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The 15-inch MacBook Air just nails it


Re: Cost as reviewed?

The M3 MacBook Pro 14" has a few additional advantages:

- better "high-fildelity" speakers (same as the M3 Pro one) and "studio-quality" 3-mic array,

- much brighter screen (up to 1600 nits in HDR), which is mini LED with many zones ("XDR") - that is a much bigger difference than the slightly higher resolution.

It's IMHO much closer to a Pro than to an Air.

Not LibreOffice too? Beloved open-source suite latest to fall victim to the curse of Catalina


You do not need to go to System Preferences to launch the app

Right clicking gives you the option to open anyway.

It has for several years now, since the arrival of GateKeeper, been the way to install and launch unsigned apps.

And it worked for libreOffice on my Catalina running Mac seconds ago.

Now it certainly would be much better if a properly notarized app didn't have those issues.

France says 'non merci' to Facebook-backed Libra cryptocurrency


Please get the french flag right. Blue on the left left / Red on the right.

Huawei MateBook Pro X: PC makers look out, the phone guys are here


Re: Cons

"- MacBooks have never had 16:9 screens"

...except for the MacBook Air 11", which had a very 16:9 1366x768 display.

Apple's dark-horse macOS Mojave is out (and it's already pwned)


The pretend hack is fake

He's just running an app called 'BreakMojave" that he created.

If he had previously authorized the app to access the Contacts data, it is very normal that it can!

Launching the app from the Terminal is just a diversion and does not change a thing.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ was 2016's fake news


That's a refreshing article, thanks!



The article is wrong - there is no hard £20 limit for Pay payments

As far as I understand, there is no trace of a £20 limit, there is for example a screenshot with a £75 Topshop bag ready to be paid by Pay on Apple's website.

There seems however to be such a £20 limit in most software used by retailers to handle contactless payments (and Pay) in the UK.

It'd be nice for thereg to check their facts before publishing.

Correcting this would be a start :-)

The late 2014 Apple Mac Mini: The best (and worst) of both worlds


"There’s a problem for users with Firewire peripherals too: Apple has dropped the Firewire 800 port it had placed on the back of the 2012 model. In its place is a second Thunderbolt port".

That "problem" should easily be fixed with 25£, which is the cost of an Apple Thunderbolt-to-Firewire adapter :-)


The enemy of my enemy is my, well, temporary ally: Apple and Microsoft in pact against Google


WRONG: default web search engine for iOS and OS X will still be Google

The Bing change is only for Spotlight, as clearly mentioned in the source article, and as appeared during the WWDC keynote.

I am quite shocked that no one, included the article's author, cared to check that.

Why Flash storage will be fast and furious in 2014


TLC is present in Samsung's SSDs

"TLC flash remains relegated to thumb drives, camera flash cards and the like."

I believe that is not true.

Samsung 840 EVO SSDs (as well as their predecessors 840), use TLC.

Since they are the best value currently on the market for non-pro SSDs, I believe they might have quite a chunk of the consumer SSD market.

(and I would be surprised if the Samsung supplied 1TB SSDs in current MacBook Pros had anything else than TLC)

You DON'T need a new MacBook! Reg man fiddles with Fusion, pimps out vintage Pro


Just zip it! :-)

Note to Bob Dormon:

an easy way to have Mavericks installer still available after Mavericks install is to compress (zip) it.

After the install, unzip the zip and voilà!

This also worked for Lion and Mountain Lion.

HUMANITY STUNNED - Apple Retina iPad Mini arrives. A solemn moment


Loved the second note "**Space is not grey."

Fury as OS X Mavericks users FORCED to sync contact books with iCloud


Re: It's not only iCloud. You can also give your data to Google

I'd be happy to have access to the "Google Play Services" source. Unfortunately, there is nothing open about them. So I have to wonder what idea you have of what is going on with it!

And, you might not have noticed, Google's business is about making money from your personal data (through ads).

Regarding iOS, you do not have to sync your contacts/ calendar data with anything.

But most people want to (and there are may good reasons for that).

I was just using Google as an example. iOS supports contacts/calendar syncing with iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook.com ...as well as ldap and CardDav/CalDAV.


Re: It's not only iCloud. You can also give your data to Google

No you do NOT have to sync your iPhone with iCloud.

The only thing gone with Mavericks is the ability to sync your contacts and calendars with a Mavericks running Mac locally (via USB or WiFi).


It's not only iCloud. You can also give your data to Google

While the move is really annoying (although zero impact to me, I already used iCloud), Apple forces you to sync your contacts with any online service, not only iCloud.

Google is one such service. So you can very well sync your iPhone's contacts with Google.

Which is not half as bad as syncing your whole life with Google, as you do when you sign in on an Android phone :-)

'200 million' fanbois using iOS 7 just a week after release - study


At least get the facts right

Apple published a PR 4 days after the release of iOS 7 that there were 200 million devices running iOS 7.

Presenting 4 days later as "one week later" is not very serious.

