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Xiaomi boss snaps back at Jony Ive's iPhone rival 'theft' swipe

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Re: Real design changes

I used to be angry with the Daily Heil. To be honest, I still am a little bit, but after thinking though my hatred,the realisation was that it is the people that buy the paper and read it, every day, without so much as a WTF, nodding at every article and agreeing with it all that really gets me stirred up.

I would LOVE for the new iPhone to be rid of it's accursed wart with the raised glass for the rear camera, and a nice smooth back. I'd happily trade the 0.5mm or whatever it is to not only improve the looks, but also give Apple a little more space for a slightly more capacious battery. It may only be an hour's difference, but someone will appreciate it and every little helps.

My point, of course, is that if people didn't keep lusting over thinness, they could have the larger battery , negating the need (for most people I suspect) for a removable one. The memory card is of course just a money maker for Apple. It could easily go next to the SIM card or have it's own slot, but I'm not too fussed about that one.

Mars rover seeks perfect suntan spot to survive winter



But it seems by the time the moderator allows the comments to be displayed, other comments may have appeared higher in the list. Bah.


You bugger ;)

Beaten me to it :)


Now granted I'm no NASA scientist, nor am I a robot building genius, so there may well be a reason behind this... but surely if a layer of dust coving the solar cells is such an issue, can a wiperblade/wiperbrush not be employed to give them a quick swish from time to time? Sure, they will use a tiny bit of power, but will they use less than the loss due to the dust? Can't see how they need to be especially heavy and/or complex. Or am I missing something?

Neighbours not Liking Facebook's new campus

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I work for anyone that promised a free shuttle for my daily commute.

Facebook gets awesome with Skype

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Consider me un-awesomed

TBH, I would have been much more impressed with a decent iPhone app instead of the god-awful buggy, unstable, unintuitive POS that is currently available. About the only thing it is good for is synching profile photos to my contact list.

iOS 5 system files finger next-gen iPad, iPhone


What he said ↑

Yes, I'm a fruit lover too. But come on now..

"Apple probably have plans to release an updated version of an iDevice?"

Hardly surprising and/or interesting.

Apple iOS 5 and iCloud examined



Why do people continue to whinge about 'rip off Britain'?

£2.99 extra? Boo hoo.

Show me a country other than Somalia perhaps that DOESN'T charge extrortionate duty and VAT of some description on goods or services from overseas.

New 'liquid smart metal' can go hard or floppy


Where's my gold and platinum?

Well boss.. we corroded it with acid you see.. for science.. so you can't have it back. All gone now. Ahem. We're off to the pub.

Boffins develop working MALE PILL

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Sounds useful to me!

That some women cannot take the pill due to medical issues etc, and that some couples might find this method useful as part of their (non) family planning.

Also, it hasn't been unknown for the odd and thankfully rare bunny boiler to 'forget' to take her pill in order to get pregnant to secure a relationship. So maybe there are some paranoid guys out there that would take it just for that!

WW2 naval dazzle-camo 'could beat Taliban RPGs'


Dazzle camo warships

I might be wrong, but I thought that the reason warships were painted with dazzle patterns was to disrupt the Uboat captains ability to detect it's bearing, by making it difficult to tell apart the bow and stern and their relative angles toward or away from him?

Agreed though, that ground vehicles would likely be too slow, and critically, would be likely following a known bearing, that of the road/track they are running on.

Cobalt-barrel machine guns could fire full auto Hollywood style


You can guarantee...

That if the gunner or his mate doesn't have to carry a spare barrel and/or spares kit now, he'll be given another belt instead ;)

The terabyte iPad is coming

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Flash storage FTW

Broadly speaking, I would agree with the author. Yes, flash is more resilient than HDDs, but it would be foolish to duplicate data via your backup system of choice simply becausethe storage might be more resilient. Loss of the physical device is still the most likely total loss scenario I can imagine, although I would happily back up my data to a flash based twin drive RAID array anyday (just in case..)

Steve Wozniak, your time is up


Agree with the commentards

Yeah, not sure what the authors issue is and tbh. Well below the standard of journalism normally reserved for El Reg... that said...

Woz used to be someone interesting to hear about, but that stopped a long time ago...

No more Woz for me, thanks.


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