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Flying camera drones, cuddly Echo gadgets... it's all a smoke screen for Amazon to lead you gently down the Sidewalk – and you'll probably like it

Fr. Ted Crilly

Starzelius Verily...

Where's Mitchell Courtney when you need him :-I

As we stand on the precipice of science fiction into science fact, people say: Hell yeah, I want to augment my eyesight!

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Re: Yes, but No.

Go read up about Robert Gu's expirence with augmented reality...


The Battle of Britain couldn't have been won without UK's homegrown tech innovations

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Re: Fighter Control & raid plotting...

Yes but the thing is fighter control was being thought about without the enabler of Radar, it didnt appear fully formed there was a background of thinking which is mostly overlooked sadly.

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Fighter Control & raid plotting...

What's often overlooked and taken for granted is the established air raid plotting with the sector/central fighter control systems (and the requiired dedicated telephonic commos) were put in place well before the Chain home radar was stood up which increased the 'seeing' distance of incoming raids, the radar could watch raids being assembled over France giving more reaction time to get squadrons into position to intercept etc. Before Chain home the system was entirely human sensed by volunteer sky watchers at many points alond the south coast and inland to track raiders across inland areas.

The planning and established raid precautions were put in place well before radar was a going proposition (work was begun right at the end of WW1 to track Gotha bombing raids but the end of the first war took the build out of the system away as a priority), previously sound location was attempted for dectection of incoming raids but even at the time the limitations of sound location were well known and recognised as being obsolecent at best due to the increased speeds of aircraft rendering plotting innacurate and untimely leading to more confusion.

Interestingly the contrast with continental work on this problem is revealing where French/German/Belgian arrangements were much more piecemeal, mostly consisting of local contacts to airforce officers attached to ground forces HQ's passing on to higher airforce for direction and orders to put aircraft aloft to try to intercept often on a 'enemy aircraft seen over Ostend heading north/south/east/west, no infomation as to numbers, types, or age of infomation etc' which gives the advantage to the attacking raiders. The raid plotting and control allowed by sector/central control backed up by Observer corps & volunteers skywatchers and the increasingly effective Chain Home Radar rebalanced to a certain extent the tactical advantage of the attacking force.

'We're not claiming to replace humans,' says Google, but we want to be 'close enough' that you can't tell it's a bot talking

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My hovercraft is full of eels...

Brexit border-line issues: Would you want to still be 'testing' software designed to stop Kent becoming a massive lorry park come 31 December?

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Re: Not a problem at all ...

Well, yes a bit. BUT that would mean proper cooperation with that EU and that would never do. You'd best keep your sensible thoughts to yourself, they be dangerous.... ;-)

Um, almost the entire Scots Wikipedia was written by someone with no idea of the language – 10,000s of articles

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Re: Some languages are preserved, some aren't

Check Eddie Izzard trying to buy a brown cow in Freiesland...


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Re: Interesting

Not to mention hangovers after the vowel shift... or not ;-)

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Re: Local 'languages'

Careful with that, thats a dangerlously sensible starting point for discussion...

The truth is, honest people need willpower to cheat, while cheaters need it to be honest

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You reach down and you flip the tortoise over on its back, Leon.

Leon : Do you make up these questions, Mr. Holden? Or do they write 'em down for you?

Holden : The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping.

Leon : What do you mean, I'm not helping?

Holden : I mean: you're not helping! Why is that, Leon?

Holden : They're just questions, Leon. In answer to your query, they're written down for me. It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response... Shall we continue?

Apple's at it again: Things go pear-shaped for meal planner app after iGiant opposes logo

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Sadly i am unable to find a picture of the British Fruit Association logo, you all will have to watch a dull speech by Melvin Windpipe wearing a certain tie...


I feel it may be a better model to copy.

It's been five years since Windows 10 hit: So... how's that working out for you all?

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Re: Nope

Mmm yeah, have you enjoyed popping your linux install into a new build machine and enjoying the expirence of it self sorting it all out and there you are in new hardware, no aggro no dial a new key turdage.

Tbh i generally start a fresh one (mint cinamon) on a new machine, but just for the kick eh :-)

Chinese tat bazaar Xiaomi to light a fire under Amazon's Kindle with new e-book reader

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Re: Bazaar?

Depends, if you are a tongue tied NZ'er then all consistent bets (buts, bits,?) are off :-D

USA seeks Moon and Mars nuke power plant designs ready to fly in 2027

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Re: What are they going to do with the heat?

