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Xamarin links mobile apps with Microsoft cloud services

james the l

"There are better alternatives than using Mono."

Such as? We're using Mono and are pretty happy with it. I'm always interested in other solutions though.

Phone-hack backlash BBC in embarrassing headline gaffes

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Headline to make you double-take

My favourite I saw a few years ago on the Beeb website:

"Worker suspended over missing body."

Brought to mind all sorts of existential ideas as to how to achieve this. Turns out a body had gone missing from a morgue, and a worker had been... you get it now.

Still, had me going for a bit.

Footie fans in 'cunthorpe Utd' calendar shocker

james the l

That reminds me...

Ah, happy memories of listening to the Today Program (for our non British readers, this is the flagship morning serious news and comment program on the main BBC radio station). For some reason talk turned to place names with body parts in them. You can see what's coming...

All started well with "Liverpool, Handcross, Liphook..." and then a quite voice said "And there's always Scunthorpe." Half a second's cognitive work and then the sound of muffled laughter and coffee being spat across studio. It took some time for normal service to be resumed.

There's also the Edwina Currie moment, but that's another story.

26,000km 'leccy joy ride crosses finish line

james the l

Now that's a name!

Sir Keith O'Nions? Joined by his colleague John C'Arrots... sorry.

Good effort though. Bonkers but good. In a car with no roof?

Good to see the spirit of adventure is still with us - "had to stay in Columbia because of the coup ..."

Reminds me of when I was in San Sebastian (having arrived by boat, but that's another story) when a full-on Basque Separatist riot erupted outside the bar. Next thing my mate's at the bar entrance yelling at the rioters "Good God people, that's not how to throw a stone. Arm right back, point with the other, have you never played cricket??? Give it to me, I'll show you how to..." Swift retreat to back of bar with shutters down, to continue imbibing with the teargas leaking in. But I digress.

Acrobatic pilot survives loss of wing

james the l

Real experts dont need... a fake

Sorry AC, but


is a fake. See:


Switched between real plane at the start and a model at the end. Evidence is that:

a) Artwork on planes changes.

b) Nose shape changes

c) Real plane has a cockpit coaming inside the canopy, model doesn't.

A pity, as it would be an amazing feat if he'd managed it!

Aerobatic planes of this class have something approaching the power/weight ratio to achieve the knife-edge flight demonstrated at the end, but IIRC none has. Anyway, who'd want to try it (i.e. ditching a wing then landing without it!).

Models definitely do have the ability:


Far East fanboi dresses iPad as Mac (Classic)

james the l

For recursion, see recursion...

Now if, after putting the iPad in the case he then played the youtube video of him putting it in the case which shows the video of...

You can see where I'm going here. Question is, will he need a time machine? My brain hurts.

Thank God it's Friday.

Primark pulls 'disgraceful' padded bikini for kiddies

james the l

@Craig 12 - priceless!

Reads comment, tea, keyboard, yuk.

Very good. Now back to trying to do some work.

Universities avoid Kindle over accessibility barriers

james the l

That's it - I've had enough

I'm finally motivated to get off my backside and post a comment.

So... just because some people won't be able to use something, this means that no-one else should be able to use it?

I'm all for equal opportunities etc. (honest), but this is mad, mad mad.


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