, as we would be able to prove we were us cos we had a jumped up library card that says so.

Duh! Come on people wake up and smell the bovine effluent!

Microsoft spoils Christmas with Xbox 360 locking feature


paid to NOT play?


No wonder kids grow up expecting everything and claiming its thier 'right' to have it all.

Parents are 100% to blame for a childs poor upbringing, not teachers, not schools, not government, not games makers not the internet.

The number of kids who fall behind during the early years of education simply due to the fact their parents are too busy to read with them, or talk to them is shocking. Its all too easy to farm them off to a child minder at 6am and have them delivered back at 9pm. The lame excuse of being too busy with work is just unacceptable, if you are too busy to look after your kids dont have kids! Simple.

Someone should do a study into the chemical inbalance that occurs in 95% of all new parents causing them to act irrationally and to pass all responsuibility of anything bad thier kids do onto the teachers or child minders, God forbid it has anything to do with the lack of a real parent being there.

*Rant over*

Didnt reven take my coat off.

Darling admits Revenue loss of 25 million personal records


ID Card idea

Why dont we just have all new borns tatooed with a pre-designated N.I number, bank account info, DOB. This could be placed somewhere descreet, like on the forehead. There may be less chance of someone finding the information than if we leave it to the current powers that be to look after them.

Chinese cyber strikes will be 'like WMD'


Red mist

God damn commies!!

Still its somewhere else to invade I spose...

Aussie-Irish boozer ejects 'terrorist' drinker


Give them credit

At least they could read the books title, after all they call beer XXXX cos they forgot how to spell beer

Canadian Taser death caught on camera


Judge Dread

Judge, Jury and Executioner....

Fantasy? Or are we already very close to this distopian nightmare.....

Surge in encrypted torrents blindsides record biz

Black Helicopters

The war is over!

Looks like Joe Public has lost this war and the 'man' has won again, the same way he won the war on drugs, counterfit jeans, and terror....

When will these ill educated people realise they cant win the man is all powerful...

Black Helicopters

The war is over!

Looks like Joe Public has lost this war and the 'man' has won again, the same way he won the war on drugs, counterfit jeans, and terror....

When will these ill educated people realise they cant win the man is all powerful...

Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail strike out Iran


That hurt

I feel sorry for the 3 Iranians that used Hotmail these sanctions must really be biting....

Phoenix hijacks Windows boot with instant-on


Ahh Acorn....

The Arch with its 2Mb RISC OS on a chip, lots of shiney windows and colours and a mouse.

I never did fill my 80Mb (yes Mb) HDD I had on my old A3000.If it crashed it usualy meant you had spilled coffee into one of its air vents. It even worked with a Heathkit (?) home made 2800 baud modem!

Virgin Media stops the rot


I dont work for Virgin but....

I have been with nthell/virgin since they introduced flat rate 1p / min dial-up, and have had their top cable services since they were all introduced and a couple b4 they were released ( got a slap on wrists for that one). Anyway I have very rarely had problems with their service, I get 10-12Mb downstream thru their 20Mb service 100% of the time, I don’t hit 20Mb as the modem itself only has a 10Mb Ethernet port. As for the unlimited* downloads I think everyone knows its all utter BS and no ISP will offer you thier flat out speed 24/7, and if they do its probably only at 1Mb.

SaveTheInterneters to save the internet from Comcast



It all comes down the one word that is in most ISP terms & conditions, “acceptable” use.

Who defines what is “acceptable use” of an internet connection. In my books the words acceptable use kind of reverse the claim of unlimited downloads* (There is always a *)

It’s a bit like the speed claims they quote for their services, up to 20Mb* (With that * again)

The little * with small print enables them to get out of jail free for not providing you with the service you thought you were paying for.

Record industry pushes ISPs to cut off file sharers



maybe, just maybe the drop is record sales has something to do with the tripe that gets piled out from such esteemed musical stables as "X-Factor", and "who wants to be a media-whore".

maybe I'm gets getting old.

I like the 1st option more....

Jailed terror student 'hid' files in the wrong Windows folder

Thumb Down

Yee-Haaaw We's Havin a book burnin mom!

