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Brand new Star Trek prequel pics and trailer

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Holy Shit its gonna be good

Get the feeling this one is done right!!!

Bout Frackin time!

CERN: LHC to fire first proton-smash ray next month


You never thought...

But what if the Vogons detect our signal because of this...

Hat coat ... babble fish please.. the orange one.. hey.. its Nemo!

Boeing raygunship fires first blasts in ground testing


Geez guys!

Its and "A"C-130

A... you know .. like ATTACK!

Mines the ones that says "even wiki knew"


Dutch MP releases anti-Islam movie


The point...

If we view it from a freedom of expression, the dutchbag has a right far as I’m concerned to speak his crap. Goody on him, he can deride others on film with solicitous abandon. He can claim islamist are actually aliens from mars, here to pod people us all… doesn’t make him factually accurate, but he should however be welcome to his skewed opinion, can I get an AMEN!

Then of course, should we view it from the islamist extreme point of view, that its an insult to their faith, and an afront to Alah, thay have a right to protest, and call him a moron, and if they want make his life uncomfortable in the courts, they shouldn’t win an injunction to stop it showing, but maybe the money is acceptable. the problem is I can hear the hordes running for their swords, rather than reasonable public discourse.

But see, I think, they’re afraid of seeing their dogma challenged and that maybe they’re not right, maybe they’re more scared of social evolution than they truly are of say , not mutilating women, burning small boys faces off, or god forbid women driving or showing their hair in public.

Maybe, just maybe , if Islam Socially moved forward a bit on these kinds of things we’d all look at Mr. Dutch bag and go” shut the hell up!”

Until then, he’s got a safe bed for his thinking, and they can’t call black. This is only my humble and genteel opinion.

Coat… Hat, Nod to the left and right, out the door I go!

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

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Intel 9700 X4 NV 8800GTS X2 SLI EVGA 690...

Hate to say it but running like a champ, sees all 4 gigs of goodly RAM

also installed it on my beloveds craptop... and suprise suprise.. daddy got some lovin today!

Needless to say folks it aint wizrdry, just an executable, and like all things... somethimes you get the bear, sometimes he shows up with 5 of his friends.


Al-Qaeda seeks geek fanatics for Jihoo!

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Holy Cow

... Hat, Coat... Wait, A steady job where I wont get Outsourced to the lowest frakking bidder, based on the financial gains of some vulgar dog romping exec bent on having it all!, for some photoshop work!

Where do i sign?

Malaysian woman jailed for worshipping teapot


You must be kidding

You know, Thor would smite that teapot worshipper with mighty Lightning bolts! and so would Zues!

Im sure Hera would just curse her..though, Then again, Mars would have us go to war ,(GWB) beware!

Pluto and Hades, would tell her to go to hell Im sure! but not sure Satan wouldn't be good wtih that, cause shes..

...COMPLETY HARMLESS! people worldwid need to lighten the FRAK UP! (YEAH its a BSG reference.. got something to say about it ... do yah HUH!)

We americans are heavily armed for a reason... we are nuts.. but look around.. we're also free to BELIEVE anything we want! even GWB..

Hey soon as we find mountains of oil under Malaysia.. we'll be there to set this woman free.. COUNT ON IT!..

HAT COAT, and NUCULAR... weapons to go.. thanks..

Boffin says Astronomical Unit should be binned

Paris Hilton

No.. not meters!

No we should measure the whole chummin bit in lengths of a Paris Hiltion Jail sentnece! Damn folks its called TIME SPACE for a reason!

Investors shred Intel over double-digit Q4 gains

Paris Hilton

Killed by success

... who knew... that your stocks could get annihilated by winning... Geez!

Latest Vista SP1 tweak open to everyone with a week to spare

Gates Horns


and I thought it was hard figuring out the straight quote from my Auto Mechanic... Geez!

Mars: more evidence of a watery past


Think Small and Win

You know its sad that NASA has the same attitude as a brownnose manager. IF they keep their heads just below water and every now and then give us a headline, then alls well. WHEN THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO MARS? With people. Gesus we have all the computing power of every 1960's mainfrain on the planet in 1 laptop and they still keep pissing around about the trip...? I thought these guys and gals at NASA were geniuses!!??? They're like Maveric after Goose dies in TopGun... lost their nerve, edgless fearfull overcompensating, excuse making. Get me whatever capsule you got! and 5 years worth of frozen taco's, and a deuce of Pepsi. I'm ready to go!