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Mac Pro update: Apple promises another pricey thing it will no doubt abandon after a year


>The Woz-ian side builds technically interesting and expandable systems

This is literally the reason I stopped buying Macs. I don't care for Windows but being able to repair a computer I paid good money for is nice.

Trump sets sights on net neutrality


Re: On the upside

>1389 day left to go

4 years?


Is your child a hacker? Liverpudlian parents get warning signs checklist


This isn't a list to describe Facebook users?

Microsoft's HoloLens: Here by 2016, mere three THOUSAND dollar price


Will it blend?

FCC will vote to cut off 41 million broadband users this Thursday*


I dunno

Always I get the cheapest internet available from my cable/phone company and I've never had an issue with it. I believe last time I was looking at 2mbps. Sure YouTube can be slow but it hasn't been a show stopper.


Re: people don't need

>Remember when people will never need more than 640K?

Bill Gates never actually said that. http://archive.wired.com/politics/law/news/1997/01/1484

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


I don't like the centered logo at the top and that huge preview is a waste of space

Apple scrambles to fix buggy Mavericks apps



On my iMac 2008 with 4GB RAM, Mavericks doesn't do nearly as well as Snow Leopard did. RAM is eaten in a hurry and applications feel more sluggish. Frequently when I bring an application forward there is a noticeable delay. If you got the RAM and CPU then Mavericks might work better on your Mac. I'm putting up with it so I can use the latest Xcode. Also I gave Apple's Maps a try and I am unimpressed.

FREEZE, GLASSHOLE! California cops bust Google Glass driver



Bicyclist shouldn't be using phones or whatever when riding their bikes.


So why didn't the driver see the police before they saw her?

Hell, I've had cops catch me off guard when I was riding my bike to work and picking up aluminum cans along the way. As a bicyclist who's almost been hit more than once by someone talking on their cell phone, I am extremely skeptical of people driving while using Google Glass. Last year we had someone get killed while riding their bike by someone texting and driving. I hope that text message was really important. http://www.connectamarillo.com/news/story.aspx?id=764129

How to find OS X Mavericks' 43 hidden photogenic beauties


Re: Eh?

As stated, I upgraded from 10.6 to 10.9


Re: Eh?

Did you delete your calculator app to save space?

I almost forgot!

Given that OS X 10.9 is a free upgrade I went ahead and said goodbye to Snow Leopard. It is nice to see Apple stealing some Windows functionality for once, being able to resize windows from any corner/edge is nice. Though I absolutely detest the look of the Dock when it is on either the left or right side of the screen.



It's an old habit from when hard drive space wasn't so generous. The drive in my 2008 iMac is died once and the replacement is slowly going. So I run everything on an external 1TB drive. My personal data resides on it's own partition. If you exclude multimedia, I use about 7GB. I prefer it that way because it is easy to make DVD backups every couple months. Really it doesn't matter but is something I do anyways.


Re: Math error

Scratch that extra 0!


43 images at 3200 x 2000... screenshots indicate between 1.5 - 4MB for each. I don't have OS X 10.9 installed but that seems like a waste of disk space. At a minimum of 850MB that would be the first folder to get deleted.

Reg mobile correspondent Bill Ray hangs up his Vulture hat


See you at the crossroads!

Facebook reveals 700TB of tiered RAM and flash power Graph Search


Re: A waste of talent

As soon as everyone doesn't care about money and more about improvement and self achievement the business model will change.

When Hell freezes over?

San Fran tech hub wants hookers and hackers for Halloween


Given this is San Francisco, you best be careful of those hookers who are eager to go back to the hotel with you.

Please, PLEASE, Skype... Don't kill our apps and headsets, plead devs


Shortly after Microsoft acquired Skype it stopped working with http://www.imo.im and other services. Now if I wish to use Skype on my netbook I must use their bloated application that has always sucked but now sucks even more!

Finally! How to make Android USABLE: Install BlackBerry OS 10.2


"a better DOS than DOS and a better Windows than Windows"

So developers no longer have to develop applications for BlackBerry OS to have them run on BlackBerry phones. I wonder if history will repeat itself? Then again RIM doesn't have many options at the moment. Still...

