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Teary-eyed snappers recall the golden age of film


Nice article.

Interesting read. As an active flickr user I'm truly amazed at some of the pictures people can take with basic gear (i.e. iPhone, etc). However, real photography does require an understanding of the interplay of the focal length, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and of course light.

Nowadays anyone can get capture a good photo. The difference is pros do it far more regularly because they're not relying on a lot of luck.

Loved the photos.

On a somewhat related note, one of my pictures was on flickr Explore today, so i'm quite chuffed about that.

Larry Page acknowledges creeping vocal paralysis


Re: That sux

I can't believe someone would vote you down for wishing him good luck. The internet can be scary place.

'Liberator': Proof that you can't make a working gun in a 3D printer


I favour the Chris Rock approach to gun control. Make every bullet cost 100USD and watch gun crime drop through the floor.

Bill Gates offers big bucks for better condoms


Re: And Yet

Islam does not ban the use of contraceptives. There are hadiths (sources) that indicate it's fine to use them.

US general: Beware of Iran's Revolutionary Cyber-Guard


Re: Let's not forget

Agree with your comment. However, I just wanted to point out the Persians were conquered by the Arabs many centuries before the Ottomans rose to power. The Arabs effectively ended the Persian empire under the rule of Umar Ibn Al-Khatab around 640AD.

The Ottomans (who were also not Arabs) much later conquered both the Arab and the Persian territories.

Not taking anything away from the other stuff you mentioned which I agree with. It's also worth pointing out that Iran hasn't invaded anyone in at least a 100 years. The same cannot be said for others.

Iran: If the Madi cyber-strike was us it would've been another Stuxnet



Just a slight correction

"Madi (AKA Mahdi), named after files used in the malware, references the moniker of the Muslim messiah expected to cleanse the world of wrongdoing and bestow peace and justice before Judgment Day."

The muslim messiah is Christ, not the Mahdi. The context of his rule is correct but he is a man not a prophet or messiah.

Steve Wozniak, your time is up

Thumb Down

where is the love?

utterly pointless and harsh.


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