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LulzSec sneak Sabu buys six more months of freedom


Re: One wonders if "three hots & a cot" won't look like a good thing ...

I would imagine you don't have kids. Three hots & a cot doesn't mean anything if you can't see your kids.

Not to mention, he has made the careers of a number of government employees. There is a good chance he will find a place thanks to them.

Retina MacBook Pro nukes Apple's green credentials



The rating is based on the entire life of the product. If it can't be disassembled then it can't be recycled. Dumping a laptop in a landfill because you can't seperate the battery from the frame makes it pretty damn un-"green".

In the red corner: TV star and prof in Beijing blogger brawl


Re: Good for Zhou!

Yeah, he got hit. She goes to jail. Good for her! I think she is getting the short end of this one.

DARPA aiming for Mach-20 hypersonic rocketplane 'by 2016'


Re: Didn't we do this already?

You're missing the fact that the shuttle and X-37B do so by exiting the atmosphere, the same as an ICBM. I believe the intent here is to create a device that does so by not leaving the atmosphere. Achieving this feat while remaining in the atmosphere is considerably more difficult.

BA staff to google for snaps, dirt on biz-class passengers


Re: Fake profiles?

Wrong. They will be keeping some publicly available information that they find on the internet to identify Business class passengers. In other words, they are trying to make sure the Business class passengers receive more personalized customer service since they (or their companies) are paying gobs of money.

How I read this is that they will be able to look up a photo or other information in order to try to improve your flying experience by not asking silly questions. Many of these people probably spend a lot of time in BA seats and wouldn't mind not receiving the same questions repeatedly. I don't think there will be nearly as much trouble with this as many seem to expect. They are going to keep a list of preferences and basic information that is primarily culled from the internet.

DNSchanger shutdown may kick 300,000 offline on Monday


It isn't that hard to see why they haven't redirected users

There are two glaring reasons that they haven't redirected users.

1. The users would ignore the messages. Users have finally started to listen (at least some) when we tell them not to believe a pop-up or email. You really want us to have to tell them that this time it is real?

2. The legalities of hijacking a user's traffic are pretty clear in that it is illegal. Just acting as a proxy required a court order.

In the end, just cutting the existing computers off fulfills everything that all the suggestions above look to achieve with the major plus of less legal wrangling and red tape.

Use iBooks Author, only Apple can ever publish the result


It would only be like that if Adobe provided all of the software needed for free.

Apple is a publicly traded corporation whose investors expect growth and profit. They are not a charitable organization and never have been. The chances are that most textbooks will already be in a publish-ready format and will simply be pasted and tweaked into iBooks.

I don't particularly love Apple, but this step isn't particularly surprising given their history of wanting to control content and profit from it.

Facebook security profiling doesn't like African log-ins

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This may be the dumbest article on The Reg ever...

A person mis-using a service has problems with the service? Primarily because the service which has been previously criticized for inadequate security uses a basic security measure that is in wide use and we're supposed to be outraged?

I really don't get it. Unless someone finally put the monkeys with typewriters theory to the test.

Robot air fleet can launch mid-air from cargo plane's ramp


Reading comprehension really is a lost art

Read the article. It says that the development here is the "birdcage launcher" not the decoys. It allows a much larger number of decoys to be deployed by a single C130 than a group of B52s.

Cobalt-barrel machine guns could fire full auto Hollywood style


The thousands of rounds being shot won't give the position away?

If they can see the glowing barrel, they'll be able to see the thousands of rounds firing out of it well before that. A machine gunner's position is usually pretty obvious.

Steve Jobs unveils 30% subs model for ... everything



Do you think most magazine stands get a 30% profit of the cover price?

Apple seeks touchscreen display mouse patent


Already exists, and they are better

I know Razer makes a mouse with a keypad on the left "side" of the mouse. It is hardware buttons so you don't have to look down too. You hit the buttons with your thumb instead of having to move your entire hand to see a screeen. What use is a display that changes context but you have to interrupt the flow of using the computer to pull your hand up and refocus on a tiny screen? Not to mention the wear and tear on a touch screen that has a palm resting on it for many, many hours a day.

Body of murdered cyberwar expert found in landfill


This has been ALL over the news here

No media blackout here in Philadelphia (not far from where this happened). It has been a part of every newscast for days.

Vonage offers free 3G calls for iPhone, Droid Facebookers


Bandwidth isn't always the issue

Latency is a bigger issue most of the time than bandwidth.

Wiseguys net $25m in ticket scalping racket


Ticket Scalping

Ticket scalping is actually against the law in most states in the U.S. Taking a event ticket and selling it for a profit as a third-party is a no-no.

Should it be? Meh, I don't care enough to concern myself.

Microsoft hit with cash-for-Points lawsuit


The PS3 has free DLC?

Wow, I didn't know that Sony offered all DLC for free on the PS3! WOW!

Motorola Milestone more pricey to make than Nexus One


Hardware cost isn't the only expense...

The production and overhead costs are probably at least 2x the cost of hardware. And then the companies are expected to make a profit as well...

Endeavour stays toasty in Florida chill


The cold...

I assume the shuttle is fine in cold, however the rockets/pad/structure are not because of contraction/expansion/etc.

Freed Peter Moore will be 'paid in full' for time as Iraq hostage


Bodyguards are probably contractors

Bodyguards are probably employed by protection companies (such as Blackwater). Not that they shouldn't get good insurance and compensation, but it is probably up to the security company.

It doesn't matter where he gets paid from, it is still good to see someone get paid for such a terrible experience. Minor comfort to him right now, but hopefully it will help him out to get back into society.