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The year's best... console games


He could've had mine

But I just ebayed it to fund Xbox + Kinnect. A million miles apart....best purchase for a while!

(NB: I should point out that it's also replaced my media centre PC - not as featurful, but perfectly workable and much easier for the other half) It's going to be lovely only having a nice black Xbox and a black V+ box under the TV.

Child porn victims seek multimillion-dollar payouts


Not going to lie...

...I really struggle to side with anyone but the victim here. It's supply and demand, similar to how handling stolen goods is a serious offence even though you didn't steal them yourself. Yes, images on a computer aren't tangible in the same sense, but the people who view them ARE the reason that they're distributed.

And after having read the impact statement, I feel moreso. Maybe finding images like this myself has had a dramatic influence on my view, I don't know, but what I do know is that every person who views those images for pleasure KNOWS that they're enjoying the abuse of an innocent child, regardless of how close to the production loop they were.

Free Android antivirus clocks up 2.5m downloads


What on Earth?

"The vast majority (99 per cent) of antivirus free customers are running Android devices that are not jail-broken, a process that allows third-party code from outside the Android marketplace to be run on devices"

Could that BE any more wrong?

Armed with exploits, ATM hacker hits the jackpot


Heh, appropiate story

As this morning I tried to withdraw some money and was told that both £10 and £20 weren't multiples of £200. I only wanted a tenner so I didn't continue to try.

A little disconcerting for a bank, really. (And yes, it was a 'real' cashpoint in a 'real' bank)

HTC Wildfire Android smartphone



I don't want to get into a flamewar over this, but I set up my Girlfriends Wildfire this weekend* and that meant migrating and wiping her old HTC Diamond. In my opinion, the difference is a million miles away. I found myself constantly frustrated that it just didn't work as nicely as it could. This coming from the person who was using WinMo until 2 months ago.

In my case case, once you go capacitive, you don't go back!!

*a marvelous phone by the way, and perfect for it's target audience. I tried to pursuade her to go for the Desire as I love mine, but she felt it was too big and bulky. The wildfire is a perfect compromise, and lighter on the wallet.

Radiation warning labels for deadly mobes!



....utterly pathetic. <city name="San Francisco" education="none" />

Canadian cops taser 'naked and agitated' man



You only ever shoot at what you don't mind killing.

Brit firm aims to make airport perv scans obsolete

Paris Hilton

I do wonder..

..how long it'll be before Mr Terrorist gets spotted by security and decides to do it there and then. Better than being on a place I admit, but it's not going to be pretty.

Paris because she'll blow anywhere.


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