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Next smartphone tech? Predator style thermal cameras

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Oil refineries also use these to find gas leaks.

Met lab claims 'biggest breakthrough since Watergate'

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I'm calling BS on this one. With the amount of noise suppression and compression going on in digital recordings, most of the signal is thrown out to begin with. Especially the bits you can't hear. Throw battery operated recorders on top of that and it seems even more preposterous. And then they have on file "deviations once every one and a half seconds for the last five years," which I don't understand. They have some variable recorded every second? That's a pretty long wavelength compared to the 44100 cycles / sec on a CD. They'll have to explain it a little better before anyone accepts this.

Lost iPhone 4G vendor loaner outed

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So what?

Finders keepers, losers weepers?

Spider-Man 4 washed down plughole

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Hehe. That sounds like a GREAT IDEA! I'm sure it'll smash box office records or something.

Star Trek to boldly go (again)

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Beam me up Chekov

In a perfect world, they'd undo the first film with the second. They were stretching even for a sci-fi movie. And the directing, ugh. I actually really liked it the first time I saw it. But when I watched the home version I noticed that the Kobayashi Maru was way better in Wrath of Khan, the inside of the Enterprise resembled a spacious chem plant rather than a submarine / intergalactic spaceship, and the camera was always being jiggled and having flashlights shined into it from the sides for some inexplicable reason.

And what's the deal with the Galaxy Quest style transporter? Even in TNG they couldn't do all the BS they pulled off. I wonder if the writers ever even watched a real episode of Star Trek.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

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Internet vs. phone network

I pay my phone provider and my internet provider about the same amount every month (a bit more for the phone actually), but my internet provider lets me use any device I want on the network and charges a flat amount no matter what services I use on it.

Since I live in a reasonably populated area, if everyone just took the encryption off wifi, the phone network could become redundant... One could only hope.


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