No, no Moho, ask the Sabishii to start a dragon for you.

Bill Gates debunks 'coronavirus vaccine is my 5G mind control microchip implant' conspiracy theory

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Re: We need to get the hat trick on this conspiracy theory!!

psst, Combine, you forgot the Combine...

Nokia 5310: Retro feature phone shamelessly panders to nostalgia, but is charming enough to be forgiven

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I still have mine, almost pristine, with a little hand polish

Rental electric scooters to clutter UK street scenes after Department of Transport gives year-long trial the thumbs-up

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Handy source of batteries...

MacOS on Arm talk intensifies: Just weeks from now, Apple to serve up quarantini with Kalamata golive, reportedly

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er now now then.

Ahem 'Itanic'

Huawei launches UK charm offensive: We've provided 2G, 3G and 4G for 20 years, and you're worried about 5G?

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Re: The bigger issue is rising Chinese power


Watch out, everyone, here come the Coronavirus Cops, enjoying their little slice of power way too much

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Re: How did we come to this?

And if you go back another 15-20 years we were on the brink of an overdue return of the ice sheets...

we are still overdue btw.

BOFH: When was the last time someone said these exact words to you: You are the sunshine of my life?

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Did the random beatings continue?

Windows 7 back in black as holdouts report wallpaper-stripping shenanigans

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Disaster Area mat black, with matter black icons....

What was Boeing through their heads? Emails show staff wouldn't put their families on a 737 Max over safety fears

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Re: Fuck you Boeing

well here in the Cap'n Lockheed Bier Garten...

(Background of beer garden sounds - singing - clicking glasses -)

Voice of German youth: (alcoholic shout, building up in tone)

Anybody want's to buy a Starfighter?


Well, then buy an acre of land....and wait...

Close up of LOUD belch

Roaring laughter, clicking glasses - background sounds resume...


Check out Aircraft Sales man (a door in the foot)

Is it a make-up mirror? Is it a tiny frisbee? No, it's the bonkers Cyrcle Phone, with its TWO headphone jacks

Fr. Ted Crilly


Don't hold it wrong, look what happened last time.

What's that? Encryption's OK now? UK politicos Brexit from Whatsapp to Signal

Fr. Ted Crilly

oh dear Signal...

Shurley a coincidence


100 mysterious blinking lights in the night sky could be evidence of alien life... or something weird, say boffins

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ah its the Bussard ramscoops powering up, still if its only 100 or so there's enough left (maybe) to prevent ring rub

Astronauts brave razor sharp edges and fiddly pipes to bring joy to boffins

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oh why...

I'e always had a thin hope that some NASA wag, near retirement would have taken a fat tip marker pen to some cover plate. And with best sticky out tongue concentratin' scribed AE-35 for posterity and maybe just maybe imortality if photographed on orbit.

£1bn Brit court digitisation scheme would be great ... if Wi-Fi situation wasn't 'wholly inadequate'

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Big Brother


Nice the way the statement sorta suggests that its 80% of the 250000 rather than the actual 80% of those who bothered to respond to the feedback request, which i'm quite sure will be ahem somewhat (understatement mode) less than the quarter mil suggested.

Bloodhound SSC reaches the end of the road for want of £25m

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Re: Bu**eration!

Er, The sleds used at the likes of Sandia National Laboratory Rocket Sled Track Complex (RSTC) are held down by the track for just these same aerodynamic reasons.

Drug cops stopped techie's upgrade to question him for hours. About everything

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Re: Arresting times past

Nope whole building and precinct. same for all Courts in England and Wales.

Hand drawn stuff is indeed still allowed.

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: Collective of IT managers?

A meddling of managers

Ex-Rolls-Royce engineer nicked on suspicion of giving F-35 info to China

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Re: Really?


The Peg engine was a Bristol design

BOFH: Give me a lever long enough and a fool, I mean a fulcrum and ....

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: Perfect Curve?

Or Nathan Barley

YouTube banned many gun vids, so some moved to smut site

Fr. Ted Crilly

hey dont overlook C&Rsenal, Bloke On The Range, British muzzleloaders

C&R are heavy on the historical WW1 firearms and preceding development. they also have Anvil, is gunsmithing.

Bloke, well bloke is a British immigrant in Switzerland heavy on Enfields, Swiss service rifles K31 etc. bolt service rifles and target shooting....very British :-)

+++++++ Forgotten Weapons although Ian is branching into more modern 'forgotten guns'

+++++++ for InRange mud/sand tests

For all we know, aliens could be as careless with space junk as us

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: totally new take on..

