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UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election


Have no problem with this at al IF . . . .

Cant see any problem with this as long as everyone who votes for this in parliament also agree to open their comunications to anyone who wants to look, they can have the ability to block secret government comms etc but that needs to be agrred first by a citizen council of those opposed to the law.

Otherwise they can go and stick their law where the sun don't shine.

These people really need to be told that a back door will be broken into by the bad guys and their data etc will also be available to all so vote for this and start following the law and dump the lovers etc . . .

What a time to be alive: drone pooper-scoopers are a thing now


useless . . . . .

A dalek used to be defeated by stairs . Now we have poo robots that will be defeated by grass longer than an inch . . . .

My dog likes longer grass to go in, the drones wouldnt be able to approach the treasure let alone gather it up.

No a heavy duty laser is the only way, it can dry and burn the product in one go.

Three to lawyer up unless Ofcom intervenes in spectrum market


Someone tell me why

As we are going through with Brexit, like it or not, why cant the government and Ofcom just say this no longer involves the EU and Three can now buy O2 if both sides still want that.

It would solve a lot of problems for the 2 smallest as far as spectrum is concerned plus help coverage for all their customers.

Zuck off: Facebook's big kahuna sues Hawaiians to kick 'em off their land

Big Brother


Years ago the USA steal the islands from their rightful owners (the natives) by force (The USA military) and take most of the land etc for themselves forcing the natives to recognize them as the new government. Now along comes another American doing the same sort of thing (A land grab).

And people wonder why so many of the native population are pushing for the USA to hand back their country to them.

Makes me want to start a FB campaign against him . . . . If only I used it . . . . .

Wow. What a shock. The FBI will get its bonus hacking powers after all


This is all such a waste of everyone's time.

just ask Trump for the address of the 400 pounder who's doing all the hacking and you won't need these powers after all.

China gets mad at Donald Trump, threatens to ruin Apple


Re: Trade War

2 things

First Libtards is a word that labels you as someone who reads Drudge and Breitbart and believes it so will be ignored by most.

Secondly after the war Germany and Japan had their industry rebuilt with money from the countries that beat them. Who is going to pay for the US to rebuild ? they have to service their debt first or the rest of the world wont sale them the machines and tools they would need to stock the factories they would also have to build, and guess what they would have deported most of the cheap skilled builders back to Mexico.

Google's brand new OS could replace Android

Thumb Up

Re using appsfrom Android.

I don't see the problem, Google are already sorting the ability to only load as much of an app as need to view what you want. So if you have a link it just loads part of the app.

Add to that API's being sorted to work with either OS (As they are already doing with android apps on ChromeOS) and I don't see a problem.

If they came out with an OS that was more secure than Android, ran all the apps and had other added features plus fast updates I would buy it tomorrow.

Adblock Plus blocks Facebook block of Adblock Plus block of Facebook block of Adblock Plus block of Facebook ads


Theres only one reason to have a facebook account

So you can feel smug ignoring it . . . .

Three posts lacklustre results, angrily mutters over O2 merger rejection



Ready for down votes . . .

People getting angry because a business (not a charity) decided that they were going to stop some old plans and cancel the contract of anyone still on them (And yes it was when you no longer had a contract with them). Wow how dare they protect their business.

You then have 2 choices take out a new three contract for more money but still unlimited data with now a possible 30gb hotspot limit or go to another supplier and try to get something for as good a price. Oh look no-one does unlimited data any more do they.

So its your choice, pay the price or move elsewhere and get less possibly for more money.

I drive all over the country on holiday and only rarely have no signal for non stop streaming of music from Google Play.....

Windows 10: Happy with Anniversary Update?


Cant turn off Cortana without lose of search ? ? ?

Well that's it my windows machine is now no longer going to connect to the net and I will use my ChromeOS or Android kit only.

MS I don't want your annoying AI or any other one adding another layer of possible security issues. I want to turn the thing off and not report to your servers thank you very much.

It bad enough with Google but MS are taking it even further, the NSA must be drooling over the data they can access.

Remix chomps Marshmallow, updates its Android for PCs


Re: People . . . .

Really so neither Apple or MS have browsers then ?

Thats the way most people do most of their internet stuff...


People . . . .

Why do so many go on about the horror of Google grabbing data from you and fail to mention at the same time that MS do so at least as much with Windows 10 if not more so and even Apple does it. . .

They then happily install an OS from a company in China and don't seem to worry about the potential risks that runs or install ROM's on their phones with no idea if it is reporting back more than Google ever did.

As for myself I don't have any problem with Google doing what they do or I would use their services which have freed me from MS completely. They can bore themselves as much as they like looking at my browser history of my searching ideas for my next holiday etc.

