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Yahoo! turns! Twitter! firehose! on! self!



Just as well nobody uses Yahoo search, then. It's sad to admit this, but Bing seems to have the cleanest search results, least encumbered with Twittery crap. Not that anyone uses Bing either, of course.

ODF's doomed mission to break into Microsoft Office


Will this apply elsewhere?

Almost every software package in the world has a unique internal format it uses to save documents. If you're only using a document in MS Office, of couse you want to use their internal format, but if you want to share it you may have to export it.

Are the likes Adobe or Autodesk or Oracle going to be forced to display a similar window every time you want to save a file in Photoshop or AutoCAD or create a database in Oracle format? "Do you want to save in PSD PhotoShop internal format or as a GIF?"

Fair enough, force MS to document their file formats, but leave the rest to the market.

Gmail to get realtime with Web2.0rhea makeover?



Yahoo Mail just implemented this feature. It's rubbish and pointless, especially if most of your contacts don't use the same email provider, and it fills up screen space that could otherwise be used for pictures of happy young women using their laptops in the sun, or for showing emails or something. Hotmail also has it in their attempt to pretend to be a social network site (Come to Windows Live! It's so cool!). it's sad to see Google playing chase rather than innovating.

Global gov's shrugging lets cybercrims frolic


Death or robbery?

I don't think it would take someone to die, it would just take some companies to lose serious amounts of money before governments are forced into action. Although if you're trying to persuade governments to do something it's helpful to use an argument other than "billion-dollar companies will lose some money".

Verified by Visa bitchslapped by Cambridge researchers



Another problem with Verified by Visa is that it requires you to globally enable JavaScript to work. Many people disable javascript by default for security reasons. So in order to implement one security method (VbyV, which we're now told is worthless) you're required to disable another security system (NoScript, etc, which is proven to prevent a wide range of nastiness).

Nokia opens Ovi Store for N900s



So how many applications are there in the store for the N900? It doesn't look very well populated.


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