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Nikon image authentication system cracked

Jan-Erik Finnberg

Holistic security is hard

All-encompassing security is, like, reALLY hard. Like imagine the hardest technical feat you've done successfully. Then multiply that by 10. It's even harder than that.

Pinnacle Video Transfer

Jan-Erik Finnberg

Re: "VHS" and "Judgement's reserved"

Did you try to convert the captured video to MPEG2, burning it on a DVD and watching it on a TV? That's what I was planning on using it, archiving 15-year-old home videos to a digital format. I doubt that even the device's compression and the subsequent recompression to MPEG2 significantly degrades the quality when compard to the VHS original.

And I agree with Vladimir Plouzhnikov about the interlacing. Capture the video faithfully as interlaced and deinterlace it afterwards, if you want progressive video.

IFPI wins Danish block on Pirate Bay

Jan-Erik Finnberg

The local lobbying groups are trying the same in Sweden and Finland

The local lobbying groups are trying the same in Sweden and Finland. Using Denmark as a precedence, of course. Finland already has a blacklist that ISPs use to block child porn (that has been shown to block non-child-porn). It has already been suggested that the same list could be used for blocking online gambling and copyright violations.

Space brains resign over efforts to attract ET attention

Jan-Erik Finnberg

Now there's a sci-fi story

A bunch of advanced alien species desperately trying to not be noticed because each is afraid that if there are other species "out there", they *could* be dangerous.

Nokia slides latest Linux tablet onto market

Jan-Erik Finnberg

It's not a phone and never has been. It's also older than the iPhone.

"This might go some way to answering the question of whether it's more of a phone than a computer."

That's easy to answer: It's not a phone. Never has been. It can make VoIP calls, but so can my PC.

I also don't understand how this is "a direct pop at Apple", since Nokia's 770 internet tablet has been on the market from 2005. This is just the third iteration of the same concept.

DVD Forum gives three-layer, 51GB HD DVD the thumbs up

Jan-Erik Finnberg

"Infinity plus one"

51 GB sound suspiciously like a kid going "Oh yeah, well MY dad's disk has fifty PLUS ONE gigabytes!"

Google Earth mobilised in search for Fossett

Jan-Erik Finnberg

Re: Is it a Plane?

Well, it certainly looks interesting

Here is the coordinates with the Amazon-provided overlay:


Here it is without:


Gear6 satiates hungry apps with 500GB RAM monster

Jan-Erik Finnberg

Re: RAM losing power

I'm pretty sure they have thought of that. It's pretty much RAM's only weakness.

It's easy to add batteries that keep the data safe for a few hours in case of a power outage. And this thing is a cache, I'm sure it writes up-to-date data continuously to the backing non-volatile storage system.

The Revenge of the BlackBerry killers?

Jan-Erik Finnberg

Some comments on E61i

If you are going to close the current application and return to the standby screen, you can just use the call end key. Only if you want to leave the application running, you have to use two keystrokes (push the application menu key twice) to return to the home screen.

You don't have to push the power button to lock the keys. An adaptation of the classic "menu -> asterisk" shortcut can be still used in the standby screen: push the left soft key and immediately push the "chr" key (the white "up" triangle on the blue background) in the lower left corner of the keyboard.

Copying and pasting text uses classic two-handed shotcuts: select text by holding down the shift-key and moving the cursor. Ctrl-c copies, ctrl-x cuts and ctrl-v pastes text. They work in any large text editor field. And you can underline text with ctrl-u, italicize text with ctrl-i and bold text with ctrl-b. These work even when writing SMS, though I doubt that the recipient actually recieves formatted text.

And my final comment is on adding recipients to messages: In the "To" field, just type in the first few characters of a contact's name, push the center key and if there is only one match, the contact is added to the list of recipients. If there are several matches, the phone will present you with a list where you can check boxes to add as many of the matching contacts as you want. To add another contact, just type the first few characters of his name and press the center button again.

Nokia calls Microsoft for DRM software

Jan-Erik Finnberg

Nokia has had DRM for a long time.

Nokia phones have had DRM for a long time. How else do you think those ring tones they advertise on tv have been protected?

But suddenly by adding support for Microsoft DRM, they become evil?

China will head for the moon this year

Jan-Erik Finnberg

That proves nothing

The Chinese showing pictures of the supposed US moon landing site would prove nothing except them being part of the global conspiracy.