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Scammers plunder gullible iPad owners' backdoors

Hani Jabr

1 million sold?

So over 1 million people have shelled out money for iPads? Interesting, for a device that has no use, is overpriced, and only for fanbois.

But wait, Apple fanbois using windows? Methinks The Reg is confused. Or at least in denial....

Pinhead Mac Trojan sticks it to fanbois

Hani Jabr

iPhoto comes with every Mac, but...

When a major new version is released you don't automatically get it for free. Sometimes you have to pay a crippling £60-70 for it and everything else that comes with iLife. So yes, some people may in fact be ignorant enough to download and install it.

But a virus this does not make...

Hani Jabr

Intego and Sophos respond instantly

"Anti-virus firms including Intego and Sophos have already added detection for the Trojan "

Bringing the total count of viruses and trojans they detect to, um, one...

Getting drunk the night before has no effect on exam results

Hani Jabr

In other news...

Scientists prove that excessive alcohol consumption can skew experiment results and damage credibility...

Trojan armed with hardware-based anti-piracy control

Hani Jabr

@Keith T

"Mac would be a terrible platform, because there could be so many unknown attacks coming at you."

Ah, so the many known, unpatched exploints on the Windows platform, plus the many unknown ones, make for a far more secure system? Really? A new model - security through insecurity?

Security researchers have been screaming about the Mac being an open platform for malware for years now - usually just before they launch an anti-virus product for mac. One that has no viruses and no trojans to scan for. You'd think, if it was so easy, someone somewhere would have written a dozen or two by now, but not even one has appeared.

"With Linux, well, contrary to what you think lots of Linux systems are broken into."

Yeah, right, sure, I believe you. Are you by any chance launching a linux-based anti-virus software product soon?

Windows 7 speculation claims SP1 will land in Q4 2010

Hani Jabr

Customers obviously come first...

So customers obviously come first with MS, hence why they get a service pack after only 14 months.

Customers come last with Apple, hence why the third service pack for snow leopard is expected any day now.

And don't get me started about how much Linux developers must hate their users - users of Linux get fixes immediately.

What a crazy bunch of backward-thinking apologists...

Apple vanishes multi-touch ancestor

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How can so many know so little

The reason why Dvorac is a faster key layout is finger movement. The most common letters are in the middle row. Next most common are clustered around the index fingers. If you can type more words without moving your fingers, you can, logically, type faster.