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Smash 'n' grab: Fighting GODZILLA in your lounge? Read this first

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Boeing shows off 7-4-heaven SPACEPLANE-for-tourists concept


Ah, yes, they have these "confort designs" for regular Boeing planes too.

In the future, we all end up riding the Economy class version, sitting 24 people in the same space as those 6 and with all the comfort of the skies being a barf bag and a 7 inch LCD showing a 1970s public domain movie.

Cameras for hacks: Idiot-proof suggestions invited


Is this "blurring" real bokeh or just software trickery to compensate the small sensor?


Re: search for the holy grail continues

The D LUX 3 (that is my Lumix LX3 stuffed with magical Leica pixie dust) uses sensor and processor technology that is almost a decade old. Successors to its legacy are much, much faster.


Panasonix Lumix LX series

In particular the latest LX7 one, they are actual pocketable cameras, rather rugged (metal built), and a fast (very fast) lens that will always deliver a nice image even in the murky, dubiously illuminated areas of IT reporting... and can open into a rather wide FoV that works wonders in rooms. Also RAW and manual settings are present that let you fiddle with stuff a bit more. They aren't cheap, but they sit nicely in the Micro Four Thirds and the mid-range DSLR price range...

I've been using the classic LX3 for 5 years now, took it all over the world. I can attest it will be a camper on the hottest days of Budapest and the dampest nights of Shanghai, and a "point and click" setting is always on hand that will provide at least a decent, if not fantastic picture. If I have to state the downside, is the poor zoom ability, albeit the "4x" magnification you get with the latest models is rather the maximum you should use without a tripod anyway.

Lost treasure of Atari REVEALED


Re: ET was indeed released on the VCS

The big boys down at the review magazines back in the era said it was crap because they had buggy prerelease copies (albeit retail was apparently not much better) and by the fact the heavily hyped game being nowhere close to what was promised.


Re: Don't understand the fuss

Yes, please, the Konix Multisystem (and it's connection to both the fabled Spectrum "Loki/Flare One" successor and the Atari Jaguar) is one of the most amazing computer stories out there that needs some serious reporting (hardware-side, not Retro Gamer pish) done.

DEATH-PROOF your old XP netbook: 5 OSes to bring it back to life


Not alternative enough.

If you are to indoctrinate a child in esoteric operating software, do it right - Push the (rather usable) nightly install of https://www.haiku-os.org/ into it.

It has all the modern trimmings like WiFi support and eh, huh, a WebKit-based browser.

Ten ancestors of the netbook


I booted my Jornada 820 a few months back.

Booted perfectly, holds a 6-8 hour battery life, and connects to my wireless with a PCMIA wifi card, once I restored the backup from a recent 2Gb(!) CF card - well, almost, the concept of WPA is a mystery to the drivers. The only thing I really missed back then was a headphone jack, as it was one of the very first portable devices with enough grunt and storage to churn MP3 audio. Well, and that Microsoft could have provided a complete office solution, instead of strategically limited versions of Word/Excel/Powerpoint.

Who ate all the Pis?


Fancy plastics cases...

Bah, pretty boxes. My Pi just dangles freely from the power cable, Ethernet-with-broken-latch and makeshift-PATA-cable-as-GPIO-extension-weighted-down-with-a-workshop-tool just like God intended it to be.

Max Headroom style fake celebrity avatar plan seeks Kickfunding


Re: Without solving the human-level AI problem?

Everquest II has the facial recognition thing going on, actually. Of course, the problem is that unlike cartoon ponies, human face uses hundreds of muscles to express themselves and mapping them realistically to a seamless avatar is pretty complicated, let alone doing it in real time, with a camera without smoothing. But EQII still does it fine:


On the other hand you can check LA Noire for some very realistic face motion capture (that, of course, is also pretty uncanny valley-like):


(i haven't checked the links since I'm at work, but they should be fine)

Your mouse may actually be a RAT in disguise


Hooks on mouse movement are required for games, drawing programs or pretty much anything that does not use a native GUI interface, no? I mean, everything from a tooltip to determining where the mouse is with javascripts requires if not a hook, at least pooling from the device.