I have an Android phone and a chromebook plus chromebox to run my online life and the speed of starting and stopping OS without waiting for another update plus the massive drop in possible virus etc attacks are great.

After nearly a year of mainly then completely being Google based I have not missed windows and its programs once and have gained hours of my life back not waiting for windows to start.

What's losing steam at Apple? Pretty much everything


A friends upgrade path

Was happy with the 4S her first smartphone till the 5 came out and bought it for a bigger screen

Stayed with it then upgraded to a 6 plus.


No other reason, no other extra built in stuff was a reason.

Has stated that will stay with the 6 plus till it dies now as can't see anything Apple can do to improve it for non techies.

She has also changed her ipad 2 to a Samsung, it saved her a fortune and did more than an Apple tablet could.

I think this is more common than Apple want to think it is and could see them loosing even more market share and overall shares unless they come up with something really game changing.

Top EU data cop slams Safe Harbor replacement as inadequate


Or . . . .

Just require that instead of the data going abroad the servers etc must be in the EU, programs could be run from outside but must happen with EU teritory.

I am sure between then MS, Amazon and Google could all come up with ways for this to be done.

Earth's core is younger than its crust surface


Please; they are overcomplicating it.....

When they switch on the LHC it created a micro black hole as was feared by many of us and sank to the centre of the earth.

Only those of us with tin foil hats are save from these ageing rays flying round.

EU vetoes O2 and Three merger: Hutchison mulls legal challenge


Re: Fud!!!

Not that I noticed, I am paying the same as I did a year ago and my tethering allowance has gone from 2GB up to the current 30GB allowance (latest allowance) with a simple online chat request.


Re: It's a cartel anyway ......

That's right, they all offer true unlimited downloads on the best plans just like Three do....

Oh wait a minute, no they don't, the nearest is BT Mobile that offers unlited WiFi with their SIM plans.

Its one of the reasons I am with three, no need for home broadband or landline.


Re: Fud!!!

How can a five year price freeze = higher bills ? ? ?


WTF are they on ?

How could a five year price freeze and billions spent on infrastructure not safeguard customers against price rises and improved service.

I want to know the real reason this was blocked not the nonsense they have given. As a customer 5 years with no price rise, bigger coverage and shared coverage with O2 would have been nothing but wins.

Seriously does anyone out there think it makes a bit of difference to Vodafone and EE re their prices when compared to 2 smaller networks, if the comparison was with a big network then they would be forced to keep their prices down as well. 3 big or 2 big and 2 small networks it makes no difference to compition.


Re: Message to 3

I'm a three customer and I say yes.

Take my hint my network operator has more money, O2 owner not interested in spending any. . .

EU blocks O2/Three merger


Except BT now control the network and a large portion of the backbone EE uses.

Orange and T-Mobile merger did reduce them and did nothing to benefit the customers, look at the ridiculous prices they wanted at the start for small amounts of 4G data.....

Android's security patch quagmire probed by US watchdogs


Re: Sounds like a GREAT idea!

Then again your post completely ignores the fact that Google release security updates that hit the Nexus devices fairly quickly and had the same to all those manufacturers out there who dont send out the fixes quickly.

OK a new version of Android needs testing on the older kit to ensure it will work and not brick the older device but that should not take months and sometimes even lags behind the next version as well.

Google should take control of as much as possible and require manufacturers to leave the updatres to security etc to Google and they can then add their own UI and apps on top. Maybe then we would get updates at least if not the latest android version in a timely fashion.

Don't split Openreach, says BT, and we'll splash BEELLIONS on broadband and 4G


Its all about money

Openreach is the most profitable part of BT, the profits from it will be well over the 6 billion by 2020.

Split Openreach off and apply utility rules to them, limit the profit they can make and have all the extra invested in infrastructure and research.

BT can then goes its own way, charge what it likes the same as Sky, TalkTalk etc etc....

That would be the best option for the customer as we would get the best possible network and true choice from providers.

UK govt admits it pulled 10-year file-sharing jail sentence out of its arse

Big Brother

Your all missing the point of who THE "Stakeholder" is

Who is it visits No 10 and meets with the Cameron's etc all the time and has a BIG interest in charging you for your online content ?

Why look its good old Rupert Murdock . . . . .

He pays them enough cash and good press etc to get them to kiss his ass any time he wants.

Put him top of your list as the front man for the rest as well and I bet your not too far off the truth....

Cops deploy StingRay anti-terror tech against $50 chicken-wing thief



WTF are local coppers et al doing being given this equipment ?

Surely if it is only meant to be used for anti terror and serious crimes such as kidnap etc then it should only be in the hands of the FBI and they should have strict policies on usage. They can then be empowered to aid local law to track the worst criminals and take away the temptation to use it for the wrong reasons.

There you go, costs cut, limited use and easy to set up an oversight person or two for permission to use at all except in an emergency....