Apple: Of course we stalk your EVERY move. iOS 7 has a new map to prove it


Re: Catch 22 - iPhone GPS so useless it only works with wifi augmentation

The crap is the author of this article not making the distinction between:

- location services (which can be turned off globally or by app on iOS)

- the new "help Apple improve maps" setting in iOS 7, only activated if you answer "yes" during iOS 7 setup, and which you can diable in the settings.

All seems very clear and OK with me.

WTF is the fuss in this article and its comments about ???

Google Chromecast: Here's why it's the most important smart TV tech ever


Re: I only regret that I have but one...

I do not see how different it is from the Apple TV.

The one thing seemingly different is that Chromecast handles URLs directly (or answers to commands, as stated in the article).

I believe this is the standard way the Apple TV does it.

For local files (from your computer, iPhone or iPad), since the URL is local, generated with the Bonjour protocol, it seems as if the device its pushing to the Apple TV. I believe it is actually the opposite.

For files on the internet, the Apple TV accesses the URLs directly without going through the other device.

You can see this with the excellent Clicktoflash Safari extension (which, among many other things gives you popup menus to push YouTube or other internet videos to the AppleTV) or with the unsupported Airflick app, which allows you to send a URL to the Apple TV.

And, one other thing, it is possible to "send" content from an iPhone or iPad to an AppleTV and do something else on the iPad.

So, I think Chromecast has its chance, and that its price is a very important part of it, but I cannot see what it can do that I cannot do with my iPad and Apple TV.

Apart from that, I quite agree with the arguments in the article, and I really love my iPad (as well as Safari) with Apple TV as a Smart TV interface. (but I prefer to use the Apple Remote for a lot of things, like movie rentals and TV shows)

And I believe that for this part the Chromecast experience can be excellent too.

However, the article title should be "Apple TV (and now Chromecast) Why it's the most important smart TV tech ever"

The future of cinema and TV: It’s game over for the hi-res hype

Thumb Up

Brilliant article

I finally understood why my home-made 720p60 movies looked higher resolution than my 1080p30 movies.


Firefox alpha dons Flash flak jacket


Safari on 64bit Snow Leopard ...

already has Flash in a separate process, so Flash crash do not impact Safari.

So that makes quite a lot of "elite" testers.

Palm jumps to Verizon with two new phones


Brilliant marketing again from Palm

There is now a Palm Pré Plus.

But only on Verizon.

But I can still buy last year's model at full price to use it on a GSM network.

Yes, last year's non-plus Pré is available on AT&T, and coming to France in a few months!

This is so totally ridiculous !

Will anyone making phones ever duplicate Apple's iPhone+iPod model of "one global hardware", more or less per year ?

Apple misses self-imposed Windows 7 boot camp deadline


WIndows 7 on Boot Camp works

Please check your info before writing.

"Official" support of Windows 7 is missing in Boot Camp and is late indeed.

However, WIndows 7 in Boot Camp works.

It has been possible to install WIndows 7 in Boot Camp before Windows 7 was available at retail.

Boot Camp drivers for Vista work for Windows 7.

There are many reports of people who have been using WIndows 7 in Boot Camp for a long time.

If you want to have some fun, please check Paut Thurrot's "Winsupersite" article about exactly the same topic (is it where El Reg gets its pristine quality info?) here : http://community.winsupersite.com/blogs/paul/archive/2010/01/02/shame-on-apple-for-not-providing-windows-7-drivers-by-now.aspx

Then check his December 4, 2009 article about WIndows 7 on the Mac here: http://www.winsupersite.com/win7/win7_on_mac.asp

This part is particularly fun :

"As of this writing, Apple has yet to ship Windows 7-specific Boot Camp drivers, but the driver versions found on the Snow Leopard Setup disc, which are designed for Windows Vista, will at least work"

Apple to look to software to differentiate multiple iPhone models


iPhone Home Premium edition? Really ?

Does anyone really think Apple would introduce product editions a la MS Vista/Seven?

Software differentiation has advantages, but does not make any sense for Apple in such a form.

Hardware differentiation has drawbacks too, but having 2 or 3 globally available hardware products could make sense if their differentiation does.

Maybe Apple should have thought about hardware differentiation for the iPod(s) ;-)

Europe too cynical for iPhone


Self-made deception

How can anyone say 30 000 French sales in 5 days are disappointing?

This is ridiculous ; what predictions do 30 000 get compared to?

As for German numbers, I have not seen an official numbers yet ...

And for UK, I haven't heard that sales have stopped. So maybe the ElRegSuperSecretAgent allsonecessarilytrue evaluation of less 26K iPhone activations from 10 days ago might be even less true now.

We have at least a quite good panorama of the different ways the human mind can relate to a new and trendy phenomenon ...

Apple lobs $100 credit at iPhone buyers


If Cade Metz writes more articles

.. I think I'll totally keep the Reg.

I just hipe he is not older than 16 ... What an A!!