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Facebook profiles go TITSUP! Mystery malady plagues piles of pages

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Re: Best laugh I've had all day...

I thought that wasn't allowed.

Shadowy drug fans threaten FBI agents, vow to 'avenge' Silk Road shutdown

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You keep using that word...

Anyway, he did make an interesting comment when he first picked the name that it was "appropriate on so many level" or something to that effect.

Sony buries hatchet with GeoHot in PS3 modding case

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This is not acceptable on any level.

Brazilian banker's crypto baffles FBI

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Another way

If you use truly random words e.g. "Mt. whoa usurp mush naughty huge became" you get much more entropy per letter. That example should be worth 90 bits*. Certainly quicker to type, but which way is actually easier to remember is probably a matter of personal opinion.

*That is, assuming I generated it with the Diceware system (feel free to Google, Bing or Yahoo! it). But I admit I couldn't be bothered to get out my dice and just picked them "randomly" form a list.

Google and Yahoo! join Oz protests

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I suppose technological innovation often comes from unlikely places. But surely this business model has applications outside the niche paedo market.

I wonder how it works exactly, handling online payment must be especially challenging when you're dealing with an illegal product.

And then there's the piracy problem. How do they deal with that? Make up for it in volume? Honour system? DRM?

Inquiring minds want to know.

World braces for Lindsay Lohan sex tape

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They're all a bunch of sick paedophiles! Lusting after this girl... do they think it's alright just because she's a celebrity? She used to be a CHILD! What is wrong with people?