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Watchkeeper drones cost taxpayers £1bn


Great waste of money.

Getting ready to attack France or something?

Pro tip: You can log into macOS High Sierra as root with no password


Re: They are busy setting Root passwords...

Oh fcuk...

Apple is going to crapster. First the scam with faulty MBP, then getting rid of the earphone jack. This is the final step to bankrupcy.

Cisco automation code needs manual patch

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Nothing could protect Durex peddler from NotPetya ransomware

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HMS Windows XP: Britain's newest warship running Swiss Cheese OS

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Make sure your Skype is up to date because FYI there's a nasty hole in it

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Ker-ching! NotPetya hackers cash out, demand 100 BTC for master decrypt key


If I would be the sysadmin for a big company, I would have recovered in one day.

That all "virus virus, hackers hackers" crying is just a shithead detector.

All those "affected" companies are a piles of shit with retards for sysadmins.

I salute those NotPetya developers! They did a good job, exposing scammers and cheaters.


Re: initial attack vector

Probably stupid developer had sharing open to the internet. They payload got in, reported back an interesting victim, downloaded other modules and the hackers infected the update.

Dishwasher has directory traversal bug

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'Windows 10 destroyed our data!' Microsoft hauled into US court

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Kaspersky warns of imposter mobile security apps

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China's web giants unite to defuse Windows XP bombshell

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Woman claims she was assaulted in Google Glass 'HATE CRIME'

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Snowden to warn Brits on Xmas telly: Your children will NEVER have privacy


All I heard from that white knight, was... WHITE NOISE!!!

Sounds like an old fart, just bla bla bla, and no facts!

NSA tactics no better than a CYBERCRIME GANG, says infosec'er


Who gives a shit? Let them stupid fanatics boil in their promised land! Don't use crap services from US and nobody will spy on you!

Rubbish broadband drives Scottish people out of the Highlands


Those people are too proud to hire a foreigner with wireless planing skills, and too dumd to do it themselves.

Just keep on blabering about expenses and investments, without any clue how much anything costs, and how its done.

Hackers get 10 MONTHS to pwn victims with 0-days before world+dog finds out


It won't change until people stop being stupid shitheads.

The laws must change. Until those middle age witch searchers will punish hackers - it is easier to fuck things up, than to fix!

I keep fixing vulnerable SOHO routers, but stupid people keep threatning me, writing to the police about me. People are stupid, degenerate shitheads, with down syndrome. Thats is a fact.

Microsoft details latest Windows Phone update


OMG! Copy contact from/to SIMcard? How many updates until it can receive and make calls?

Windows XP support ends two years from now


XP is good, to people who know how to use it. It is faster and more reliable than both Vistas (original and Second edition) together. But morons mistaken a shiny XP CD for a finished product. It is not!

XP installation must be finished with nLite, and by a technician who understands it.

Else - go fuck your ears.

Hacker pwns police cruiser and lives to tell tale



I can configure HVAC, if you mean frequency converters. And I can check if the alarmsystem has a master password. Yes I do check firealarms 1 time a year.

And it doesn't matter who made the purchase. If the admins would care, they would check it, and report such heavy mistakes. A reason to get some moneyback, don't you think?

The problem is that lamersdont care. They lie, simulate and get salary.

IT Angle

Nobody else understands that this is serious?

Imagine what would happen if bankrobbers would know exactly where all the police cars are?

This is serious shit and those assholes who made that possible should be punished. Too much incompetent assholes are getting jobs. And after those assholes people like me must rebuild and repair everything.

P.S. I have "hacked", yes. Know I face criminal charges, just because I WARNED about incompetence and possible industrial espionage. What a great world we live in. I should have copied data and sold to competing companies, not saying anything.

Thumb Down

Those Police "admins" should be sacked.

Without any compensation. And dissallowed to work anywhere in IT ever.

Engineer who sued Cisco arrested for hacking it


Cisco stinksys...

I avoid that scam as much as I can. But many morons fall for that Fiasco systems.

Latvian hack's hack story leads to hack-hacking


Some facts, so you are not mislead.

1st. Why is here this stupid Lattelecom advertising? That great fiber-optics internet is accessible only in urban areas, houses with more that 3floors and 10 flats. And not all of them either. As soon as you need internet couple of meters further down the street - it costs many thousands of lats.

2nd. Leta have their "servers" at their office. They received a warning from me last year. They ignored it. They have expensive managable switches, but everything is in 1 big LAN subnet. Wireless too. With WEP security on their great Linksys craps. And an open socks proxy. And some of those servers were accessible from LAN without a password. Do I need to explain more?

BTW, they pay salary to 2 or 3 "admins".

P.S. Curently the site isn't working.

Brit ISP knocked offline by Latvian DDOS


This is what you get...

... when hiring stupid shitheads.

Hire some latvian admins and some DDOS attack won't be a problem.


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