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Tesla sues Swedish government after worker rebellion cripples car biz

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Re: I am enjoying this dispute

You are Nick Leeson and you owe £600 million...

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Re: Managers

Mind you don't allow yourself to become one of the 'Arseholes' by default to the capture effect...

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Re: I am enjoying this dispute

The Caine mutiny and the strawberrys spring to mind...

No more staff budget for UK civil service, but worry not – here's an incubator for AI

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Re: Don't conflate the two things

Ah yes SIr Humphey, Minister and the hospital without patients and understaffed with administrators...

Vote now on who should take the lead in Musk: The Movie

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May I humbly offer up...

Ben Stiller, he's irritating enough straight off the bat....

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean AI's not after you

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Re: they didn’t complain that they were put out of a job; they didn’t go on strike.

Great news Boxer! your oats ration has been increased to 2 lbs a day...

Suits ignored IT's warnings, so the tech team went for the neck

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Re: The interneet


Apple exec defends 8GB $1,599 MacBook Pro, claims it's like 16GB in a PC

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The return of the Grunt master 9000...

Gauss we've all got a fresh option for a gen AI handheld: A Samsung device

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Apparently not...

Bad eIDAS: Europe ready to intercept, spy on your encrypted HTTPS connections

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You can fit twice as many in the same building size, they'll say it's alright... beginning with the tenants of the town of Harlow

Robot mistakes man for box of peppers, kills him

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Re: It Happened Decades Ago ...

And not one mention of Peter Piper...

European Space Agency grits teeth, preps contracts for SpaceX Galileo launch

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Re: who would very much prefer their payloads to be launched on European rockets.

Do we not agree there's no point in a hospital run solely for the staff?

That's not how I would express it.

It's how I would.

Indeed Minister.

How would you express it Humphrey? At the end of the day, one of a hospital's prime functions is patient care.


Until we have the money for nursing and medical staff, it's a function we can't pursue In 18 months or so.

18 months? We can open some wards.

No, it's got to be now.

I suppose we could form an inter-departmental committee to examine the feasibility of monitoring a proposal for admitting patients earlier.

How long would that take to report?

Not long.

How long?

About 18 months.

I suggest we get rid of all the staff there and use the money to open closed wards in other hospitals, when we can afford it, we open St Edward's with medical staff.

Do that and you'll delay the opening for patients for years, you talk as if the staff have nothing to do!

What do they do?

Really, Minister! There's a large number of extremely busy departments. Firstly, the Contingency Department for fires, strikes, air raids, nuclear war, epidemics, food or water poisoning.

In such a crisis, the hospital is a key centre for survival. Then, the Data and Research Department, conducting a full-scale demographic survey of the catchment area.

We have to anticipate the future requirements for maternity, geriatrics, paediatrics and the male/female balance.

Thirdly, there's Finance - projected accounts, balance sheets and cash-flow budgets. Then, the Purchasing Department for purchasing medical equipment, examining estimates, looking at price lists and catalogues...

Purchasing what?

Everything, Minister. Everything from brain scanners to Brasso! May I continue?

Be briefer.

Would that I could, Minister, but you need to understand. Fifth, the Technical Department for evaluations. Sixth, the Building Department dealing with Phase 3 plans, costing and so forth for the final

phase to be completed by 1994.

Then, there's Maintenance, Cleaning and Catering, Personnel in charge of leave, National Health Insurance, salaries, as well as staff welfare officers to look after the 500 employees.

And finally, Administration.


More administrators administrating other administrators!

This is important work, Minister. The typing pool, stationery, office furniture and equipment. Liaison between departments.

Are you being serious or not?

What do you mean?

There are NO patients!

That is what a hospital's for. Patients! ill people! Healing the sick!

But all these vital tasks must be done with or without patients.




I don't understand.

How else can I express it? Why?

Would you sack the army because there's no war?

Completely different! A hospital must produce results.

We don't measure our success by results but by activity. Those 500 people are seriously overworked. The full establishment should be 650, may I show you the paperwork?

No, Humphrey. Enough is enough. Sack them!

Out of the question, Minister.

We need administrators or the hospital will never open.

Sack the ancillary staff.

The unions won't wear it.

Sack half and use the money to get doctors and nurses and open some wards!

No, Humphrey, that's my last word. My last word! You may go!

Very well, Minister. I shall have a word with the unions....

CompSci academic thought tech support was useless – until he needed it

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Re: It just seems that way.

'the further you go up the educational tree, the more you should realise how little you know'.

FIFY ;-)

Scarlett Johansson sics lawyers on AI biz that cloned her for an ad

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Re: The Beatles – or what remains of the band

And that might as well have been by ELO...

Tesla swerves liability in Autopilot death lawsuit

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Re: What about other road users?


Blue Origin pulls sheets off cargo lunar lander prototype

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Architected? does that mean designed for a future purpose?

Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law

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Re: Good.

I got rather tired of the shitty monocular in green that zooms into a women's breast, then synthetically informs me this shitty thing has been 'banned by the British privacy commission'.

And they want me to not block ads...

Food robots delivering bombs? Oregon State campus shut down by 'prank'

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Re: Umm ...

Well it might help the more conservative reader if Reg expressed in units we all understand; 1194 perches

It is 20 years since the last commercial flight of Concorde

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Worked under the usual departure for Concorde Kingston on Thames for 6 months, funny none of the locals seemed to not mind too much at the noise :-)

Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off

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Re: No corruption here.

