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OGC cracks one off on with new logo

Paris Hilton

That is surely...

a brand spanking new logo...

Paris for the most obvious reasons...

Oracle trims sales, marketing, and back office staff?


@ AC If you bothered researching...

... you would see that some of the world's largest payrolls, HR systems, procurement systems and much more are run by Oracle software and it's not just sold as a database.

Not everything which is free is better.

Sky mulls PVR software rollback

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Serves them all right for taking Sky up - if the services aren't good enough, just don't go with them! Simple!

Paris, because she let's the lucky 5% mess with her box too.

'Ruggedised, weaponised' raygun modules now on sale

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When was the last time you saw a tank as small as a shed?

This kind of tank is for kicks - I'm sure the military can make them even bigger!!


Paris because she can blow me away anytime.

Royal Society of Chemistry requests 'Italian Job' ending


Argh! Spoilsports!

Now I know how it ends there's just NO point watching it!

*Sigh* Mine's the one with the heavily stuffed pockets hanging to the knees.

Woman cuffed for deleting virtual husband


I'll keep my first life...


What a joke - Shouldn't she be virtually arrested if at all?

Standard security policies in companies over here are that you don't, under any circumstances, share your credentials/passwords.

Idiots, the pair of them. Chuck in the rest of these people who live in a second world instead of just having a non-committal game now and then and you have the new breed of geeks and freaks.


Trainee teachers score F all in maths tests


Re: Mean While on Planet Earth!

Hmm - where to start on this one.

You USED to work in the city on £100,000+ (£100+ - if you were working there maybe). Most likely your mortgage is already paid off or you were renting a swanky apartment close to the Square Mile. Now you earn £0 a year and can go do some worthwhile vocational work for £20K instead.

The £100K+ salaries and unjustifiable bonuses were the problem, so sending these guys back to school for a nice reality-check would be welcomed greatly by those of us who have lost thousands in savings and investments.

If I even get 10% of mine back I'll donate the lot to the Lib Dems if they could somehow pull that off.

@Steve - your literacy fears are confirmed by the comment I've just mentioned. That depresses me more than this media-fuelled recession.

Jacqui Smith trails überdatabase plans


Who foots the brunt of Data Collection and Transfer?

ISPs and Comms companies. Say bye-bye to cheap broadband and mobile calls/texts!!!

This page has been intentionally left blank

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How do...

... mingers get press coverage? At least Jade Goody gives us something to talk about, be it negative, mean. derogatory or otherwise derisory in some fashion.

This Kim lass is boring looking. At least have the decency to include Paris' picture for some balance!

BlackBerry Storm finally blows in

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When? How much? That is one sexy Berry... Can't wait to switch from Orange and run my fingers all over its curvy exterior...

Stick health warnings on gays, says Stock Exchange chaplain


I agree...


Yes, this is inflammatory if taken the wrong way and I think it's a load of crap.

However, I think political correctness has gone too far in this country if someone is derided for exercising their right to free speech. If he had posted anonymously this would never have made the news.

Pathetic. You're giving this guy the exposure he wants.

Wall Street shudders under Lehman collapse

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Share the wealth

Firstly - $70bn from the US Treasury? What a farce - those self-obsessed prats shelled out $711bn dollars on weapons and combat alone - (let's call this "defense".

Perhaps Homeland Security should focus more on the people at home and the political terrorists who are letting this happen around them.

Paris, because if I whispered the right words in her ear could help by giving some of her $1bn inheritance...

Buffalo touts 'first' external SSD



RIP OFF!! The only benefit of this is the ability to run without A/C power. And 100GB is peanuts these days. I'll be impressed when they bring out the 1TB version instead.

Mine's the one with the Ironkey in the pocket

UK punters scowl at webmail ad targeting


Easy Solution

GMail + Firefox + Greasemonkey = No ads from Google (Ever)

If you use a freemail service, how do you expect it to be paid for? Be creative - if you want to avoid TV ads, you turn the channel or ignore them. If you want to avoid web ads, screen them out!

The people who know about this practice and who don't like it have 2 options. Convert to my suggestion above, or stop being stingy and go pay £1.50 a month for a mailbox.

Mine's the one with the logo painted over.

