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The end really is nigh – for 32-bit Windows 10 on new PCs


That's a shame

Just for fun I pulled an old 2007? company supplied HP Compaq NC6400 (32bit T2500) out of the garage and after finding that all the shiny Linux distros are going 64bit stuck a copy of 32 bit Win 10 on it, which is actually usable for day to day tasks.

It runs better with Linux Mint, who are on their last 32bit distro with suppport to 2023 I believe so I'll probably put that back on.

It's a shame because it was like new seldom used and I just put in 4Gb and a 120Gb SSD for £40, damn!

BT suspends shareholder payments as folk forgo pricey sports TV deals for matches that won't happen anyway


Re: Awaiting the whinging

Pensions? A lot of people have a reasonable percentage of their pension in BT or similar shares. We don't all have magic final salary pensions. I'm definitely whinging!!

COVID-19 not blamed for tech outage: We were just being a bit crap, says TeamViewer


Your sums are wrong!

0.365 days by my calculation.

BT's Wi-Fi Disc ads banned because there's no evidence the things work


Works for me

I use the new BT router plus two discs in a three story house and it works well in all rooms. Its an Edwardian House and with only the router there is a poor signal on the first floor and appears to be caused by the sitting room ceiling (not sure why, foil insulation?). The router is in the sitting room, I have a disc in the dining room which is at the bottom of the stairs and one on the first floor landing. I would definitely recommend a mesh system and BT's works for me.

All bought on Ebay as it keeps the monthly cost from BT down.

Have already tried the power line with access points and it was a pain using different SSID's and poor quality 1970s wiring.

Want to own a bit of Concorde? Got £750k burning a hole in your pocket? We have just the thing


RN Olympus

The Royal Navy must have owned hundreds of Olympus engines over the years and the training Oympus was I believe still operational in HMS Sultan until around 2009. They were used in at least the Type 21, 22. 42 and the Invincible class possibly others.

Probably all sold for the scrap value!!

The grand-plus iPhone is the new normal – this is no place for paupers


Re: Apple ecosystem

But I've got an Audi and a Galaxy S9+!

BT customers hit by broadband outage ... again


BT joined up systems

I phoned BT yesterday morning as my phone which has a lot of interference normally had become worse, almost unusable, and I assumed this was causing my broadband problems. After approx. 30mins with the BT call centre from 10:00 to 10:30 ish they agreed to monitor my line. No mention of the actual problem with the service just the usual nonsense master socket check etc.

Do they engineers inform the call centres etc, apparently not!

Android gets larger-than-usual patch bundle as researchers get to work


Re: Android gets larger-than-usual patch bundle

My GS 6 (Vodafone) has an Android security patch level of 1st March 2016.

Global drug-dealing cyber crime web was centred on ... Aberdovey


Re: Therin lies the problem

What, he should get more than a murderer for selling some weed and pills?

Ten Windows tablets


Actually bought Win 8 tabs with my OWN money and like them!

I've actually bought with my own money two Windows 8 tablets. An Asus me400c running Win 8 standard which costs £399, standard Atom tablet with an excellent battery life in excess of 10 hours and 64Gb of storage plus micro SD slot which I use as my couch surfing etc device.

The other is the Acer Iconia W700 i5 128gb running Win 8 pro. Which after my good experience with the Atom tablet I took the plunge and replaced my laptop with it. I did buy a Microsoft Wedge key board and mouse to go with them.

Obviously I'm stupid but I am actually very pleased with these devices.

PS the replaced laptop is a 2011 MacBook Air

Record numbers of you are reading this headline right now



Always an interesting and amusing read only let down by the quality of some of the comments. Even this may get slagged!

Sexy eco-bulb wins Design of the Year



Mediocre design for an already superseded technology.

LED lighting would appear to be the future.

HP MediaSmart Server EX490


To save time!

Why bother it runs windows, I can do it for 50p with a second hand machine and some free crap.

Why bother making it compatible with Apple stuff its too expensive and only used by muppets.

An Iphone, no wonder it doesn't work, its because of the antenna don't you know

Supersonic stealth jumpjet in first hover-system flight test



Build proper carriers and marinise the Typhoon


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