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Zuckerberg: Yes, Facebook kept Hunter Biden's laptop under wraps


Re: Why do people ignore facts?

Because, being a political fan you can't even admit you made a mistake with your math.

Political nuts will be nuts, and then whine about why nobody pays them any attention.


Re: Why do people ignore facts?

"There is zero evidence of that, except in the fever dreams of idiots like Hannity.

There is 100000000000x more evidence of Trump crimes than Joe Biden crimes"

So, you want to prosecute Trumpf on zero evidence?

Edited because I remembered people usually disconect their brains when it comes to anything political, so please let me remind you what happens when you multiply by zero.

Computer glitches harmed 'nearly 150' patients after Oracle Cerner system go-live


Re: Unknown problems

I guess you are on the spectrum, since your hardware can't detect sarcasm you have to keep in mind that it exists.

Microsoft accidentally turned off hardware requirements for Windows 11


Re: Win 10 is good enough

A few months ago, we upgraded a CAD/CAM suite to the lastest version that requieres Win10, and I asked "Many computers are still in Win7, will it work?" and they answerd "sure, there is a workaround".

Yeah, except that after installing the programs in those computers, printing would stop working, first in one computer, then another, then another,...

And they didn't support Win7, so the only solution was to upgrade to Win10.

And so it will be with Win11, we may loath it all we want, we may say that not having a local account isn't acceptable, but we will have to bend the knee.

I may use Linux exclusively at home and have Linux servers at work, but that CAD/CAM suite is not going to be available for Linux any time soon, or ever really.

VMware customers have watched Broadcom's acquisitions and don't like what they see


Re: Broadcom does do software

"The world as shown in 'A Handmaids Tale' is coming ever closer"

You were doing so well, why did you have to tell us you are a political nut?

Oh, yes, of course, because you are a political nut.

Uber, Meta to reduce hiring as stocks slide


Re: the need to reassure investors

In Uber's case I think the technical term to describe them is 'rubes'

Study: How Amazon uses Echo smart speaker conversations to target ads


Re: Not Just Amazon

Same router IP?

Elon Musk set to buy Twitter in $44b deal, promises stuff


Re: If..

He was?

I mean, if that happened and someone died in the panic, wouldn't he be charged with manslaughter?


Re: Just charge for access

Communists are often outraged when you tell them that fascism is just communism in which the slaves are given a little freedom.

Just a little,mind you.

Elon Musk says he can get $46.5bn to buy Twitter


Thing is his wealth is in his share of his companies and, after the peasants take them over, they wouldn't be worth anything much.


Re: Ah, the beauty of having all the money in the world

Absolutely, that's why no bank went broke in 2007-09.

Growing US chip output an 'expensive exercise in futility', warns TSMC founder


Re: To paraphrase

Those chips factories are very fragile, I am sure the goverment wouldn't allow them to be taken in working shape.


Re: To paraphrase

How many of the recently graduated ones are unemployed?

Five Eyes nations fear wave of Russian attacks against critical infrastructure


Re: I have just one question

You mean, like bricking viasat routers?

Shanghai lockdown: Chinese tech execs warn of supply-chain chaos


Re: Blame the CCP and Winne the Pooh

Nope, communism killed tens of millions of Chinese and kept the rest in misery.

It was capitalism brought by Deng Xiaoping that pulled them out of poverty.

Sure, they keep using communist symbols and keep talking about it but they sure aren't.

Elon Musk won't join Twitter's board after all


What's the point of mining user data if you don't show them ads?


Re: Dodging a bullet

The Onion makes it look so easy it is hard to believe there are people in the world who aren't multibillionares yet.

Elon Musk buys 9.2% of Twitter, sends share price to the Moon


Re: I hope he does take it over

There are normies at twitter?

Biden says Russia exploring revenge cyberattacks


Re: A list of Nutters

Yes, of course they wanted Poland as a buffer zone, that's why they kept their troops on the frontier ready to attack as soon as Germany, France and the UK where too exhausted killing each other to resist them.


Re: "I am going down, I'll take everyone else with me."

That was nothing, the Russians pushed cannibalism in Ukraine in peace time.


Re: A list of Nutters

Somehow in your history lesson you forgot to mention how Germany and Russia started WWII as allies.

So, the Germans betrayed the Russians while Stalin waited for his chance to do the same. That doesn't make Russia any less guilty for the war.


Re: Dear Russia

When Lenin tried to reconquer Poland after WWI, western advisors were saying "all is lost, surrender, there is no other choice"

The Russians where already retreating as fast as they could.

Half of bosses out of touch with reality, study shows


Re: Flexibility

Also less food or you get fat very fast

Execs keep flinging money at us instead of understanding security, moan infosec pros


"We are the department tasked with security and management has been given us more money to take care of it. So if something goes wrong we want to blame the CEO"

Unfortunately, the "lets blame someone else" habit is not exclusive to c-level types.

Billionaires see wealth double during pandemic as tech bros lead the charge


Did they mention that Musk is going to pay something more than 10 billion dollars in taxes next year? Or that those are paper gains, not real money?

