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Want a good Android smartphone without the $1,000+ price tag? Then buy Google's Pixel 3a


so its am iphone 7 with an oled screen, without ios.

why anyone would pay Google 400$ for this thing?

interesting to see that if this was apple, all the shortcomings ("things you dont need" would become a major flaw and the tone of the article would be totally different.

Article no, I meant advertising.

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes


The question everybody forgot

Will anyone here be willing to fly in such planes, even after Boing issue SW updates?

El Reg in email address blunder


I want compensation

I Want an iPhone 4S as compensation.

And don't come to me with GarbageDroids or WindowsPhonie.

The myth of Britain's manufacturing decline

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SO whats the solution?

If productivity is a good thing and you can only be more productive by firing people, it seems to me that the only solution you think will fix the unemployment problem is to kill everyone that don't have a job, because if they are alive not on the service industry already, they will never get another job (as everyone is aiming at higher productivity, be it on manufacturing or the service industry).

So, to keep unemployment levels low you appear to be suggesting that that are no alternatives other then sending people to hell when they're fired. Good solution, unless you loose YOUR job...

Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless



Interesting post, Sarah.

But in fact any sciency fiction movie (or any movie) could trigger such reactions to our reality.

Perhaps you're and most of these bloggers don't experience daily a more cold and hard reality, but comming from an undeveloped country (in my case Brazil), I feel that these bloggers really need to have more contact with the problems that they only see on TV.

You can agree that this is escapism and not dealing with your own problems (and perhaps the problems that affect society in general). I'm just saying that as long as people try to live in fantasy worlds, be them Pandora, Vulcan, Middle Earth no concern for whats really happening exists.

Perhaps this is a big manipulation or product of my imagination. Perhaps keeping things as they are is what moves the world. In the end, these persons reflect our belief that nothing can change, nothing can be done, if only we lived in Pandora....

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This is really only good marketing. Avatar was a success even before launch (no one knew the story then). I remember watching Bones on television before the movie launch and there was a scene were people are painted and dressed like the Navi in front of the movie theater (before the actual movie launch!). So they were saying that it was a cult BEFORE being launched!

This is only VERY VERY GOOD propaganda. It is, sadly, a syntom of the times and how society are really made of IDIOTS that can be so easily manipulated to think that an unreleased movie is already a cult.

In fact, the story is nothing new (exactly what Americans did to Indians on the West or Spanish did to Maias and Incas on Latin America), but just with the SCI FI background added (gentle & inteligent aliens, some beautiful alien women, a crappy and unfounded love story, the bad guy that turns unexplicably good, a bit of ecology).

Nothing really new or interesting.

It is a sign of the times how people can even believe that that are lots of desperate souls crippled by this wonderful story that wanted to die and appear on Pandora. It is scary the level of manipulation we had these days. And how people are eager to fall for that (perhaps because we were made believe that that is so little we can do to change the reality we live in...)

Santa Fe man demands half a mill for being near iPhone


look out for...

Look for "Cancer", you may find some bodies...

Have you done a MRI lately?


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