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4K video may wow vidiots, but content creators see pitfalls

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Re: Back-of-napking calculations

Sure, those are big numbers. That's what happens when you quadruple the resolution.

A few points and the reason I gave you thumbs down...

1) Once you have a delivered product there's no need to store the product in an active array, archive to LTO is quite feasible. The repetitive / redundant nature of the RAW data will allow for significant compression from the RAW data. It could even be stored compressed at the file system level.

2) Consumer delivery is going to be in some form of compressed video -- so the end user in this case would see a final product that sits in a SWAG range of 100GB.


Re: Back-of-napking calculations

The catch is that only studios will store raw. They have decent budgets and once done with production they could store on archival media like LTO and the highly repetitivr nature of the data could yield very significant compression.

Consumer delivery would be a lot smaller than RAW as well and as stated by others.


Re: Back-of-napking calculations

When 4k and 8k sounded more impressive.

SanDisk flips out 32GB mobile phone card


Bit arithmetic...

"The company has four-bit MLC technology, implying that it could increase the card's capacity by a third in the future. "

Adding a bit doubles the capacity. From 2^3 per cell (8 values) to 2^4 (16 values). This doesn't raise it by a third, it raises it by 100%. I am assuming that the size of a 4-bit cell is identical to a 3-bit cell. I don't know that to be factual. It may be marginally larger.

Plextor plunges into SSD pool



Vertex is a line of drives by OCZ, they are not distinct brands.