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Every SECOND there are EIGHT more Seagate drives in the world


This is a joke right?

as a tech in a small compuiter shop. i see more failed seagate drive then all the other drive combined. Most of the junk computer maker (Acer, gateway, emachine, Dell...) use seagate drive in their sub 500$ tower/notebook.... and 1 month after the warranty expire, the drive expire.....

Latest Java patch is not enough, warns US gov: Axe plugins NOW



Will we see then end of one of the most inefficient and bloated software ever?


This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF


Some Simple facts


2. it should be sued for it's total market value just for trying to patent a PLANT PART

3. If you own or use a Apple product you are part of the problem

4. If you 3 is a p[ositive, then you are a grade a IDIOT

Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes


i never

so much bull in on article in my life. Companies should be forced to pay taxes on every product that end up in a country. price should be made uniform by LAW (every single human on the planet pay the same price no matter where he live). Companies guilty of trying to avoid taxes should be instantly shutdown planet wide. Any company breaking the rule for any reason is instantly shutdown and it's owner executed on the spot. this is how you get greedy corporate inline.

ho wait....... tie mean every oil company in the world is doomed.

Pirate cops bust LITTLE GIRL, take her Winnie-the-Pooh laptop


Re: The Evidence Room

time for FINISH revolution.

Apple granted patent for ebook page-turning


100% broken

the patent office is 100% corrupted and broken, all those involved in issuing this ridiculous patent should be jailed (at hard labor) for at least 25 years and apple should be fined Multi billions (lie 10 to 20 billions) just for trying.

I lost all respect for the patent office and for Apple. book a crook that need to be stopped at all cost. HEAD NEED TO ROLLS (LITERALY)

Walmart workers filmed playing iPad frisbee



Wall-Mart sure have a way to know every single that was in that room at that money. and those idiots should be forced to pay for every single thing broken + a nice 15 to 20 years in jail is in order.......

Microsoft shoots Windows Live Messenger, brings in Skype IM


Only Microsoft

it stupid enough to kill it's more popular product.

US Copyright Office approves phone jailbreaking and video remixes


Make the processs simple....

make it illegal to lock a phone in the first place with fine in the billions for companies (I am looking at Apple right now) who refuse to comply and try to fight in court.

FTC offers $50,000 bounty for robocall-killing tech


Re: lax enforcement?

NO fines.... EXECUTION.

Free games for all after EA discount code goes viral


a bunch of old 20$ games?

Here is a chance for EA for great PR. by letting peoples keep the games. For a company with such a bad reputation, you just buy that kind of PR. plus it get a lot of peoples to install Origin, witch seem to be one of the most hated software/DRM Scam ever.

Beside it's not the first time they gave away free (older) game. because I bough a game once from them, I got a free (older) game of my choice on their anniversary.

Crazed Microsoft robot accuses BBC kids' channel of Win8 piracy


Simple no

URL should be REQUIRED BY LAW to be verified by HUMANS and fellow the proper court and police channels....... automated banning bot should be outlaw PERIOD. MS should be fined at least 1 billions for damage.

Virus lab blogger collared by blundering copyright cop bot


What's not illegal in every aspect of LeakID business?

Invasion of another country

Illegal Breaking and entering

Bybass a complete justice system to get instant punishment for something that IS NOT A CRIME

USA illegal interferance in a fogeign country




better solution

Physicly Destroyed all of the MPAA/RIAA asset (and all internartion branches) and jail for life everyone who ever worked or provided any service to them.

The MPAA/RIAA is the ENEMY of envery single human on this planet.


Re: Correct me if I am wrong, please

The Bot as not legal ground (or authority of any kind) and shouuld not be by regonise as a valid entity by anyone PERIOD.

Thomson joins vid-streamers' rush for MPEG-DASH



Since (because of their very nature) DRM is ILLEGAL (in most country) to start with, DASH IS DOA. DRM does not work, ENCOURAGE PIRACY, add to the cost of what ever it is infecting and does NOT the PUBLIC INTEREST in any way

Apple land-grabs iThingy feature management patent



This is one feature that will cost Apple a lot of customers.... maybe they decided it is time to kill the iphone?

You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study


a random list

of ip/mac address is not proof of anything.


