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UK firm NOW: Pensions tells some customers a 'service partner' leaked their data all over 'public software forum'

John 156

Sounds like an accident not waiting to happen. More information, please.

Ofcom gives six operators green light to bid for spectrum

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Why is a US based equipment manufacturer bidding for network bandwidth in the UK?

BA IT systems failure: Uninterruptible Power Supply was interrupted

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IT Angle

What is odd is that CBRE Global Workplace Solutions is a facilities management company for commercial property.

Britain's on the brink of a small-scale nuclear reactor revolution

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Re: Wasn't Fukushima a "fail-safe" design?

The Tsunami triggered the disaster; however, it was the basic design of the reactor itself that caused the problem: when the tsunami struck it flooded the generators that operated the pumps that were used to carry the heat away from the reactor core. This caused the cores to go into meltdown because the reactor design itself was not failsafe. A failsafe nuclear design is one in which the consequence of removing power is to cause the reactor rods to withdraw and the fission to cease. An additional problem at Fukushima was that it was not possible to connect auxiliary power from outside because it transpired that the connectors were themselves incompatible.

Officials, lack of kit to blame for 'critical delays' in sex abuse inquiry

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The whole idea of a wide ranging inquiry is potty, considering how long a single case can take when there is an extant defendent. What the public wants to know is how parties whose crimes had been replicated many times and affirmed by independent and credible witnesses were able to avoid prosecution over a lifetime of predatory and perverse behaviour and that includes individuals as well as gangs. We dont need to know whether Miss X was groped by Celeb Y in 1963.

IBM says no, non, nein to Brexit

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Re: Personal Choice

Surely serfs have to obey their American overloads otherwise the warmongering Nobel Laureate made his visit to England in vain. We have to hope his congratulations to Merkel for inviting into Germany one million men of fighting and raping age and ordering the Gemans to deploy to the further reaches of NATO to see off the Russian threat when the level of threat in Germany was rather more substantial went down better.

Blighty ranks 38th in World Press Freedom Index

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To be taken with a pinch of salt - Objective it is not

Russia 138th yet Russia tolerates virulent attacks on its President and the open advocacy of the removal of Putin and his replacement by a traitor who would ibe under the control of Western leaning 'oligarchs'.

Oof! Acer suffers 25 per cent hit to PC sales in turbulent Q1

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IBM must feel very pleased with themselves for offloading their x86 business on Lenovo whilst hoping to re-enter the server market with their new improved POWER9.

Done making the big stuff better? The path to Apple's mid-life crisis

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A hundred years later, cars still have four wheels and an engine under the bonnet. Without some rapid human evolution, the scope for identifying more niches between the iphone and the Imac desktop is limited.

Nevertheless, cars are not remotely the same as they were one hundred years ago and there is still scope for evolutionary change under the bonnet since Apple are still still selling PCs using the obsolescent x86 processor.

German lodges todger in 13 steel rings

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Re: Pedant Alert

Yes, people who are unable to parse a simple English sentence have no business issuing strictures on correct usage. Clearly, 'who' is the subject of the adjectival clause qualifiying 'idiots'.

Google licks its lips at sight of Qualcomm's 64-bit server ARM chips

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Unfortunately, the A72 occupies the same living space as the A57 but is more powerful and efficient, so who is going to lash out on server farms full of obsolescent kit when work must be under way to create server chips etc with the better specified processors?

UK Home Sec's defence of bulk spying: We 'found' a paedo (we already knew about)

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Re: So with *all * that time to prepare and the whole of the Home Office to help her out.

Well, she hasn't produced anything as both Daesh terrorist and paedo website were already known and tracking communication with either does not require bulk collection.

The last time Earth was this hot hippos lived in Britain (that’s 130,000 years ago)

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Re: It's true!

Hang on, you've missed the pièce de résistance from the article:

Greens are less educated? Nope.

Greens have less time? Nope.

Greens are a little reticent? Nope.

Greens are less intelligent? Definitely nope.

Greens are less passionate? Absolutely nope.]

Greens have less at stake? Clearly not.

Which should have been:

Greens are less educated? Yup.

Greens have less time? Nope.

Greens are a little reticent? Nope.

Greens are less intelligent? Definitely Yup.

Greens are less passionate? Absolutely nope.]

Greens have less at stake? Clearly Yes because if things get too hot here on Earth, Natalie Bennet could return to her own planet.

UK's super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping

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Big Brother

Re: "where life is at immediate risk"

The point here is that when someone puts the wrong material into a recycling bin it could either be because:

- they are a moron

- they are a low life


-they are a terrorist engaged in industrial sabotage

So only by the council examining all their internet activity would it be able to determine in which category the criminal belonged and whether they needed to alert MI5.

