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Trojan pr0n dialers make comeback on mobile phones

Paris Hilton

What does a user have to do ...

in order to be hit by this Trojan? Let's step through it, shall we?

1. The user has to find this MIDlet on the web, click through ALL of the "yes. Download this. No, really" dialogs until the thing finally gets installed on his phone

2. Start the MIDlet (which won't happen automatically)

3. Click "Yes" every time the MIDlet wants to send an SMS.

Even if the MIDlet writer has somehow got hold of signing certificates and has signed the damn thing, the user must still click through all sorts of dialogs in order to permit it to do its dirty work. Any user who does this deserves his high phone-bills.

BTW, the picture on the CA website is of the PC-based Wireless Toolkit, and not a real phone. Sun doesn't make phones (or much else, either). Which begs the question, why would CA want to publish such drivel?

Paris, because maybe her cell number is buried somewhere in that application ...