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Apple emasculates the iPhone


Good to see the fanboys are out

I swear to god, no other company has quite the circle-jerk fanclub that Apple does.

It's probably one of the best marketing efforts ever conceived. They offer hardware and software that offers little real benefit over the competition, but SELL it as if it's some sort of lifestyle choice. You guys actually think that you're buying into something special, don't you?

And when people bring up the obvious comparisons of devices or software that offer more for the same (or even less) money - then it's a feature that "you didn't want anyway", or that would "just make it more complicated", or sometimes the classic response of "you just need to learn how to do it our way, even though it's fundamentally different from the way everyone else does it". Unbelievable.

The funny bit is that I actually own an iPod. Not that I use it much since the battery life sucks.

But hey, I can always buy another one, right?

Microsoft's Silverlight gets Linux treatment


Also, Friefox support a definite plus

Although, to be honest, I hadn't heard of this particular branch of the Mozilla project ;)

(this is what you get for adding comment pages, El Reg. Although, it could cut down on your editorial budget!)

Why Apple won't sell 10 million iPhones in 2008


Touchscreen phones

Hey guys, you do realise that the Asia-Pacific region has had touchscreen 3G phones for literally years now? I remember having a Symbian Motorola back in the early 00's that had about four buttons on the face, and the rest was a gorgeous LCD. Problem was, you couldn't use it walking, in a car or any time that you had vibration and needed some sort of tactile feedback. I've got a Samsung 3G flip now.

The iPhone is not special beyond how nice it looks. Which is about par for the course when we're discussing Apple. Yes, it's pretty. Yes, the UI looks nice. No, it would never be worth the price or being tied to a dying (GSM+EDGE? Please!) network for at least 2 years.

Not to mention you can't change the battery. Has someone told El Steve-o that mobile phones are not, in fact, iPods? Because while people might countenance buying a new mp3 player when the old one dies, they sure as hell are not going to buy another contract because their phone does.

Logitech Alto keyboard and laptop stand



@Raymond: I sincerely hope you're being sarcastic, or simply trolling for the fun of it.

I would've thought it obvious the thing is designed to be used on a desk.


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