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Typewriters suck. Yet we're infinitely richer for those irritating machines


Re: Heating

My dad had a hot water bottle that froze in the night - INSIDE his bed (he was living in a farm cottage in Hampshire in the winter of 1963).

Nokia to LG: You want our smartphone IP? Alright, you got it


LG reception

My LG-G2 suffers from poor reception - maybe Nokia's expertise will improve this on future models?

Thirty-five years ago today: Space Invaders conquer the Earth


Original and the best

Played this in City Poly college bar in '78, never got as good as the experts but still managed some reasonable scores. Counting shots was the key to getting maximum points from downing the mystery ships at the top (was it 21, then 13?).

Never really liked any of the other versions - this was perfection.

Bunging apps, files into virtual desktops ain't worth it - Gartner


small point

"I'd say the cost of deploying virtual desktops is roughly equitable to deploying standard desktops in terms of capital expenditure."

Sorry to be pedantic, but shouldn't Sam Routledge have used the word "equivalent" rather than "equitable" -or am I being inequitable?

ARM boss forecasts mass migration to netbooks

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The later "basic" Aspire One is much improved

Bought one last week for £170 + VAT from EBuyer, with XP home, a bigger screen (now 10.5 in.) and generally more "zip" than the £199 + VAT Linux version we got 18 months ago.

China's doomed attempt to hold the world to ransom

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Really interesting article

Well explained and lucidly written - thank you El Reg!


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