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CIA used 'illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones'

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Missing the point

You're all missing the point, the software was being used to find the general area of a target. The drone strikes are not conducted against a geolocation, they're conducted using laser guided Hellfire missiles against a target. All you need is to guide the designator into the general area. 1-13 m is plenty good enough.

Bulgarian airbag absorbs semi-automatic rifle round

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High Velocity Round

A high velocity round entering water will disintegrate into fragements dumping a lot of energy. About 2 ft of water would stop a high velocity round; mind that is pair of pretty big implants.

Argentinians invade Falkland Islands website

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Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands have had their own Government since 1985, the oil exploration and any monies from it is down to them. Its no different from Australia being independent or New Zealand except that the Falkland Islands were uninhabited and we didn't slaughter the natives.

Its a bit ludicrous that in the 21st Century a supposedly mature democracy like Argentina, is bullying a small island community for an imagined sleight in the 19th Century that has been morphed into a huge national myth by the Peronists. Peron exploited it back in the '40s because he wanted to end the British domination of Argentine industry like the Railways. Peron himself said he didn't really believe in the claim but "it was useful to unite the people". Nothing like a spot of narrow nationalism and racial hatred to bind the people together.

The Argentine paper claim isn't worth the paper its written on, its full of outright lies and half-truths. Trouble is they say it so loud and so often that lazy journo types don't check the facts and in truth they've started to believe themselves. Well not too much, they backed right off the idea of taking it to the Hague, when someone pointed out that would mean the claim would be examined by competent judges.

See it for what it is.

Intel says warranties evaporate when kit resold

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Rights are transferred

Rights are transferrable in the UK under the Rights of 3rd Parties Act 1999 and 2001


The legislation was specifically created to stop companies reneging on warranties simply because the owner had changed. That clause is illegal and unenforcable in the UK, Better still he can take them to small claims court where the rights tend to be in favour of the litigant compared with County Court.

Israelis develop Nazi-doodlebug sonic deathwave cannon

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In answer to the questions, just like Scramjets, no one has demonstrated a working PDE, they remain theoretical.

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A pulse jet is a not a pulse detonation engine

A pulse jet as used in the V-1 is not a pulse detonation engine. The fuel/air mixture in the pulse-jet deflagrates ie the combustion is controlled by a flame front, as opposed to the PDE where the mixture detonates due to the passage of a shock wave.


Deflagration is sitting in front of a warm toasty fire in your front room, detonation brings the house down around your ears.


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