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US Army trials Iron Man super-trooper exoskeleton

Charlie Oscar

Why a title?

Well sorry if it doesnt live up to your wasteland dreams, but wer are a bit far from micro fusion power packs so BoS/enclave style power armour just isnt possible yet

Grenade because i want a launcher fitted to one of those things

GCHQ: The uncensored story of Britain's most secret intelligence agency

Charlie Oscar

best gues

Best guess is a letter shift of some kind, but with out a starting point its tough to beat

Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life

Charlie Oscar

ah come on

Am i the only person to think of monty python there?

Every microamp was sacred

Every microamp was good

If a microamp gets wasted etc.

Drifting zombiesat could disrupt TV programming

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How do you turn an article about a zombie sat into a reference about 1984? its bad enough that it is spouted every time there is an article about the police, politics or anything with even a minor hint of repression. Just how? seriously.

Corduroy cuffed, banged up for teaching while drunk

Charlie Oscar

Oh come on

Hell I dont think I had a sober art teacher, ever, or if he wasn't drunk he was high

LHC boffins crank beams to 3.5 TeV redline

Charlie Oscar


Thats a large gold brick I think you will find.

Are West Bromwich Borg pliers actually side cutters?

Charlie Oscar

Looks like


look like needle nose to me

Blighty surrenders to Street View

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I got stuck behind one of these, kept two fingers stuck out of the window at it

Street View spymobiles invade CeBIT

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I know Pro Graffiti artists, and they avoid drips like the plauge, on one or two the big blobs maybe, but on everything? No

NASA's Sun-gazing sat grounded

Charlie Oscar

Nearly imax?

From what i can gather, IMax is 10,000 by 7,000

how is having one spec less then half and the second close to half close to IMax's resolution?

or is my maths wrong

California school pulls 'oral sex' dictionary

Charlie Oscar

fart. fiddle fornicate

We only used dictionarys to look up words like this back when I were a lad

Avatar renders this earthly life meaningless

Charlie Oscar

What about

Eccentra Galumbits?

she had three

Avatards rush to name sprogs Pandora

Charlie Oscar

Thats it.

Stop the world i want to get off, both this one and pandora

Why would anyone want to name their kid after a film that looks like a monumental drug trip?

Chavez decries evils of PlayStation

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Am I the only person to see

That he called the consoles games?

"Those games they call 'PlayStation' '

if he is going to bitch about it he should at least learn what they are

False Facebook charge group used to spread malware

Charlie Oscar


yeah this is nothing new,

this kind of spam and i suspect attack have been doing the rounds on every social site, from facebook to habbo