Who'd have thought books would be illegal in the UK....

Yet again the master speaks and we go running tail wagging....

It will be evoloution next, god dam heathens

EVE Online goes dark to fight security breach


game and www servers.

The game and www server dont run off the same server, they just share the same database. The one with the security hole...

RIAA aims lawyers at usenet newsgroup service



Where do these people get thier facts from?

Oh yeah the rabbit told them after they pulled it from a hat..

It just shows how on the ball these RIAA fools are, I mean how long has NNTP been around, a wee bit longer than torrents and other p2p me thinks, maybe a decade or 2 longer.....

Brit spooks: Yanks are frightful cowboys


Re Mr Burns comment

The censors stop us all posting what we REALLY think of spur wearing, gun toting, war mongering tin tanks.

It starts with a C anyway and has just enough letters that GW can count them all by himeslf.

Customers give new ISP market thumbs down



I have never had any problems with virgin/nthell, apart from the odd court thread for 'customising' my modems speed restrictions. God bless the SB4100 and tftp.

Now since the 20Mb 'upgrade' I get about 20% extra speed on downloads 1400-1500K/sec and uploades have gone up to 90 odd k/sec. The second you hit 4.000000001Gb, boom there go's your connection until 2-3 days later.

I think many users must bnow be doing what I am, and queuing up 40 gig of downloads to start at 00:01 and stop at 15:59 every day, just to anoy NTL. Not even sure what I am downloading half the time, I never look at it, its more of a case of I am paying for this service so I am going to use it to its fullest.

'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight


Not American enough

They obviously failed to check this bloke was 'American' enough before giving him a job. I'm surprised the US havent baned air travel for all non-white Americans yet....

I'm sure it has been sugested hight up somewhere by some monkey

Jury spanks Lexmark in toner refill case


Is it only Lexmark

Being a laser printer owner IO havent had to deal with nasty Ink prices for a long while. I did pick up a cheap Epson last year to print some photos, in fact I bought two, as a new printer was about £20 cheaper than a set of cartridges!

Minister: ID cards 'another Great British Institution'


Re: ID card HK

haven't we handed over already?

Manhunt 2 banned



Its that insane nanny again..

US and allies lay global foundation for biometric border checks


Sit back ansd wait

It will probably take a gavenge of Gov. to get these farcical plan changed, and then they will just be exchanged with some even further right wing polotics. Imean just by posting here we have all got a little black flag (or red).

God forbid you ever protested against anything in your life or thats another blag flag, 5 flags and your a winner, free round the world trip thanks to the guys in the black sunglasses, who dont exist, and thier one off round the world rendition ticket....

George Bush's watch clocked on eBay


Anti-American bashing

People wonder why the tin-tanks get a hard time from the rest of the planet, and why everyone seems to take great pleasure in putting them down (not in a vetenary way, shame). It may, just may have something to do with the fact the you all 'appear' to be a bunch of arrogant tossers with no care for anything except your own self interests. Maybe its your foriegn pollicy, maybe its your reglious extremists and fundamentalist, maybe is your guns and murder rates (not linked at all) maybe its the fact that you wont do jack about the environment just incase it hurts big bussiness' pocket.

If everyone hates you there must be something in it, the whole planet cant be wrong......

Headless zombie wanders San Francisco


Bad hair day

With a barnet like that its no wonder the head was removed....

Paris Hilton dragged back into court



Its things like this that kick democracy and justice in the nads.... and they wonder why billions of people think Western morales are corrupt....

Employers should follow the Scots' lead on vehicle smoking ban


its all our fault

Wonder how long it will be b4 its illegal to wipe yer ass without wearing full PPE....

Substitute teacher's conviction for porn popups set aside


and they wonder why

..... most the the planet thinks the tin-tanks are 'kin nutts!

surely M$ made it possible fo rthis teacher to display pr0n on a computer, so shouldnt Bill be heading for jail for 40 years? Or the owners of the jpeg file type? Or the ISP? Or the governors of the school who employed her?

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?



Can you imagine what BOFH would say......

.com? fuck off!