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Ofcom calls for end to 0800 charges on mobiles


Re: GiffGaff

True, but until they can decide what unlimited means and stop using guilt and bully tactics to control how much data you use then I'll stick to 3 where data is all you can eat (30gb this month and no snotty emails from anyone)

As an ex user my consider response to any pro GiffGaff comment would be "eat shit and die"

Nokia caters for kings with golden smartphone


What a waste

If Nokia really wanted to help the world why not create a $10 mobile for the developing world then do what the OLPC fondation did and tell consumers if you donate £100.00 to us we will give you a phone and donate 10 more to people in those countries?

I'm all for spending YOUR money on things YOU want, I don't want to teach the world to sing or anything; but surely a gold phone is just a little distasteful in the current climate? or is that the poitn? "I'm too rich to care" that sort of thing?

In any case as a long time Nokia user (2720 flip phone, my life rules) I think they should work on a legacy that doesn't focus on hopeless consumerism and get back to what they do best, insane battery life and Snake!

Judge mulls 'wasted costs' as ACS:Law cases close

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Bing shies away from gay-as-day search results in Arab countries


Welcome to the real world.

So MS have censored some search results in Arab countries? If companies want to do business in certain parts of the globe they have to play by the rules of the land. This can mean not putting growth hormeones in milk, it can mean not selling tobacco to 16 year olds, and yes it can also mean not allowing certain search terms to pass. Are MS tracking Ip addresses and passing this over the the authorities? are they pushing anti-gay lesbian agendas for the government? no, they are simply removing a handful of pages from the search results page of a search engines.

Put it in perspective, all they are doing is acting in a responsable manner for the market they are selling to. Its why I can't access Russian sites that show images of 12 year olds girls, and its why I can drink a glass of milk with a sense of confidence it won't turn me in to the hulk.

Its just business, nothing personal.


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