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'The Mystery of the Martian Doughnut' solved by NASA sleuths


and there are no sensors on the machine to check and see just what it is?

imagine something of use and value all over the planet just under the coating of dust going unnoticed

US said to designate Assange 'enemy' of the state


Talk about Enemy of the State!

"The US military has allegedly classified Julian Assange as an "enemy", a designation that could make any member of those forces who communicates with him or WikiLeaks to be liable for the death penalty."

Yet when Obama does so no charges? Obama opened the doors to the Muslim Brotherhood And now the Enemy is here

Obama needs to be charged with treason for his inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood inside our Nations security network the White House and the office of Secretary Of State. That he used American resources and troops to advance the Brotherhoods agenda in the “Arab Spring”. And now his and Hillary's defense of the people dragging the Body of Our Ambassador through the streets Ala Mogadishu. The recent clash with the truth should be more than enough to show how Obama and Hillary lied to defend the Muslim Terrorist group that is taking credit for the attack AL-Qaeda of course jumps up to say they supported it and planned the event, and Just who is also a member of the group the Muslim Brotherhood Obama's new friends.

He gave the Russians the information about the Missile Defensive shield allowing them to find a means to work around it making it worthless. So who is the real enemy of the State? I say the treasonous one Obama!

Native Americans arrived to find natives already there, fossil poo shows


Perhaps this is what happened

Perhaps they were some of the first to come to America from Asia following the west coast and the time line for the other established locations is off, trusting the results of dating poo

Busted in the US? 'Drop your trousers, sir'


Does that cover every one?

Will Muslims also be subjected to such searches or will them be exempted as they seem to have been so far?

National University of Defense Technology, China

Big Brother

Those names sound familiar

"This system, with more than 14,000 Intel Westmere processors (186,368 cores) and 7,168 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, shocked the world when it came out of nowhere to take the top slot on the Top500 list in November 2010."

Government exists to ensure that liberty does not become license to prey on each other." --Ronald Reagan

'There's too much climate change denial on the BBC'


What part of fake is misunderstood?

The so called scientist came out and explained how they had fudged the numbers to get the results. When that did not work they changed it from Global Cooling, then global Warming now it is just climate change sort of a catch all phrase like "fish" no mention of what kind fresh or salt water so now they can say "See we told you so!"

Mexico mounts ROBOTIC ALIEN INVASION of US back yard


And we all know the Mexicans are immune to taking bribes from the cartels

More likely the drug cartels scoping out the border patrols so they can sneak in through the unmanned areas.

“The truth is more important than the facts." - Frank Lloyd Wright

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Ronald Reagan

Obamaommunist Kabuki Democracy

'HULC™' robot exoskeleton war-walker suit 'at gen 2.0'


slap some shelter over it and increase

slap some shelter over it and increase the power and the size limits, make it very comfortable perhaps carrying a command module, on the back for constant command control increased size carried added nano tube fibers armour through out light weight and very strong. allows for larger weapons if mounted upon the mule attached by an umbilical longer patrols and can act as a recharge or a follow along ammo mule allowing the larger frames to carry more weight stand up to impacts from Fired by the enemy. Mount the warriors in the pod operating system the is overly protected and padded like a Minotaur a robotic operator mounted on wheels or tracks. a small building sized construction vehicle totally armoured carrying large weight weapons and near unlimited ammunition. mount on armour and weapons fill the location that was the dump bed of very large quarry machine they can be come a roving pill box of various weapons systems from howitzers to chain guns, rockets, anti tank, ship or aircraft . smaller man sized but over built for protection and different assignment

US Army trials robot 'leccy-n-bandwidth war-mules



mount the robots on top of the mules making them bionic mules that carry a kick. Mobility a much longer battery life even a munitions storage making long belts for different rounds.armour up the mules with nano fibres now that they can now weave larger dimension of some really light weight and strong armour, of course backed up with the a defence system. Designed to be dropped off in areas acting like reconnoitre units, that can take out any target of opportunity.

US government rescinds 'leave internet alone' policy

Big Brother

The end of clarity

sure the government can do a great job just like everything else they have done like the following issues that this “Internet Policy 3.0” is purported to cover privacy, child protection, cybersecurity, copyright protection, the biggest threat is the Every time the majority changes so will the rules , the Democrats will force feed us their ideology and false information like the health care program that they are so serious about, that they do not care what the people want or even listen to the voice of the public for they know what is best for us all remember this is the same group that brings you “Glenn Greenwald, a former constitutional lawyer turned news analyst, avoids euphemisms. "Special permissions" without judicial authorization, says Greenwald, amounts to "basically giving the president the power to impose death sentences on his own citizens without any charges or trial" (Salon.com, Feb. 4). http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=11259”

I know that I sure feel that nothing can go wrong with the Internet governance with this group over seeing it

Creaky old Windows flaw rises, divides doommongers


@the old Rang

that they have fixed their problems with in days of an event and that they tend to be solutions to the stated problems makes it a world of difference compared to windows record of wait till later to fix known problems.

US will complain to China about Google hacking


Filtering equals censorship

“The news service went on to report that Google representatives briefed the Obama administration before it disclosed the attacks and announced it planned to stop filtering search results inside China.”

Myself I am more worried about their filtering content. We all know China is a closed door political system, that is as it was before world war two's end. We supported it to defeat the Japanese. We paid the price in Korea and Vietnam and now sit by as they continue their regime and who is it that is paying for it all? we are! What bothers me is that Google for some reason filtered it's content. What ever reason they did it, that they did it is the part that I do not get. Where else are they doing so at the request of the government? The only reason we are hearing about it now is because the disclosed attack on Google. Again where else is Google “filtering” , censoring content and for what reasons?