Apple's Hacker Princess really needs to stay away from Idaho cops


because a US district court has ruled that anyone calling themselves a "hacker" forfeits their Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and property seizures.



3. Computer Slang.

a. a computer enthusiast.

b. a microcomputer user who attempts to gain unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems.




1. Slang. a public officer authorized to hear and decide cases in a court but lacks common sense.

Wozniak: Please, whatever you do, DON'T buy me an iPad Air


Usually the joke icon is reserved for, well, jokes.

Agreed, but decided to be safe, didn't want anyone to take me seriously.


Shockingly, Woz also admitted he didn't have broadband at home and wasn't all that impressed with thin objects.

Neither was his wife yet she didn't leave him. My name is Woz, I used to be relevant 30 years ago, now I'm Apple's backseat driver.

US Veep's wireless heart implant disabled to stop TERRORIST HACKERS

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Re: @ rcorrect

Apparently that remark got you a down vote so have an up vote on me!


Re: @ rcorrect

There is no terrorist. It's a figment of your mass-media's government-fueled imagination.

Unless you can actually introduce me to a terrorist, of course. Which you can't. Because they don't actually exist.

Are you responding to what I actually said or what you imagined I said?


Somehow I think terrorist have better things to do.

Brit PM raps Facebook for allowing GORY beheading vids


Re: Oh, really?

On the bright side I guess this means we'll soon be seeing revenge porn on Facebook.


Re: He needs to get out more

There may be a slight amount of disconnect when reading Shakespeare, but a recent video of a women being beheaded, that could be a little different. Could be just me.

Apple handed Samsung-busting nuke after Steve Jobs patent U-turn


Shutgun wedding

Apple + Sumsung

Snap-happy blogger babe posts catcalling blokes' mugshots online


She certainly isn't anonymous

That has bad idea written all over it. My guess is the last thing she wants is more attention from these catcalling guys yet here she is sharing their pictures with the internet. And why the hell does she bring up race, is her head stuck in the past or something?

America: Land of the free, still home of the BIGGEST spammers on the planet

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Re: Digital stamps

To avoid making a TL;DR post

What you and I consider TL;DR might differ just a little.

Amateur image-wrangler reveals stitched snap of Saturn's splendour


For those who don't know (like me) the hexagon on Saturn explained: http://news.sciencemag.org/2010/04/saturns-strange-hexagon-recreated-lab


Looking at the blue spot (difficult to see ) on the pole, it seems that mother nature needs a graphics card upgrade. All joking aside it is cool to see a hexagon on a planet. Looking closer there is even a border around it.


Also this image gets me quite excited about astronomy:


Apple's top bean counter: New spaceship HQ won't emit 'one atom of carbon'


The innovation that will come from the team, particularly in the collaborative environment that we're going to build, will be immeasurable.

Yeah all you disbelievers, look what the two Steves managed to do with nothing more than a garage! Wait did Peter Oppenheimer just admit that Apple needs a $5 billion dollar spaceship to be innovative again? Maybe I just read his statement wrong.

MEGA ASTEROID could 'BLOW UP EARTH' - Russian space boss


We've got a better chance at world destruction than me winning the lottery. Sweet.

Windows 8.1: Read this BEFORE updating - especially you, IT admins


Is there some sort of HD tutorial video embedded in the update

No, most of that is for the Windows Store.

Windows XP folks: At least GOOGLE still loves you ... UNTIL 2015


We use Chrome at work because the latest version of Internet Explorer isn't available for XP. If fact I think that is one reason Chrome has been successful given that a lot of people still haven't upgrade their Windows.

'Please, steal my phone' TV ads by T-Mobile US slammed by legal eagles


Something tells me these prosecutors don't spend a lot of time surfing the internet. Hell you can find far more 'offensive' material on YouTube. The Register's forums would be rampant with offensive content if it were not for its overzealous moderators. Curse them.