So just what is the third Great Invention of all time?

John 156

Farming comes first because it enabled mankind to live in large groups and enabled those who lived in temperate climates to far more easily survive the winter.

Metallurgy comes second because it enabled mankind to construct tools without having to rely on the limitations of naturally occuring materials such as stone and wood.

The Steam Engine comes third because it meant that man became independent of animals, wind and water to power his engines.

Russian regulator bans PornHub for its ‘illegal pornography’

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Re: There is prob a gay video

Macho men like girlies; girly men behave like girlies; here is an well-research, impartial comparison between Putin and Obama in the real man stakes :


WINGED VELOCIRAPTOR 'from HELL': Closest thing ever to a real DRAGON?

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Re: Hang on.. 6 limbs?

"The implication is that wings (and feathers, too) evolved in response to some non-flight-related selection pressure and then turned out to be useful for flying."

How about: feathers evolved because birds became homeothermic when subject to envornment pressure to keep moving, whatever that was, possibly predation. Some feathers then became elaborate and extended for sexual display (as well as sub-species identification);as the sexual display became more elaborate, the forearms become longer and stronger which then resulted in successful males becoming momentarily airborne.

Natural geothermal heat under Antarctic ice: 'Surprisingly high'

John 156

Re: Heat balance

No No No. Only Carbon Dioxide has any effect on the Earth's climate; this fact was discovered by Al Gore who deservedly, therefore, became very rich; his hypothesis has been now been verified by one the World's greatest Physicists, Paul Nurse, who is too busy to comment as he is fully engaged, burning the Royal Society portraits of dead white males who discovered stuff, in order to be replaced by those of women who didn't, including some who nevertheless produce highly literate articles which never need sub-editing for the Guardian and whose CVs demonstrates an enormous natural talent for creative writing.

Not so fast on FM switch-off: DAB not so hot say small broadcasters

John 156

An anomaly, surely. The only thing I can think of is that Tim Cook does not want to sell an iBrick?

Gwyneth Paltrow flubs $29 food stamp dare, swallows pride instead

John 156

Her shapely arse?

Paltrow is an inveterate publicity-seeker: it's perfectly easy to survive on £20 a week by performing one weekly shop at Aldi: just stick as far as possible to raw ingredients. However, Bolognese sauce has been extremely difficult to source for about a month due to the unavailability of Passata: what is going on?

TTIP: Protect our privacy in EU-US trade deal or ELSE, snarl MEPs

John 156

Re: EU - huh! what is it good for?

UKIP are not in favour of the EU negotiating a trade deal with the USA in secret and are the only party to say so; in fact, UKIP are the only party that does not recognise a legitimate role for the EU in negotiating trade agreements or doing anything else on the UK's behalf; get up to speed with events or stick to bits and bytes.

The coming of DAB+: Stereo eluded the radio star

John 156

Re: DAB...

It makes about as much sense as launching a 4K TV channel in Black and bloody white.

...with 405 horizontal lines

Oxford boffins publish fine-scale regional genetic map of UK

John 156

Recipe for English source

"In terms of historical migrations, the boffins findings allowed them to suggest "significant pre-Roman, but post-Mesolithic, movement into southeastern England from continental Europe.""

In other words, the extent to which migrations from the North Western seaboard of Europe into England occurred before or after the Roman Occupation is a matter of speculation since the DNA evidence is likely to be the same; in fact there is a school of thought that believes that overwhelmingly, immigration (-pre1948) after the intial settlements following the retreat of the icecap, occurred during the Neolithic era and that there existed Brythonic language speakers in West and Germanic speakers in the East of England as a result; put another way, historians should not feel embarrassed by there lack of knowledge of a period in our history into making stuff up like the Anglo-Saxon wipeout of the 'Ancient Brits' when anyone who did not speak High German (later modified to English) was immediately put to the sword.

ASML‬ plays down mystery hack attack

John 156
Black Helicopters

That's a bit far-fetched isn't it? ASML make photolithography equipment; how do you compromise that equipment to burn in a piece of NSA signature circuitry which connects with the rest of any particular chip?

TalkTalk 'fesses up to MEGA data breach

John 156

Re: How did that actually work then?

Clearly, you have no knowledge of how Direct Debits work, which I cannot be bothered to explain since it is nowhere near as simple as you imagine..

Linux clockpocalypse in 2038 is looming and there's no 'serious plan'

John 156

Re: Could this already be a problem ?