Destroy the RIAA/MPAA

and the problem is solved. As piracy was created, promoted and activly encouraged by content owners via DRM. make all form of DRM illegal, REGULATE DOWN the price of content and pouf...... piracy is gone.


you can't commit

a crime (according to the MPAA/RIAA ONLY) to prove a crime. i think The Pirate Bay is actually used as a research/marketing engine. you cannot know if your movie/game is popular just by sale only. Plus, event when pIracy "hurt" you (crisys), if the product is good, i can bet that a lot of peoples who "used alternate distribution chnels" to get Crysis 1, have paid for Crysis 2 and even more poeples will pay for Cysis 3.

Piracy is actually more effective then a demo. As for movies.... well, if it's a flop, you glad your torrent it, if it's not, it;s worth the purchase of the Bluray. Beside, with 2 billions+ in profit, do you think piracy drive down the sale of Avatar?

If i say the Pirate Bay is controlled by the MPAA/RIAA, i whould not be far from the true. That is why it is still up. it is a extremly valuable marketing tool.

PS: a chunk of garble date is no prove of sharing. if they want to nail you for seeding, they need to get the whole thing from your IP.

Cambodia set to boot out Pirate Bay co-founder




Bruce Willis didn't Buy Hard: His girls can't inherit his iTunes


Sue Apple

to the point of bankrupt PERIOD. What apple do is ILLEGAL ALL OVER THE WORLD. no amont of bribe from the MPAA/RIAA can change that. if i have a fews 1000's song in my itune collection, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO GIVE IT TO MY CHILDRENS (OR EVEN SELL IT TO WHOEVER I WANT) as long as i don't retain a copy.

Apple need to go down on this (but hey, people, sheeple, Sony commited crimes on a global scale with it's rootkit virus and they still in business).

Never EVER buy any enterteiment that you can;t remove the DRM virus from. TPB and other sources offert a far better product with NO ILLEGAL RESTRICTION at a price that Apple just can't match.

Customers dumping Samsung phones in wake of Apple suit


Re: Other Side!

Apple bough the judgement. Apple cannot compete on any levels. so i need to PREVENT competition in order to sell his junk.

Court confirms $675,000 fine for sharing 30 songs



MUST be destroyed at all cost and those behind this extremly dangerous international criminal organisation must be executed PUBLUCLY in the most painfull way possible......

The RIAA is the enemy of every single human on this planet and this verdict proves that the USA justice system is broken beoynd repair and the 2 judge involved need to have hits put on them..... they are low level scumbag.


Re: Yo, Freetards: Reality Check

how about charging Sony a fews BILLIONS for abuse of the justice system


Re: Grad student gets education

There is no proof of any kind. the RIAA is a CRIMINAL organisation no one can trust anything they say, a log, a list of RANDOM IP address, the easiest thing in to world to manipulate or create from thin air.

The RIAA just destroyed the life of another innocent person. that is why the RIAA must be destroyed AT ALL COST.



the MPAA/RIAA own the USA justice system and USA judges is the easiest thing to buy these day.

AT&T defends FaceTime price gouge


any idiot

still doing business with the COURT PROVEN whorst cell phone service on the entire planet, deserver it.

China could penetrate US with new huge missile


Declaration of War!

This is a declaration of War from China. a total embargo on China should be instantly put in place. every single chinese peoples sould be immediatly deported back to china. all china asset arround the word should be freezed. a pre-emptive strike on all of china/NK millitary installation (especialy nuclear onea) should be done immediatly.

This is how you solve problems: with ACTiON, not talk. China is a ENEMY country. no amont of cheap labor will chnage that,

Password hints easily snaffled from Windows PCs


Once physical access is granted

you're toast....... as MS own rescue CD contain a locksmith app. no need to password hint.... just reset it..... take longer to boot from the CD then to unlock the password

Ubisoft: 'Vast majority of PC gamers are PIRATES'


DRM fault's

Eliminate DRM, Reduce the price of game to that of movies et voila Piracy reduce to mere anoyance. Plus, piracy on the Xboxe 360 and wii (and now PS3) is also very hight. Ubi make greate game, reduce the price by 75% et you will get people to buy them again. it is as simple as that. sute the game is worth 50 or 60, but selling 20$ will result in so much more sale that it will result in more profit and a lot less piracy.

There is a lot of game that i tryied (and event finished) before i buy...... but there is a huge pile that i try before i buy and never finished and never buy....who want to pay for a flop

Anti-gay Uganda's premier backs pride march in protest hack


Re: Uganada and born agains

BAN RELIGION, worldwide and it's pretty much peace on earth


List of thing to ban


Result: peace on earth.