China, an untapped land of opportunity for the West - EXCEPT IBM


"serves them right for stealing job's like they do"

Not really. Just like voting for idiots, we make the decision to purchase items made in China. And nobody deserves those kind of living conditions.

Apple's Steve Jobs was a SEX-crazed World War II fighter pilot, says ex


Re: Past lives

don't you think that those events might be *sightly* more memorable than shovelling shit in a stable 364 days a year?

Oh, I am unsure about that. The things I don't enjoy, especially over long periods of time, tend to be very memorable. At least for me anyways. Let me list off a few jobs, customers, co-workers, managers, girlfriends (I wish) and other things I didn't like. If I had to shovel shit for a living with no days off, oh yeah, you just best just avoid pissing me off or getting in my way.


You can buy Brennan's book!

To read more about Steve's sweaty sex life, you can buy Brennan's book

Oh Chrisann Brennan... actually never mind. Steve Jobs had a lot of money but even so he tried to reject his own daughter, so to hell with flaming her for writing the book. If she can profit from it then by all means. The real victim here is Lisa, having to know that her own father tried to reject her.

Ireland revisits tax laws to cook Apple

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Mentioning government waste generally doesn't go well around this part of the internet. Even so we should advocate responsibility on all fronts. Governments need to be smaller and stop wasting so much of our money. Companies also shouldn't be using loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Plenty of room for improvement all around. And while I am generally conservative, I do acknowledge it wouldn't hurt for the US government to reduce military spending. Anyways, have a like on me.

Apple's Oct 22 WORLD-SHAKING San Fran party: New iPads or what?


Re: Is it just me?

But this looks like an arse spraying multicolored defecation. And with the tagline, "We still have a lot to cover"? Eewwww!

What the hell dude?



Summon the analyst immediately!

Google's latest ad push gives LONE LAWMAKER the creeps


Holy crap

Without users' explicit permission, Google should not take consumer posts and turn them into product endorsements

Not everything said by Democrats evil? Curse you Senator Markey! Google is slowly hanging itself, joining the ranks of Apple and Microsoft. Maybe founders of successful companies slowly stop caring, seems to be a recurring theme. So much for do no evil.

Coming soon to Twitter: Inboxes BULGING with DMs from world+dog


Re: Premium rate number for TXT!

At one point if your name was Mark Zuckerberg I think the rate was $100.00 per message.

Snowden: NSA whacks US in the WALLET, slurps millions of contacts books


Re: Aaaaaannnnnnnddddd.....

Notice how mainstream media simply does not report your little leaks anymore?

FOX News reported it, you know it's legitimate because they've got no political agenda whatsoever. Elections are around the corner, let's go Tea Party, you with me Bill O'Reilly?


Gates, Zuckerberg to deliver free coding lesson


Re: @ Metrognome (was: @ Jake)

My point, Metrognome, is that there are much better solutions for first programming languages than BASIC.

Not sure that I agree. I started with HyperCard then was given a copy of FutureBASIC. In 1995, at the age of 16, I had no internet or someone to ask for assistance, just a bunch of examples, a handbook and reference manual. Even so I managed to release my first game a year later. No, I don't think C or Java would have been good. It was difficult enough figuring out what arrays were. So down the road I learned c and don't see how BASIC origins tainted me. Sure I had to figure out malloc and pointers but learning new things is what programming is about.

Ex-Valve engineers raise begging bowl for 3D holographic-like goggles


Do you see this Apple?

Nope it isn't another lawsuit, it's something known as innovation! You used to be known for it?

Sorry fanbois, no supersize Apple fondleslabs for you


Re: The dogs bark

And yet, many of the bestselling Android toys cost as much or more than the iToys. A new Galaxy Note 3 will set you back about $800 off contract. I wish I could get a Note 3 for "dirt cheap".

Maybe he could have worded it better but it is a good analogy. In general, Apple will be known for selling high quality phones. There will always be exceptions. And frankly, let Apple have that damn 10% market share. Even as a Mac user, I would rather have an Android rather than an iPhone due to increased competition by manufacturers and it being an open platform.