Can you prod it with a pole? or is it's perch to high to reach?

Developers build AI to read ancient scroll burnt in Mount Vesuvius eruption

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A dirty scroll for uncle Tiberius perhaps?

Or, or possibly it's Lurkio's shopping list...

Engineers pave the way for building lunar roads with Moon dust

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Hang on

I thought Reg O'Lith was your Irish Intel Fab correspondent...

NASA reschedules Boeing's first crewed Starliner flight for mid-April 2024

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Re: Intriguing....


Elon Musk's ambitions for Starship soar high while reality waits on launchpad

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Re: Mars taxation

F1A, that takes me back to childhood and Barkston Heath...

You've just spent $400 on a baby monitor. Now you need a subscription

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Yeah, Sat nav

I Have a Sygic lifetime license they keep trying to encourage me onto a yearly sub and the 'offer' to do so 1 year at £11. Wow I mean with a deal like that who wouldn't. Here's me been using Sygic since the symbian Mcguider days...

Lost your luggage? That's nothing – we just lost your whole flight!

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Spoiler alert...

Scientists suggest possible solution to space-induced bone loss

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Re: Mice?

Munehaus the planet you lived on was commissioned, paid for, and run by mice. It was destroyed five minutes before the completion of the purpose for which it was built, and we've got to build another one."

Only one word registered with Arthur.

Meet Honda's latest electric vehicle: A rideable suitcase

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Re: "plus an added dignity tax"

Yes and in this case, not mutually exclusive...

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Re: Dignity isn't the only thing at risk

Methane neutral then...

Traces of Indole and skatole present too...

NASA wants to believe ... that you can help it crack UFO mysteries

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Re: It's a good thing....

Large yellow somethings perhaps?

Portable Large Language Models – not the iPhone 15 – are the future of the smartphone

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So then.

Nathan Spring's (Star Cops) 'Box' moves ever closer to reality.

Chat2024 stuffs US election hopefuls into generative AI so you can be an 'informed voter'

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Trumpet is too eloquent..

Watt's the worst thing you can do to a datacenter? Failing to RTFM, electrically

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Re: But surely

Or is that Sodder on?

Largest local government body in Europe goes under amid Oracle disaster

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oh dear.

So they bought a monorail did they...

Mozilla calls cars from 25 automakers 'data privacy nightmares on wheels'

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Re: A long time ago...

Doing it for years.

Laminate the foil, lasts indefinitely ;-)

I'll see your data loss and raise you a security policy violation

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Re: Outlook...

OTH one must be more through when 'i'd better not find this now, it's better if we don't after all this fuss' happens ;-)

BOFH: What a beautiful tinfoil hat, Boss!

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Re: Blockers


Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses have been designed to help people develop a relaxed attitude to danger. They follow the principle "what you don't know can't hurt you" and turn completely dark and opaque at the first sign of danger. This prevents you from seeing anything that might alarm you. This does, however, mean that you see absolutely nothing, including where you're going.

UK air traffic woes caused by 'invalid flight plan data'

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Shapps in charge for a while? that might explain it...

Polishing off a printer with a flourish revealed not to be best practice

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Re: Stories from Grandad

And a nudge with the cattleprod.... Bingo!

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Re: Stories from Grandad

I prefer Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish myself, polysyllabic as well which gets it all out in one go etc.

US Air Force wants $6B to build 2,000 AI-powered drones

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Re: Not about Ukraine

These aren't the drones you are looking for...

Zoom CEO reportedly tells staff: Workers can't build trust or collaborate... on Zoom

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Re: Context is everything

and here he is, employee of the month, Carbon rod!

Musk's X caught throttling outbound links to websites he doesn't like

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Re: Mr unlimited free speech strikes again

TwiX you mean.

Also a pleasant biscuity chocolate confectionery produced by the Mars company btw.

Brainwaves rock! Scientists decode Pink Floyd tune straight from the noggin

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the worms ate into his braainn

Boffins reckon Mars colony could survive with fewer than two dozen people

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as long as

Sax, Nadia Nine fingers and Arkady go then all good ;-)

Never mind room temperature, LK-99 slammed as 'not a superconductor at all'

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Re: Purest Green

No Percy... it's snot.

Lock-in to legacy code is a thing. Being locked in by legacy code is another thing entirely

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Re: "You deserve this more than me"

The Vl'Hurgs were a species who lived on the far reaches of the galaxy. They declared war on the G'Gugvuntts, the original reason being to force the G'Gugvuntts' leader to take back what it had said about the Vl'Hurg Commander's mother, when a freak wormhole carried Arthur's words, "I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle", into the midst of their negotiations - it just so happens that in the Vl'Hurgs' language, that phrase is considered the most dreadful insult imaginable.

The Vl'Hurgs waged war on the G'Gugvuntts for a long time, until they realised that it had all been a terrible mistake, and the two armies joined forces to attack Earth.

Unfortunately, due to a terrible miscalculation of scale, the entire fleet was eaten by a small dog.

Musk's X tries to win advertisers back with discounts

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Re: Referral

And now 'TwiX' perhaps ;-)

Awaiting the trademark infringement action in coming...

First of Tesla's 'bulletproof' Cybertrucks clunks off production line

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Re: VW Beetle

The 'Landcrab' will rise once more...

Post Office Horizon Inquiry calls for compensation to be brought forward

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Re: QA

That's Paula Venal's, there fixed it for you..