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Nokia on 'brink of failure', warns analyst

John Stalberg

Re: @Barry

It is not as much as what have been sold as what to expect from a more Win centred line up that is expected to come. If Nokia hardware is not the missing piece for a Windows phone then we will have a few phones from Nokia if they are interested in such a small market cap at all when it sinks in? That is what bet on one plattform is about. You'll see how Nokia is going to cut of the other platforms and going Win only. That's certaintly not meant as 'Win' as in winning anything.

John Stalberg

Re: Nokia are doomed, but Elop could have done something

This is the age of the software experts. Both Apple and Google have software development skills no phone company from the past had or have today. The typicall Android phone maker gets the most of the OS for free and yet they have a hartd time to get updates out in a quick fashion. This demonstrates how uncapable they are when it comes around to software.

Apple have a better position here since they certaintly are well suited to develop a system with all the bells and whistles that meet the new level we have today.

Google have their system under control and seems most to be dragged behind by the phone makers a bit. If they would be on par with Apple at all levels all the Android phone makers would push out new updates the day they were released.

Feeling heat from Macs, Microsoft sells PCs sans crapware

John Stalberg

Concurrence, not footprint made EU drive MS to multi browser choice!

"I've yet to see a news story saying that the EU or whatever have made Apple offer a similar choice to all the iSheep who buy their shiny toys..."

I believe you've missed the point why EU interfered with MS practice in the first place. It was due to the 90% - 95% market share - of both the operating system and the web browser market. It was never done to get a slimmer system. It was done to get the extreme situation with WinZilla not hurt the other browser makers. And to the benefit of the users.

In Mac OS X you can chose a web browser. It is essential in any case to have an internet connection if the browser issue arises. With the very same internet connection you would get your favorite browser. You can't get rid of Safari, or perhaps you can by throwing it away, I don't know? The amount of saved disk space would be insignificant so there is very little reason. Today a modern desktop system is typically crammed with software out of which some stuff you never going to use. Consider Safari as belonging to that group and you won't suffer any more than what the apache web server for instance do to you if that was something you wouldn't use.

OS X is already factory trimmed, that was the major thing with the last major release 10.6, and every OS X version from 10.0 to the latest has been not smaller as in GB (except for 10.6 that is) but of better performance. Like the Vista to 7 upgrade, performance wise, 6 times in a row. The bloat issue isn't really an issue on OS X for most users and there are certainly not hurting any browser makers particularly much.

While they are at it, couldn't Microsoft beat the OEM's crap with an attractive price? Or by actively promote the early adopter by some article about how cool them trimmed PC's really are?

I take the opportunity to give Google credit for voluntarily give the Chrome users the initial choice of search engines when during first launch. The know they aren't that far away from being as big on search as Microsoft are on the desktop. How long if ever will it take until Microsoft act in such a way as to demonstrate the same amount of courage and show the users as well as its competitor that kind of respect?

Apple patent foresees ultra-svelte iDevices

John Stalberg

Is it a joke?

If your Patent & Trademark Office approves upon this, something is seriously wrong? It must have been some device in the past that have been used that holds a thicker connector than what was ideal?

That is just a thickening of the device either permanently or by being flexible. It must have been done in a way before that would ruin this patent. It is a matter of finding it. If one think about all the stuff people put together that really not nicely fits together it most be some example out there to show how it has been done.

It can't be of anyones good in the long run to grant companies patent's like this. Where did the rules that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has to follow about what is innovative or unique enough come from? Or rather where did this destructively low level come from? This is what is in everybody's best, according to who?

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

John Stalberg

Chrome is WebKit based, not Mozilla

"They took Firefox's source code and built a browser they're using to try and beat the shit out of Firefox."

They took WebKit, Apples and KDE's source code, also used by Nokia and others, to make a browser and a desktop OS! Mozilla code is not the base here and still have a big contributor in Google without Google using it for more than an alternative for IE. Now Google have made their own alternative and it will be interesting to see if their contribution to Mozilla will change?


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