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Att: Windows Phone owners: Win 10 Mobile has been spotted and it wants your phone


Erm, I've been rolling back the W10 mobile previews for a while using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool, provided by Microsoft. It puts back on the OS it came out the factory with.

Is China dumping smartphones on world+dog?


I'm into week 3 of running a £40 Doogee X5.

Does everything I need, and even the kids can play games on it.

Never buying a branded phone again.

For those bothered about security, what are you doing running Android anyway?

Amazon ships Kindle Fire HD, Paperwhite to Brits


Not bad

I got my fire HD yesterday and also loaded dolphin browser on to it.

It's nice and quick, but I'm having issues with it playing video files with the standard player (even converted to mp4 they're "stuttering"). This evenings task - get a decent video player for it that can handle .avi files....

Apple confirms 'surprise' September 12 event


Re: Fact

Of course you already have the info.

Same as everyone else who believes nonsense does.

They just type iPhone 5 rumours in to Google and believe everything they read in the results.

Apple let people upgrade for free? Yeah, next up it'll be "bring in your Macbook G4 and we'll give you a Macbook Pro 15".

Asda snaps up Polaroid telly tech



These have been for sale in my local Asda for a month or so.

They look ok design wise, but the picture is pretty poor on the TV's...

'Young people don't want to become like us', say IT pros


IT's not all bad...

I've not long entered the IT field, having been given the opportunity by my employer.

I spent years playing with computers and electrics at home but had not experiance of "proper" IT support.

I've been put on the helpdesk (as a start) and provided some in house training (this has been tricky, given that I'm in Cornwall by myself and the rest of the department is in London).

Given that I have no relevant training at all, I feel lucky to have been given this chance - especially as "good" jobs in Cornwall are few and far between.

I probably don't count at a young un' (being 28) but I've always fancied a job in computers. I wasn't given the guidance I needed at school as to what qualifications would land me a computer job.

Microsoft mulls touchscreen controller for next-gen Xbox

Thumb Down

Am I the only one...

Who want a console to play games on?

I don't want a stupid video screen controller, I don't want a Freeview DVR (as that'll be the best it can be without paying for sky/virgin subs as well) and I don't want more kinect features.

Kinect is bad enough when streaming videos now, it thinks everytime I move my fork from plate to mouth that my hand wants to pause the video...

Microsoft to cash in chips on virtual currency


It's just a rumor...

This has already been reported on trueachivements.com and as they said, there is no proof whatsoever to back this story up.

Microsoft de-cloaks Windows 8 push-button lifesaver



So Windows 8 is not being pushed for corporate use then. I can just see my end users clicking on the reset when a problem happens...

Toyota Yaris 2011


Reversing Camera!?!?

If you need a reversing camera on a car that small, you shouldn't be driving.

Sony: all new PS3 titles will require PSN Pass for online play

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Good news for me!

This means that the second hand prices will plummet. Excellent news for me as I have no interest in multiplayer will be able to get the single player campaign for next to nothing.

Microsoft: Mango arrives in two weeks

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I quite like WP7

I've been using it for 2 weeks now, and for me it's great. Slick, simple and easy to sync. I look forward to mango appearing.

Apple delivers Orange aid


iTunes works on a proper computer?

Except that it doesn't. I use a "proper" computer and itunes crashes, stalls the computer and eats all my ram...

I only use it for the ease of syncing my iPod (which I only own for the ease of connectivity to just about everything in the world).

Videogames caused riots says plod


We want proof!

I love these statements.

What about the people like me who have played violent video games for years and yet are productive members of society?

These looters come from the crappiest areas, with no prospects and no ideas what to do with their lives (other than the odd one who'll turn to drug dealing).

The riots are the outcome of many years of neglect by the government to give the population a reason to live rather than give them handouts, nothing to do with GTA.

Angry Birds hatches a plan for Easter

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@Him Over There

It's not a case of manipulating the media, it having a fun game with a huge amount of free updates.

Very few companies have this and as such Rovio receives some attention.

Same as the new Alice coming out on consoles, the original game is provided via download code to those who by the sequel. As such, more people will buy and generate more publicity.

Good idea in my opinion.

And yes, I enjoy Angry Birds and have all of the games on my iPhone.

Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live


Fair comments but...

no mention of the horrible lag the PSN suffers from.

I have both systems, and play both regularly, and whatever game I play on PSN seems to suffer from lag badly while xbox live goes along quite merrily.

It doesn't seem game dependent either. It can happen to any game, any time.

MS lists Windows Phone 7 gaming launch line-up



For a phone that's supposed to be good a gaming, the launch line up is more than a little underwhealming. I was anticipating full spinoffs, and DS style gaming, whereas it appears to offer little more that iphone ports.

And as for Live integration, Halo Waypoint appears to be the only proper one on there, and that's not even a game more of a progress checker.

Once again Microsoft tried and failed, despite having a good initial idea.

Bioshock 2


A Different View

The whole idea of Bioshock 2 was to present Rapture from a different point of view - hence the "pointless" underwater sections.

Also, the review failed to mention the on-line multiplayer - granted, there isn't a lot of good to mention but a lot of development went into it and it can occasionally be fun.

Man makes music on Linux-based touchscreen guitar


So it's...

Basically a guitar shaped midi controller with an annoying touch screen.

Oh well, the idea sounded good.