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El Reg in email address blunder


Could be worse

I work for a company that has been in trouble with the ICO on several occasions. We receive our monthly pay statements to our individual email accounts but this month rather than receiving our own we all received one managers statement. Having his salary broadcast to the whole company has caused more than a few raised eyebrows.

By comparison this is quite funny and I felt quite privilaged that my disposable email address has been caught up in this fopar. Thanks to El Reg for the quick heads up and appology.

007's car outdrives iPhone in battle of the brands


Cool is cool

Cool is very subjective and it is interesting that the top 2 are existing technology made stylish. The Aston is Ford technology with the V12 engine been 2 mondeo V6's, V8 from Jaguar (from their ford days) and pretty much everything else under the skin. The skill was to take this technology and produce something jaw droppingly beautiful, smile inducingly fast, and a sound that makes tunnels a neccessity. Basically it manages to appeal to every sense. The worry for them been where the next new generation of cars will come from as they have just been launching repackaged versions of the existing vehicles recently.

Whatever we think about Apple they do a really good job of taking products that exist, i.e. the smartphone and recreate them into something that is stylish, easy to use and desirable. Personally I would never want one due to the control applied by apple but I can see the allure and I am greatfull that they drove the market into producing great alternatives.

These products appeal to our basic desire to want something lovely in our lives that makes us smile.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone


X10, Desire or HD2

I am in the fortunate position of been able to choose between the 3 phones as my next company phone. I have been using all 3 for the last few weeks.

The Desire overall for me is the better phone. The screen and sense interface are to good to ignore in any comparison and as this is the part of the phone you use the most it has become the deciding factor. This is not to say the X10 is a bad phone, in fact I really enjoyed using it and I would be very happy if it was my only choice, The Desire is just that bit more polished.

The other aspect of the Desire is the housing, it is just a lovely piece of kit to hold, use and look at, especially that incredible screen. The bit that amazes me the most is that just over a year ago I got a G1 which has been a brilliant little device and after this short time things have progressed this far.

Even T-mobile who had very little coverage at my office have recently managed to give me 5 bars possibly due to merging sites with 3. This has been great fun as there is an inevitable battle with the Iphone users, who seem to be obsessed with trying to prove that their device is better than absolutley everything in the cosmos, including women (something I find difficult to understand as most of them have very little experience of the latter, though apparently there is an app for that).

Time running out for OFT T-Orange intervention


The request has gone through

The OFT has officially requested that the merger is handed to them so yes delays are likely. At the highest level this was not unexpected and has already been planned for, had it only gone through europe this would have been a bonus but that is all.

As for the chances of it going through there are no major hurdles as it works well with the goverments pledges around digital Britain, and the other networks are big enough to create a decent price war. Also T-mobile is now the provider for the goverments computers and internet for families scheme so this would help drive the quality of service around that.

T-Mobile UK earmarks two tariffs for scrappage


Don't panic

Lots of speculation so will try to go through some of the points.

First off web'n'walk is alive and well and will remain available at it's current £5, though you will be able to select it as a free option an all plans if you don't like the idea of unlimited text.

The new plans are as good as the old plans but with a lot more flexibility. As mentioned you will be able to choose a free booster rather than been forced to have unlimited text. You could have unlimited internet or landline or on net or international boosters (not unlimited). Now the really good bit you can change them each month.

The next great feature is if you choose a lower value handset the line rental reduces accordingly, £10 line rental with unlimited internet anyone? No more ridiculous cash back deals that you stand little chance of getting.

Flext is dead, yep but the market has changed and companies must change to follow the market, this spells the end for flext which is no longer the big seller it used to be. Realistically when you can build your own plan and get a line rental that matches the value of the phone no one will miss it.

Networks must offer 12 month plans under ec rules, blimey could almost hear the nasal tones behind that one :) But in answer that would be sim only 12 month.

Love Flext? Wan't to keep it? No probs, once you have it you can keep it right through the upgrades. T-mobile still has customers on the bronze, silver and gold plans.

Couldn't get a hd2 on upgrade, never heard of that, bear in mind this is the company that will only give N97's to upgrade customers and even bought in I-phones to keep upgrading customers happy. They also gave staff the ability to do better deals to upgrading customers over new, this included a massive training programme and new systems been installed.

Have Fun


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