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Intel's latest promise: Our first AI ASIC chips will arrive in 2019


Are even Tesla now better at semiconductors than Intel?

So Intel are promising in future similar TOPS performance close to what Tesla model 3's are driving around with since 2018?

There may be some finer points but basically: Not awesome.

Apple KILLER decloaked? Google lovingly unboxes Nexus 7 Android 4.3 slablette


Re: It only just clicked

Have you checked the increased sales Chromebook devices?

Main reason for the PC slow down is that most people can do most jobs they need on the web now such as Facebook / lightweight games / maps / email / Google docs / watch media. There are not so many people who need horsepower to do S/W development / video & photo editing / hardcore gaming. Previously the circa. 500US$ laptops used nearly exclusively for web browsing were the only choice.

Chromecast: We get our SWEATY PAWS on Google's tiny telly pipe


... and iPhone had less features than Symbian. So what?

It is all about the usability, not the feature count.

BTW at first look the SDK looks mature and flexible, it should be easy to provide more application coverage while keeping great experience.

Would you be seen dead with a shopping computer?


3B$ not plausable...

... unless there is some crazeee anti-Google bias

Particularly if you understand how Google S/W development methodology differs from say the IBM, Microsoft style.

Coders howl over Google's App Engine price hike (natch)


Agree... and

Compute services cost. Is Google's compute service expensive? The point of their API's is to keep computing efficient and thus costs low.

Beta or no Beta, all compute the provider T&C's allow for pricing adjustments.

Lightning strikes cloud: Amazon, MS downed


lovely, some more security theater

... and we couldn't 'float' across to another server farm as you could* on the Cloud

Honestly the cloud availability is far, far better than in-house up time. I can only think that El Reg is haunted by IT bods that feel their cushy number is threatened. Why have one BOFH for 20 servers when you only need one per 2500 servers?

(*data replication permitting)

Think PCs will drop in price? Think again, warns Intel


...but you said

Apparently dual core x86 processors are about to get much cheaper http://www.reghardware.com/2011/05/26/intel_atom_cedar_trail_price_fall/

What's a "PC"? While Intel may keep good margin on server/gaming/workstation rigs, AMD Brazos & Atom will account for a lot of Personal Computing devices in future.

It's el Reg vs. el Reg. Argue!!!

Gov to resellers: Glory bonanza secrecy days are over. For real


It's a one oneupmanship game Gov can't win

Private companies will always recruit and train contract makers / negotiators at a level that Government would find hard to compete with. It's an arms race it pays them to win. Thinking that you can get good terms on a 500 page proposal document that someone else engineered is wishful thinking.

Gov needs another approach. Possibly open protocols and contracting for smaller jobs to provide component parts that fit into the system could promote real competition, controllability and prevent Mega-Projects. e.g. based on http://www.cdisc.org/ could specify "CDISC Datastorage of 200TB" and connect up to separate "CDISC MRI Scanner" purchase, etc

Get out the bar, your plane's leaving


lovely, some more security theater

"For security purposes the RFID tags can check who is going through secure areas, or running, or going against the flow of passengers."

Nope. It will tell you that the ticket has be sitting quietly by the bar, while the tickets owner has gone off to get up to some air-side mischief!

Google waves goodbye to Docs offline function

Dead Vulture

El Reg can't tell time

Is it just me or is "for good" a different duration than 'until feature is implemented in HTML V5'.

Dolt! I was actually worried for a minute there.

Intel joins Nokia in Android attack


N900 OS in doubt?.... 1000's saved

As a unimpressed N800 user this announcement is probably good news - as it will keep people off the Maemo platform. And so spare them the dubious joy's. I'm definitely off to Android.

Inside Microsoft's innovation crisis


I did mean Google specifically...

@Ned: Agree with your point in general, and FYI I still use AltaVista every now and then to get some curve ball "pure indexed" results....

but I meant that Bing in terms of Results and Look & feel is imitating a specifc target.

Dead Vulture

new ideas? #2

As TeeCee points out your examples of MS innovation are pretty crocked

* Silverlight -> Adobe Flex

* WPF -> Mozilla XUL

* And if you read The Register you'll know that Bing is a copy not only of Google http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/06/25/bing_travel_kayak/

9B UD$ catch-up.... oh, and those funky touch tables!

Apple vanishes multi-touch ancestor


Apple iSlate prediction number #8621

I predict that when laid out on a flat surface the iSlate will fire up a pico-projector as screen and the LCD will switch to being a keyboard.

Remember you heard it here first!