The fools! they have forgotten what the Bussard ramjets are for...

Organic battery tech could work better than a woolly hat in the cold

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: Naphthalenetetracarboxylic

Nappy... cruel

In Soviet California, pedestrian hits you! Bloke throws himself in front of self-driving car

Fr. Ted Crilly

Nevada or Cambridgeshire ?

New battery boffinry could 'triple range' of electric vehicles

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: How many battery "breakthroughs" is that this year?

Shad.... Shad-Shad, that one? SWORDS!

BOFH: Do I smell burning toes, I mean burning toast?

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: 'No decisions have been made yet',

Very much like 'its not been set in stone yet'....

Lenovo spits out retro ThinkPads for iconic laptop's 25th birthday

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Re: +1 for X220 mention

Mint 17xx 28 seconds to desktop if i crash through the login first fast try. the SSD helps :-)

HMS Queen Liz will arrive in Portsmouth soon, says MoD

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Re: I've been thinking about cheap ways to kill carriers.

Deck edge lifts are placed to allow aircraft movements on the flight deck while aircraft are being brought up from the hanger without having aircraft sized holes in the way of operations.

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES

Fr. Ted Crilly

you call that a sniper rifle...

This is a sniper rifle.


I remember reading a Gun Digest annual article waay back when.

Apparently 88's were being tested at Aberdeen proving ground during the war several of the captured guns were well capable of 1 minute of arc (MOA) shooting at 1000 yards [thats essentially a 10 inch circle] with some of the test guns appearing to (maybe) do a little better, which I suspect may have had more to do with ammo variation etc. Although given the size of the 'oles in the target boards its open to a bit of debate No doubt this was achieved under as perfect still temperature and wind conditions etc.

Lockheed, USAF hold breath as F-35 pilots report hypoxia

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: I'm surprised...

Any body want to buy a Starfighter!


Yee-hacked! Fired Texan sysadmin goes rogue, trashes boot business

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: Properly designed security

:-) Being a bit of a short arse meself, wanting to look a bit taller (i favour 1.5" heel, just enough y know) in worky formal clothes AND tbh when nicely broken in v comfortable too.

BMW chief: Big auto will stay in the driving seat with autonomous cars

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: Well...

Sony bought the Minolta/KonicaMinolta operation more or less outright, some of the imaging/scanning IP did not come with the deal but stayed with the KM photocopier/scanning side, it took Sony several generations of SLR bodies to advance to where KM got to (some say they still aren’t there yet) with the last bodies produced (KM 5d + KM 7d) under their own engineering efforts. The first two Sony DSLR's A100 + A700 (sans the above IP) were both children of KM efforts re badged as Sonys.

Did you know KM did contract lens element production work for Zeiss and Leica :-) I met a bloke once who had a 100-F2... he allowed me to fondle it for a moment.

What a time to be alive: drone pooper-scoopers are a thing now

Fr. Ted Crilly

Wow, googlewhack!

Fr. Ted Crilly

Ai still has a way to go yet...

what could possibly go wrong...


RAF pilot sent jet into 4,000ft plummet by playing with camera, court martial hears

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: Low level loss of concentration

Perfectly set to music too and in the nicest Hawkwind stylee.... :-) while you're at it, why not the rest of the album too


BOFH: Password HELL. For you, mate, not for me

Fr. Ted Crilly

Re: call about your accident

http://whocallsme.com/ most enlightening, sometimes some helpful soul will have the cold callers office numbers great fun ringing the 'managers' phone number every 5 mins or so 9-10 in the morning

Netherlands reverts to hand-counted votes to quell security fears

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Black Helicopters

Re: I am for pen and paper!

Yep, bang on there, in GB its pencil and paper, if you've ever wondered why pencils the one and only reason in modern time is pencils will work reliably for 20 years+ subject to leads breaking down etc, cant say that for a ball point and the expense of replacement every 4+ years etc.

As for security of counting it dosnt get more open and transparent than a sports hall full of oversight from all intrested parties all grimly determined to keep beady eyes alert.

Its the Postal paper votes that get abused again and again, postal votes were introduced/encouraged to prop up the slow decline (which continues despite all efforts, Australia has the right approach) of personal attendance at polling stations and the gradual decline in % turnouts unsurprising really as no matter who you vote for things never seem to change much.... until. better stop there dont want to get all populist and current affairsy



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