Pensions systems tend to hold dates in decimal form so that they can be displayed or printed directly. They would then pass dates to a calculation routine to determine elapses. The 32 bit problem would certainly have have been spotted because clients are sent statements at initiation and annually defining their future projected entitlements at maturity.

Incidentally I did Y2K for a major; unfortunately, someone else did the rates retrieval system which used six decimal dates, a problem they surmounted by deciding that years higher than 30 were 20th century otherwise 21st! I pointed out, too late, that it was always possible to calculate the year accurately simply by using the current date and an assumpotion that people did not hold a pension for more than 99 years.

Qualcomm, ARM: We thought we had such HOT MODELS...

John 156

Re: What I Took From the Article

"But I'm surprised that ARM isn't in more trouble already. Never mind Intel using the x86 chip as an Android alternative."

Have a good read of Intel's last results with particular reference to its performance (or lack of it) in mobile before ennunciating an hypothesis like that.

ARM sold 4.8 billion chips in the mobile space last year; catching up with that from a standing start is a tall order. In fact the only market in which ARM does not have a significant presence is Servers where it would have to compete with your other named venders head on, but currently without the muscle power to make much impact overall.

Unsurprising report: UK local govt sites remain totally crap

John 156

I have found that to find specific information on crap sites, as long as its not using an intranet, is to search externally:

searchengine [search argument] site:crapsite.gov.uk

Watt the CHIP!? ARM pops out THE most powerful 64-bit Cortex for mobes'n'slabs

John 156

ARM is obviously determined to keep Intel out of the mobile market, much more so than trying to compete directly in Intel's traditional PC makets; at some point, ARM will decide it has the edge even there, and then they would make a concerted move with specific designs for these markets.

John 156

Re: Change of venue

"The company's presentation of the blueprints to industry analysts and press this morning in Budleigh Salterton"

For a successful launch, it would, of course, need to be on market day.

LEAKED Qualcomm processors reveal sexy new specs

John 156

It is not clear from the 'leak' of what the TS2 consists apart from the number of cores and the process; speculation it is the replacement for Krait is exactly that.

Web daddy Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Back off Putin, I'm no CIA stooge

John 156
Big Brother

Is Tim in the pay of the CIA? Oh, no!

In a situation whereby the CIA has bullied and bribed major commercial website operators to harvest private communications passing through their servers on the CIA's behalf, I find it difficult not to have sympathy with Putin's opinion; furthermore, when we know that GCHQ has also been actively harvesting data and passing it to the CIA which then passes it all to Israel, it is difficult to believe that Berners-Lee's ambition for his invention has been realised in practice; would that it had.

'I don't NEED to pay' to watch football, thunders EU digi-czar

John 156
Paris Hilton

Re: Good luck on that one.

"I'd be equally happy if it was Free To Air on one of the commercial channels, but as it isn't that presumably reflects the fact that the effective PAYG advertising revenues on terrestrial FTA broadcasts aren't sufficient to match the sports industry's costs."

Sports industry's costs have skyrocketed since SKY decided that it wanted the most popular international sports irrespective of costs, Murdoch knowing that fans would pay whatever he demanded. Whether sportsman are worth more than banksters, pop stars, slebs, generally, is a moot point, but the only winners are shareholders of SKY and manufacturers of Italian sports cars.

A nation of CODERS? Yes, says UK.gov, and have some cash to do it

John 156

Another UKIP policy stolen by the LibLabCon: UKIP had previously announced that they would fund free STEM subjects at uni in exchange for working in this country for a minimum of 5 years.

You don't have to be a genius to tap into Albert Einstein's BRAIN

John 156

Those employed in the computer software industry with an interest in Physics might like to be aware of a site by one of their number, http://blog.darkbuzz.com/

Roger Schlafly has also written a book, How Einstein Ruined Physics, which gives a history of modern Physics with Einstein put in a more objective context than that of simply being the greatest physicist who ever lived.

Sinclair is back with the Spectrum Vega ... just as rubbish as the ZX

John 156

Re: RCA? Pah. Young 'uns know nothing

...and Sexist.

systemd row ends with Debian getting forked

John 156

Re: Off to a bad start

I respect the judgment of guys like Jeff Waugh who brought Gnome 3 to an unsuspecting world and who said, "it has to solve a real problem. 'Doesn’t include systemd' is not a real problem.” when he means, ""Does include systemd" is not a real problem".

Intel's LAME DUCK mobile chips gobbled by CASH COW

John 156

What are the numbers telling us?

According to the 2014 3rd quarler figures for Mobile and Communications:

Turnover : 1 million

Loss: 1 billion

Loss for last three quarters: 3 billion

(My) Projected loss for full year: 4 billion

The pressure from shareholders to close this operation down will be intense.