Raspberry Pi SoC drivers now fully open source


Re: Will this allow making the Roku useful?

Aren't Roku boxes also heavily subsidized, like $60 versus the regular $199 UPnP streamers go for?


Re: err -Weeps

Well, now you can call the things you knew it already did directly, instead of calling OpenGL or the remaining interfaces. It will also be easier to implement video in other OS as it's a rogh guideline to what the fimware can do. But as they say, it's really no better than reverse engineering, right down to the magic numbers.

If you wanted to implement something that used the hardware resources of the card in some other way, like say, parallel computing using OpenCL, no luck here.

Microsoft Surface priced up for Blighty


Re: Not surprising

I seem to recall some amusing stories when people happily bought Windows CE "HPC" devices, only to discover that not only it wouldn't run their favorite x86 .EXE files, the much lauded Pocket Office was mostly useless and had less features than say, Wordpad.

Windows 8 and the ‘Dad test’ stunts


More to the point

I think the last time I saw anyone being "trained" to use a new Windows interface was in 1998.

Windows 8? Nah: Win Phone 8 should give Apple the fear


Re: It's the operators who will decide

iOS and Android cannot do anything about Skype, as it's an app they have no control over it. However, Microsoft owns the Skype brand so operators see here a way to actively deliver phones that do not have Skype on it. Microsoft (obviously) refuses this, and so there are more levels to this discussion that might be aparent (including trying to sell a "convenience" package where Windows Phones with Skype are sold with a more expensive data plan). So it actively hurts device sellers makers to use Windows Phone when deailing with the operators. Just ask Elop (on last April Nokia stockholder meeting):

Stephen Elop: So, thank you for your question about Skype. Indeed, Microsoft did buy the Skype company as part of the ecosystem that comes with Windows Phone and Windows and so forth, so that’s quite correct. The feedback from operators is they don’t like Skype, of course, because for those operators who have a traditional wire-line business, traditional telephone business, it could take away from revenues.

And, so what MSFT has done – and we’ve been part of these conversations as well with operators – is as you correctly say, if operator doesn’t want Skype installed on a Windows Phone from Nokia or any other company, then the operator can make that decision.

Now, you’re right: it can be circumvented. But of course it’s on all Android devices, it’s on iPhone devices, it’s on iPad, it’s on all of those devices. So in fact what we’re doing with the operators is turning it around into an advantage. Instead of them just complaining about Skype on Android or Skype on iPhone, with Microsoft and Nokia, we can have a conversation that says “ok there, is this Skype thing, is there a different type of partnership we can do that recognizes that voice over IP like Skype is coming no matter what, but maybe we can do something creative that generates incremental revenue for you.” Some operators are looking at bundling Lumia, Skype and their own services with higher-bandwidth allotments to actually charge the consumer more and generate more revenue for them. So by actually controlling the Skype asset, we can begin a conversation about how we can have a better Skype-based relationship, which was impossible for operators to do before. So it’s actually quite a bit more advanced than whether operators like or don’t like Skype; they actually want to engage in a conversation about what does this mean and how could we do something that we couldn’t do before. Thank you.

2011's Best... Cars


If I had no other choices, I'd say...

The Fiat 500 Twin Air. Two cilinder engines are supposedly more reliable in the long run due to less moving parts and stroke requirements. Of course, that is if the legendary Fiat chassis quality manages to survive that long.

MS update gives some XP boxes the Blue Screen

Gates Horns

Not the first time...

Around November, a patch was released that wouldn't bluescreen, but also put certain combinations of PC's in the never ending boot condition, making me a very busy person. Many people thought a "virus" broke their computers, and I'm somewhat tempted to agree. Haven't found a way out other than to revert the patch and stop windows updates altogether.

One second-hand space shuttle: Yours for $29m


About those engines...

Will they fit in a '94 Toyota Camry?


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