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Honda shows off space-dwarf robot butler capability


Biddy biddy biddy Buck....

There! had to get that one in.

Home Sec: Tasers could become standard police kit



What a reVolting idea.

UK firm 'recalls' 575 knee implants



I dare say they havn't a leg to stand on ?

Amazon's $399 folly book reader


One day all books will be this way :-)

Not with this sucker. Did he say he didn't want to release it until it's right ?!? And this is what's released ? I've read a number of ebooks on my Palm PDA, for me, that pretty much nails it, the best thing is the compact size.

Aussie-Irish boozer ejects 'terrorist' drinker


So ...

In the UK he'd get a bullet in the brain, Canada tasered until he stops moving and US shipped of to Guantanamo ?

He should consider himself lucky.

Mandelson tells US to change online gambling laws


How much do you bet...

That they don't cough up ?

Brown reveals road pricing, emissions plans


This is where Goggle 4 petrol pumps, (gPump ?) comes in

Charge each car differenly per litre, depending on engine size & efficiency.

'Course this doesn't help with time of day pricing.

Amazon Prime comes to Blighty


"Annual", "One off" ?

Which is it ?

UK iPhone customers to get fairer usage

Jobs Horns

No Sher Shitlock

"customer feedback has been that if we say unlimited, it should be unlimited."

Well duuh, as my 12 year old would say.

Post Office strikes with broadband delivery



they'll start scanning post and emailing it to us ? think of all those redundo posties.

Red Arrows Olympic 'ban' causes online furore


"Sounds like a communist plot to me..."

Karl Marx's grave, now that's what I call a communist plot...

BT offers £1K for Wi-Fi application


Wifi Tart Cards

Instead of the gels putting their cards in phone boxes, they should have a wifi router broadcasting their 'wares'.

Google Apps digests Postini, doubles enterprise email inboxes


4000 character whitelist limit

I hope they've removed this, I have postini at work, once your whitelist hits 4000 characters it rejects any more, nice bit of code, I expect it's stored in a varchar.

Ad agency pays Paddington to ditch marmalade for Marmite



Chese and Marmite sarnies?, drool!

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric


Just a waiting game...

Just wait for the old foges to die off then metric will take over.

Who (appart from a few old coffin dodgers) today talks in Sixpences and shillings etc ?

Apple slashes iPhone prices


And in a few more months it'll be $200

When they've run out of $400 buyers.

David Bowie to appear in Doctor Who?


How about Colin Baker

I think he looks like jabba the hut these days :-O

Drunken German joyrider totals 300 chickens


Hang on...

Weren't they going to kill them anyway ?

Nissan rolls out drink-proof cars


Bugger that!

Where's the self driving car?!? They should be researching that instead of this nonsense :-)

BSkyB buys Amstrad


Does this now mean we'll see "Alan Sugar media tart"

Big brother, Deadenders, Lost >-)

Cat senses impending death


Harrold Shipmane re-incarnated ?

'course that only works if he has died :-), can't be bothered to look

CIOs pooh-pooh the iPhone


Thats funny...

Imagine SJ's reaction to "cool it's just like a Blackberry" :-)

Akin to saying "That Dali Lama, he's not catholic"

Fujitsu fetes world's slimmest waterproof mobile


If it were that aweful little "mobli" character

I'd quite like to drown it.

US man flies 193 miles in deckchair


Good job it wasn't in the UK

They'd probably do him for tax evasion, and terrorism

Ebuyer.com runs on a Commodore 64


Power station

If you could run a power station on a ZX81 then these workhorses should have little trouble runing a mere online shoppe

Skin cancer claims sun bed 'addict'


Ban life!

ala Judge Death

Virgin Trains's mysterious full-price ticket promotion


Rail has it's place

Consider the many 100s of 1000s of commuters into London, imagine them all trying to drive in ...

UK Ltd not bovvered by green blether


And then there's those two Chinese coal fired power stations coming on line every week...

No wonder no-one's bovverd

Minister: ID cards 'another Great British Institution'


ID cards...

Didn't our grandparents fight in WW2 just so some jack booted goon couldn't demand to "see out papers" ?

Lag caught with phone charger up jacksie


Wind power ?

Title says it all, really.

Oz boffins to polish perfect pair of balls


How do they know this is the (most) perfect Kg ?

What to they measure it against ?

US prof plans to send message back in time


Obvious, innit!

He beams next weekend's lotto numbers back to himself.

eBay jewellery store fined $400,000 for shill bidding


Is this a problem ?>

Surely, if the punter didn't value the goods then they wouldn't bid ?

In real auctions the auctioneer will often take a bid "off the wall".

Israeli boffins bring life to human neuron culture


or to put it another way, BROUGHT A DEAD BRAIN TO LIFE.

Could do with some of that where I work

UK boffins: extraterrestrial life will be discovered soon



Perhaps we'll see one soon on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" assuming they can call the premium rate numbers.

Also, opens a whole new revenue stream for Crapita. All those ETs with no TV license.

10 signs you're in a tech bubble


If you laid all the economists in the world, end to end....

They still wouldn't reach a conclusion


Killer Wi-Fi panics London's chattering classes


Turn of the universe!

All that background radiation is killing me....

Bulldog fingers sacked employee for credit card scam



Sounds like she got away with the farm!

As an ex-bulldog client (feb this year), how do I find out if I am "at risk" ? I paid by direct debit, but a couple of transactions were by credit/debit cards.

Can we have a proper study of Wi-Fi, please?



Just out of interest, like, anyone know how many "rads" we get from Sky and all the other "birds" up there ?