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AMD spills secret to World Record clock speed


Not really an expert in cryogenics are you. He3 does boil at 2.7k or so, but you can get down below 1.5k with He4 just by pumping on it. In low pressure liquids evaporate at lower temps. Using the same trick with He3 gets you below 0.3k. So with a simple tweak to their apparatus they could go from 4K to ~ 1K which is a huge reduction in thermal energy. I'd be curious to see how much better they could do at 1K. It may not help much or it may help a lot. Also at 1K Al is likely a superconductor ( Bulk Tc is ~ 1.2K) so if they are using AL in packaging they could have some interesting behavior.

Intel keeps heat on AMD with Tri-Gate transistors


What does the 2-3% cost increase refer to.

Does this statement mean 2-3% more per wafer than a 22nm planar architecture or 2-3% more than Intel's 32nm process? I am betting the former as I am pretty sure they had to add another metal layer or 3.

I still do not understand Intel's mobile 'strategy.' I really think they need to try harder to make an impact there. Their Atoms will likely be the last chip to transition from 32 to 22nm and will have to compete with TSMC/Samsung's 28 or 20nm fabbed ARM chips which already own the mobile market and will be running Windows 8 at that point which until now has been Intel's only advantage.

iPads may be outselling Macs two to one


Laptops are only toys today

I suspect more and more people will move away from laptops due to their horrible screens. Most ship with low res 16:9 screens that can display much more than an application's menus. What is the point of a computer you can't really do any work on? There is none, well none beyond what a cheap tablet can provide.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’


how about some real hurt?

I would like to see the trend of ridiculously expensive unlocked phones translate into discounted voice/data plans from at least one brave provider. Seriously if these price gouging a_holes "subsidize" phones by requiring a 2 or 3 year commitment, there has to be a good bit of profit to be made by offering a plan alone for a discount.


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