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Microsoft and Skype to axe world's most popular IM client early 2013

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Skype's business strategy

Used Skype a fair bit over the years. Recently while on holiday in the UK, decided to try out the Skype "call-in" service where you get a local number people can call you on, so friends and family could call me easily.

Signed up for the minimum 3 months, used the service maybe 2-3 times (basically it didn't work well - knew that was a risk but hey, that's life). Made the assumption that the service would lapse, having signed up for a specific period, but then I got a mail the other day thanking me for "renewing" the service and letting me know that they had helped themselves to another 15 euros from my credit card.

When I tried to cancel this I was told that despite that fact I had not used the service in the period since my "renewal" -

"The mere allocation of an Online Number (also known as a Skype Number) to you means that the product has been used"

Yes I know there was probably a check box somewhere when I signed up that let me opt-out of this, but since when was it OK to base your business strategy on people forcing people opt-out unless they wanted to stay on the service forever?

Simple lesson - Never give your credit card to a company that treats its existing customers like suckers to be milked...

Apple files chip block stack patent

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Food for thought

mmm....chip sandwich...

Android will sink Symbian

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Symbian, RIP

The roadmap for the Symbian Foundation is the mobile phone equivalent of the longest suicide note in history. Major UI overhaul expected to be in handsets by H1 2011, a mere 4 years since the iPhone changed the rules of the game. At least Microsoft can claim it was distracted with other product development and took the eye off the ball regarding mobiles, but last time I checked Nokia are still pretty much a mobile phone company, which begs the question, WTF were they doing?

Google ices Android launches in China

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Who's icing who?

Mmm.. not too sure, this article puts a different spin on it.


i.e. its China Unicom that iced the launch, not Google, which makes more sense.

Is anyone aware if Google *really* has the power to prevent OEMs from releasing handsets in this way? It would seem to be completely illogical not to mention commercial suicide as mentioned in previous posts.


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