Council clamps down on 'man on the street'


This takes pathetic to a whole new level

I was considering brainstorming some new PC terms but I thought it would be a load of nanny-state labourised bollocks.

There is nothing wrong with suffusing the word 'man' into posts. Should we relabel our species as Hupersons?

Get a grip you overpaid council idiots - get the bums off the streets, help out the broken homes, stop treating fat people like they are diseased and pour money into education instead.

I get really wound up by people nit-picking at what are now considered to be non-pc terms.

Britain is officially* the most PC state in the world and I want to leave.

*I made that up but it feels that way.

Mine's the man-sized one in a manly dark colour.

Virgin Media ADSL punters suffer 2-day email meltdown

Dead Vulture

Does Tucows also provide delivery of comments?


Posted 30 minutes ago

Virgin Media - Regular as clockwork

Posted 20 minutes ago

Is there some censorship going on here? There's only comment when I check the page.

Dell offers glimpse of monster quad-core laptop



I want one of those. When's my remortgage coming through?!?!

MPs lambast BBFC over Batman

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Batty-man makes a stab in the Dark Night

The whole point of a 12A film is to ensure parents are aware that they may need to be the role model their kids deserve.

The BBFC exists to protect young minds from growing up too fast. I'll be damned if actions such as this prevail if only to ensure the impending nanny state is held at bay.

Blame it on the parents; they should check out the movie before allowing kids to see it.

Paris because she would have known better than Iain D.S.

Rebellious BT computers refuse to take orders

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High Speed Field Trials

I have been offered a free 2nd line to trial high-speed broadband for free for 6 months - I was called on Thursday to book a time, then they hung up after telling me the system crashed!!

Apparently the forecast uptime is going to be "sometime before Wednesday. Sir."

Paris I wouldn't mind a high speed route to her 2nd line.

Rogue MP3 Trojan streaks across P2P networks


@ Michael C

Try not to break your arm when you fall a great distance off your horse ;-)

The comparison of the benefits of saving music from streams as opposed to torrents etc is ridiculous and unfounded.

You get those streamed songs for free. The artist doesn't benefit, the wider sharing community don't benefit - if anything you're wasting valuable bandwidth!

As a mad torrent seeder and leecher, I think it's worth noting I buy 5 times the number of DVDs, CDs and vinyls than any of my non-sharing friends would purchase. Seagate also profit greatly from my purchase of NAS stations and external backup systems!

What a daft argument - sharing is caring - vast difference between pirates and sharers!

Mine's the one with built-in earphones and mp3 flash drives...

Seagate ships 1 billionth drive

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Rolls Royce You Can't Fit Into

Not only did I hear a similar story which relates to Moore's Law, but apparently if the cars had reduced in size in a similar fashion to storage devices, your Rolls Royce would be the size of a matchbox.

Spam busters blacklist MessageLabs and chums


Who would this bother? No, really?!

HoTMaiL has got one of the longest freemail shelf-lives of all the freemails I know - but it's got to be the clunkiest and most cumbersome webmail app out there and is slowly but surely being overtaken by the king of freemail, GMail. (http://mashable.com/2007/05/10/gmail-users-are-younger-richer-good-in-bed/).

Hopefully this will spur some of the ad-funded freetards to at least get what they are clicking for, a quality service!

Paris because she could afford to buy an ISP and give us freemail funded by pictures of her wearing not a lot.

Mine's the invisible one with 16 digital cameras sewn in for perv purposes...

AJAX patent threat to giants under the hammer


This makes me MAD!

<rant 2.0>

What a great idea someone once had to go and create a patent for a simple yet transforming data transfer method.

This really pisses me off that instead of taking this into the public domain, some hot-shot corporate twats are instead (probably) going to purchase it and raise claims of infringement.

Soon some idiot is going to patent a colour scheme, or the very 'idea' of CSS, or god forbid, that awful txt language which the under-educated of the western world insist on using in full length emails and web pages.

AJAX, in its very notion, was the next logical step of the web - why even attempt to restrict the surrounding development?

</rant 2.0>

Alcatel unveils stack of sexy-but-budget phones


This is how they make em cheap...

"...has 10MB of user memory and can accept 1MB Micro SD cards."

Hmmm, so I need to carry a selection of cards with me, depending on whether I want to access my phone book or my messages.