Google to skew search results to punish PIRATES


once again

The enemy of menkind: MPAA/RIAA has struck again. Google is no longer a search engine. it is now only a puppet in the hands of two of the most dangerous terrorist in the know universe: MPAA/RIAA.

RIP GOOGLE. i will never use you again. Actually google need to be shutdown right NOW for illegally manipulating search result.

Windows 8: Download it, then speak YOUR brains


100% pure Weapon Grade Balonium. This is MS downfall..... combine millenium + vista and sprinkle windows 95 window style and you get a T@rd that can't be polish. yes i have tried it..... and evenff or free, i don't want it. (i am not alone. the second it was avaible i was able to d/L at fulll speed from technet, neaming very low trafic)

Windows 8: Microsoft's tablet-desktop still painful to swallow


Childish and totaly useless

and whole hour, that about how long i can stand this blan, un ispired, mess of a OS.... windows 8 will might just be the major failure that will take microsoft down, unless they remove the default Metro UI, give back that start menu and give some bling to the interface.......

WIndows 8 is a unfinish mess that will NEVER take off......

SurfTheChannel Brit movie pirate gets 4 YEARS' PORRIDGE


how much

Did it cost the MPAA to BUY this verdict? this is just another reason to physicly attack and completly destroy the MPAA (and all international equivalant). Every who is related to the MPAA in any way MUST BE EXECUTED on the spot for crimes agains humanity.

Can YOU crack the Gauss uber-virus encryption?


It's great for now

The Super Virus is infected our super enemies. Even if the encryption is broken. let it ride for now.......

Copyright bot boots NASA rover vid off YouTube


Illegal by Definition

So a Bot (controled by google) is illegally removing video (punishing EVERYONE who watch yout tube) whitout any kind of justice action? complain from the (c) holder to the police, then the police prossessing it in order of importance for the public safety.

The MPAA/RIAA really must be destroyed at all cost and by all means, they are the most dangerous criminals in the universe. they make any terrorist anywhere in thr world look like a kindergarden.

Big biz 'struggling' to dump Windows XP


Dinosaurs companies

That relies on code and software older then 5 years... should be FINED, Exposed to the public and boycotted.

It's called been cheap

Mac malware Crisis as Apple lets slip its Mountain Lion


Re: A worrying development

In Apple's Case if more like: What Security? CrapOS is a insecure as any version of windows....... why go for 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of users?

US defence biz fined for busting China arms embargo


how about a trillion dollards fine? instead of a slap on the hand?


It;s call high treason and all those involved need to be EXECUTED NOW.

Ofcom: Here come the UK online copyright rules ... in 2015. Maybe


(C) should last 1 year MAX. Movie ticker should be topped @ 5$, Movie Theater Food price should not be higher then street restaurants. DVD/Blueray MAX 5$, Music CD 5$, Games 10$ (new release). REFUND (by law). Shutdown the MPAA/RIAA (and all local brench arround the world) and jail for life anyone who ever worked/been a member.

Here you go piracy problem SOLVED.

Apple's Retina Macs: A little too elite?


um, then what's the point

Retina Displaye (lousy marking name). runnning at HALF the resolution?

BSkyB blocks The Pirate Bay for millions of Brits


time for a civil war

This is illegal cencoring of the internet. (beside Piratebay is a perfectly LEGAL SITE). This to stop buying anything that contain DRM of any kind. Protest need to be organize and the Olympic need to be disturbed and trashed to the point that they wll have to cancel them.... or restore access to the Pirate Bay.

Virgin Media flushes pipes clogged by piles of Spotify fans


This is what happen

When you let iSP "ILLEGALLY" Throttle traffic. a fine of one or two billions and a court order to remove all illegal traffic shaping shoftware and to increase capacity instead will be a exemple for countries arround the world (ESPECIALY USA AND CANADA) to fellow.


Re: DRM and a noisy Net

If you intruduce skipping and others unpleasant artefact in every song..... they don;t need DRM.

Ten... Star Wars videogame classics


Remake needed

they need to remake X-wing. it is the best star wars game EVERY MADE PERIOD. not other game come event close.

Iran threatens to chuck sueball at Google over missing gulf



The illegitimate country. threatning everyone with war? the country who secretly (wll not so secret) try to produce weapon(s) of mass destruction? the country ruled by religion, where every human (pass, present and futur) are been squash every day?

you the world will take them seriously.....