It's almost as if Oxfam's article was meant just to create political outrage.

Amazon fined €1.13bn by Italy's antitrust authorities for abusing its power


Re: Out of context

And your full quote is completely out of context with the article.

Again, unless the article is completely wrong, that's not the problem which caused the fine.


Of course not, I just copied and pasted at random


"Where it becomes a problem is that Amazon won’t fulfil orders that are not generated on Amazon’s sales site"

Of course they don't and, according to the article, that's not the reason for the fine.

GitHub CEO forks off: Nat Friedman to quit this month, replacement will report to exec behind .NET Hot Reload fiasco


Re: Not forgetting

Not really worth remembering something that happened before the current owners bought it.

Is that a meteor crashing to Earth? No, it's Chromebook makers coming back to reality


Re: Wot no Wi-Fi?

The part where he says "don't buy it"

Air gaps have been 'shattered’, says new Indian policy on power sector security


Re: Bureaucrats pronounce

"he found a USB stick hung from the ceiling between them on a length of elastic."

The people who have to get the actual job done will find a way to get it done.

And they are not usually willing going to work longer hours they can't afford for "cyber hygiene".

And yes, many disasters stem from that, but then, how many time has someone here boasted about telling the users 'no, you can't do that'.

"Life finds a way"

BOFH: You say goodbye and I say halon


Re: Great murder choice.

Because, obviously, political nuts have to take every change to shit on their enemies.

Three things that have vanished: $3.6bn in Bitcoin, a crypto investment biz, and the two brothers who ran it


Re: $10 million

All that techobabble to end up saying that banks ask for collateral when granting a loan?

Wow! Who would have thought? Thanks for that earth shattering insight.


Re: $10 million

Yes, they laugh at people for asking for a loan, that's why nobody is in debt


Re: $10 million

"If you have vast sums of money, and hold onto it, it means that money is taken out of the economy"

If you keep it in a coffer at home, maybe.

If you keep it at a bank, nope, the bank will loan it to their customers.

Actually, they can loan about 50 times as much, it varies depending on the country.


He recently died in prision, he had been there since 2009.

Dell bigwig: Expect another 6 months of supply woes. Oh, hello Windows 11


"a collection of kit that's now two years old"

So? That's pretty good kit.

The killing of CentOS Linux: 'The CentOS board doesn't get to decide what Red Hat engineering teams do'


Re: Centos was happily independent until 2014

"happily" as in they could hardly cope with all the thankless work

FBI confirms Zodiac Killer's 340 cipher solved by trio of amateur math and software codebreakers


Because, obviously, political nuts will be nuts.

Tablets and Chromebooks are hot, towers and desktops are not: El Reg combs through Q3 PC numbers


Re: Who NEEDS a desktop?

It's trivial for us, but I don't think we are such a big percentage of the market

LibreOffice community protests at promotion of paid-for editions, board says: 'LibreOffice will always be free software'


Re: "the far the most successful and profitable Linux distribution to date."

Yes, Red Hat was about to go under, that's why IBM paid 34,000 millions to buy it.

While eyes are fixed on Apple announcements, Microsoft's streaming service Mixer goes the way of the Windows Phone


Re: Facebook Really

MS bought a chunk of Facebook back when it still was a private company

Red Hat’s new CEO on surviving inside Big Blue: 'We don’t participate in IBM's culture. It’s that simple'



On the other hand IBM has imported Red Hat's CEO, Jim Whitehurst, as president of IBM

Already in final beta? That's Madagascar: Ubuntu 20.04 'Focal Fossa' gets updated desktop, ZFS support


Are you seriously trying to argue that English spelling and pronunciation is consistent?

Amazon staffer based just a stone's throw away from Seattle HQ tests positive for COVID-19 coronavirus


Re: Doesn't check out

I know but I still get the shot every year, that way I get the flu every three or four years instead of every year.

Even when it's mild it is still worth avoiding.


Re: Doesn't check out

Any 'savings' will be offset by the cost of caring for the people that get sick, whether they recover or not.

And that's not even counting all the economic damage being done.

So, don't start spending the savings just yet.

Steve Jobs, executives shot down top Apple engineers' plea to design their own server CPU – latest twist in legal battle over chip upstart Nuvia


Re: Foot meet gun, gun meet foot

Indeed, why would they care if some of the best people they have to make custom ARM chips for their products leave?

It's probably just a way to scare other companies from poaching Apple employees.

Judge Vulcan-nerve pinches JEDI deal after Amazon forks out $42m to pause Microsoft's military machinations


Re: Billionaire white men argue...

Like Microsoft's CEO?

Not call, dude: UK govt says guaranteed surcharge-free EU roaming will end after Brexit transition period. Brits left at the mercy of networks


Re: Enjoy your self-inflicted wound Brits!

Because they USA didn't give up when the germans bombed Pearl Habor

Indie VPN WireGuard gets the Torvalds seal of approval with inclusion in Linux kernel 5.6


Re: VPN subversion

Or, more likely, they are using VPNs to watch Netflix or Disney+ from places where they are not available.



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