Mine's the one with lots and lots and lots of little memory-card sized inside pockets, ta...

Are your staff adequately trained?


From the Department of the Bleedin' Obvious....

"...IT departments operate much more smoothly and efficiently if IT staff are adequately trained."

Couldn't this be spread across the wider community using this basic template?

**XXXXX operate much more smoothly and efficiently if XXXXX are adequately trained**

Buses.... drivers...

Governments.... MPs...

Microsoft... ... scratch that one, never going to run smoothly.

Oz organ recipient changes blood group


@Darren - I'm not a pedant either.

I think you mean 'pedantic', not pedant.

Not that it matters.

Germans send teen tearaway to Siberia

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I'd want more than that...

... presumably the €150 is for the highly qualified German/Russian Translator/Parole Officer who is supervising. Given that you can survive on less than a pound a day with vast quantities of borscht and (the best) vodka, this kid should be thrilled.

No webby access? if that's the IT angle, fair enough, but I'd want triple that amount to live without my access to t'internet for even a couple of weeks.

Sony beams down wireless data transfer


@ Anonymous Coward

You Chump.

Walkman completes Sony conspiracy to hammer iTunes


SE Walkmans

While the "no such thing as an "mp3" format 10 years ago" comment was wholly unresearched, I agree with DBT about the Sony Ericsson Walkman phones.

I've gone through many Sony Walkman products over the years, from tapes to CDs, MDs, HDs and now flash phones. I have the w950i, and while it's a Marmite phone and many will hate it, I personally love it.

With the 8GB W960i on its way (Very sexy, http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=global&lc=en&ver=4001&template=pp1_1_1&zone=pp&lm=pp1&pid=10908) I think iPhone has a real contender. This phone is pure simplicity for transferring and listening to music. I'll be first in the queue!

3 Ireland's broadband stumbles to its knees


Roaming Thieves

The HSDPA offered by Orange in the UK is fantastic, I get 3.2MB/s on a normal day, unlimited usage between 6pm and 8am and all weekend, all that on a reliable service for £5 a month, I kid you not.

Yet when I wander over to Dublin to visit Mum and Dad, the networks are RUBBISH with awful download speeds, and Orange pass on a hefty £1 per MB while I'm there!

Somethings amiss for sure.

Loopy quantums reveal successive universes


Those Nice Equations!

"...some parameters in the equation are complimentary..."

That's just too kind, really. And I always thought science was black and white, but this equation could become quite colourful, emotional almost...

Orange simplifies data by capping at 30MB


Not as infuriated

I've been on to Orange all morning - managed FINALLY to speak to someone in their Data Lab. The Unlimited Evenings and Weekend package has a 1GB fair use allowance (guessing you could exceed this after 1am) but the 30MB cap is imposed to stop the connection being used as a modem. If you want modem usage included, they recommend Access Max (£88.13 a month!).

So now we have 2 caps - 1GB if you use the connection from your phone directly - 30MB if it's used as a modem.

So I'm mildly satiated for now.



I spoke to Retentions not one month ago, who upgraded me to a w950i for free. This is a great phone, but I was sold on it at the prospect of high-speed unlimited downloads on evenings and weekends.

It's well known that "unlimited" means unlimited access. but I was specifically mis-sold this package and I'm not a happy customer - I'm more than willing to sell the phone to buy out of this contract and move to ANY other provider.

Tiscali rained off in marathon email snafu


Pikey Solution

I've been running Mercury Mail on an XP machine using BT Broadband for the past year, and based on the Tiscali debacle, my server has had FAR superior uptime, haha!

It comes as a surprise to me that Tiscali still operate here, their service record is nothing short of appalling.

Virgin Media still claiming no usage limits


The Pedants Are Out Once More...

As it stands, Virgin Media does not cap downloads. At all.

Bandwidth throttling is more to do with saving everybody else's connection than slowing the heavies down. If you had experience of living in the states using SBC, Comcast or Time Warner Cable, you would find that every evening, without fail, your download speeds were throttled back somewhat.

In such a litigious country, claims of "unlimited downloads" would be slaughtered in court were they not true.

For those of you who want constant high speeds AND unlimited downloads, get yourself a leased line - consumer lines have limits simply to save those users who don't abuse the network.