Russian hackers exploit 'Sandworm' bug 'to spy on NATO, EU PCs'

John 156

Re: Branding bugs

"Who are the 23% of Windows XP users?"

Having met one and their laptop recently, I can affirm they are users of old kit who don't know the name of their operating system and delete any annoying messages that appear in the bottom right hand corner of their screens.

Scrapping the Human Rights Act: What about privacy and freedom of expression?

John 156

Re: "80% of our laws come from Europe" [citation needed]

"Unlike most of your remarks"

Don't bother to comment on how the British Constitution works when you know f-all about it. I repeat: the Courts are not allowed to create new laws; that is how our Constiution has worked for hundreds of years.

John 156

Who Rules?

People are completely missing the point here; the Supreme Court exists to rule on whether an action of the executive or a lower court is in compliance with the existing laws of England or not. The ECHR was originally given a clear mandate from which it has departed ever since in order to make rulings and laws which override those of nation states and which have nothing to do with their original brief; if you don't like an existing law, vote for a party that proposes to change the law in a way which supports your beliefs. Under our constitution, the Legislature makes the laws, not the Courts, in theory, whereas, in practice, 80% of our laws come from Europe which has absolutely no democratic foundation, since the European Parliament does not make laws, but simply rubber stamps those originating anonymously from the Commission or the Council of Ministers.

ARMs head Moonshot bodies: HP pops Applied Micro, TI chips into carts

John 156

Re: Ubuntu - Seriously?

What you say is generally true, however, Linux distributions that support ARM64 based SoCs are not universally available as yet and Ubuntu has been engineered to support it, probably by patching the kernel. Would M$ run on it? Probably not.

ARM gives Internet of Things a piece of its mind – the Cortex-M7

John 156

Re: At last

Since when has ARM been trying to market the IoT as the basis for an intelligent kitchen; this is an assumption by people, usually politico types who are not aware of any technology outside their own very limited horizons.

Monitors monitor's monitoring finds touch screens have 0.4% market share

John 156

Re: The 'thought' process is easy to understand

In other words, M$ did not ancipate a flood of users wanting to get their greasy mits on full size monitors at all; they simply wanted to force app developers to provide touchscreen functionality so that johnny-come-lately could offer a credible product in the tablet market. It was always the apps that kept people loyal to M$ not their ghastly, 16-bit OSs which they were still foisting on users of 386+ tech many years after it came to market, otherwise the story of M$ would have ended long ago.

it is typical that M$ did not think then to enable users of PCs and laptops the ability to revert to a normal DE without tiles etc.

Stonehenge's HUMAN ABATTOIR was just a prehistoric Burning Man hippyfest site

John 156

Archaeologists need to stop making stuff up; they also need to accept that they may never get into the mindsets of those of whose beliefs they have no knowledge.

Smart meters in UK homes will only save folks a lousy £26 a year

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Big Brother

Problems are best addressed at source

What we need is smart energy generation for which we need smart politicians to remove us from the EU preferably before the the latter starts a war with Russia.

Britain's housing crisis: What are we going to do about it?

John 156
IT Angle

If only economists ruled the world

I think we should have totally open borders, no planning laws, people on housing benefit being able to live at taxpayers' expense wherever they want with their landlords to be able to charge whatever they want; improve the help to buy scheme so that buyers only have to pay back loans if they really, really wish to i.e. operating a bit like student loans.

Furthermore, all houses for sale should be advertised in every country in the world with an absolute ban on British people being allowed to purchase a new built property since allowing people to live in properties which could more usefully be purchased for investment purposes by foreigners would be a clear market distortion.

All this will work because the government has a bottomless pit of money from which to draw and we have an endless supply of land; let's face it, what are farmers for if we can import all the food we need? Come on, get out those concrete mixers, you know it makes (economic) sense; we could become more wealthy and successful even than Ireland before their housing based economy crashed.

Twitter can trigger psychosis in users

John 156

Trick Cyclists discover new syndrome to justify their existence

In the bad old days, psychotics used to hear messages used to control them emanating from the radio, then the TV.

White? Male? You work in tech? Let us guess ... Twitter? We KNEW it!

John 156

You cannot be serious!

We know where all this is leading: the total removal of all white heterosexual males from anything other than menial roles and their replacement by 'minorities', some of whom appear to in a far greater majority in purely numeric terms although not necessary at the higher reaches of the Bell Curve. This is what Cultural Marxism is about; so we can all look forward to a Nirvana where absolutely nothing works which is reputed to be the case where many of these 'minorites' originate.