Chrome edges out IE for desktop browser crown


These figures are distorted

Many users have no choice but to continue to run IE. The companies they work for will only allow IE of an older version to run their legacy software.

I have no doubt that many of those users would want to run the browser they use at home and on their phone so would like Chrome or Safari installed.

IE/Edge use will drop lower and lower outside of business and become a niche player outside that market.

I remember people saying noone got fired for installing Windows, how much longer will that be true ? ? ?

Prof squints at Google's mobile monopoly defence, shakes head


The more Google take back into the basic system the better

Then Manufacturers can be told to either sale pure Android or add their own UI etc as they want. Google can then deliver what many want, quick updates like the Nexus phones get or as many complain about actually get updates.

This can be sorted if as it looks like may happen ChromeOS and Android are combined into one mobile and desktop system and phone makers told to use certain chip specs for compatibility or write their own OS.

They can then hand Android over to the ASOP group and it becomes another open source OS without any Google play store, maps, location services etc.

Google will then go on to dominate the non Windows market and fluffy bunnies will rule the world . . .

European Union set to release anti-competition hounds on Google


Re: Killing the goose

Then buy a feature phone for a few quid and have SMS and phone only, amazing battery life as well


Re: Once was Microsoft, now it's Google...


Go back and reread what MS were doing such as forcing PC makers to sale only with windows installed or not have access to windows, writing their code to cripple competitors software such as Wordperfect, preinstalling IE and making it near impossible to uninstall and so on.

In comparison Google have an ASOP version of Android that others such as Cyanogen use to provide their own version of Android without google included.

etc etc

Grab your Hammer pants – it's the '90s again: Facebook brings Virtual Reality back


VR . . . AR . . .

Hey its the new 3D all the hype in the world, promise that we will all be begging for it and willing to pay a fortune just to try it once or twice, go meh and return to our 2D panels etc.

Unless they can get it down to the weight and feel of a pair of ordinary glasses then its s dead duck.

As to Zuck's "........will be able to run both VR and augmented reality and most people probably won't take them off except to sleep." all I can say is the mans an idiot with no idea of what real people want beyond a place to upload pictures of their lunch for someone else to look at.

UK competition watchdog gripes to Brussels about Three-O2 merger



So its no problem allowing 2 big companies (T-Mobile & orange) to join together into a company so big they distort competition, then allowing the countries biggest data network to take over that company with massive savings in backbone added to size. But to allow 2 companies to join together and offer competition is a bad idea ?

WTF are the CMA thinking ? and the comment that if the 2 companies get together then they should be made to sale off most of their network is the most stupid idea I have heard yet.

I say let 3 take over O2 and let the millions of us customers have no price increase whilst the net work is improved, the would force EE to respond and oh look competition happening....

Snowden WAS the Feds' quarry in Lavabit case, redaction blunder reveals


You're all overdoing the thought process.

Anyone who respects my privacy, right to live my life as I want and defends such is a good guy.

Anyone who doesn't respect my privacy or right to live as I want is a bad guy.

Anyone who works for a government agency or law enforcement etc. is automatically suspect due to too many abuses in the past.

People in government are always bad guys because they believe the laws they impose shouldn't apply to them, look at the past MP's being accused of child abuse and the cover up in the uk .

One in five PCs will be a tablet with detachable keyboard by 2020


Windows Typoslabs in 2020 ?

There may be very few of them, with multi windows coming to Android (plus Google combinging it with ChromeOS) and the apps for MS Office plus Google Docs etc improving all the time we could see Windows being outsold by it on non Business systems and maybe even there being outsold be a combination of Android and iOS.

MS will only be a force if they keep Windows 10 free for all including business, as soon as they try to charge a subscription people will start to look elsewhere and Linux could be on the up in enterprise space.

As for me I will keep my old android tablet until they come out with a lightweight 14" plus one.

NSA boss reveals top 3 security nightmares that keep him awake at night


This man needs to get on message.

Everyone else tells us its to protect children, stop crime and then protect against terrorists etc

Doesn't he care about them ? Surely he knows his first words and sleepless night cause are the children.

New York judge blocks FBI demand for Apple help to unlock iPhone


Re: Beware of Pyrrhic victories...

Wonder if this was a jailbroken phone ?

If so then it would be much easier to access than a vanilla Apple phone

FBI iPhone unlock order reaction: Trump, Rubio say no to Apple. EFF and Twitter say yes


I'm confused . . . .

These terrorists (I am happy to call them that) apparently destroyed or otherwise got rid of their personal phones and hard drives etc as stated by the FBI.

Are they then considered to be clever enough to get rid of the stuff that could help the FBI but stupid enough to leave behind one phone, a work phone that would hold anything useful ?

Surely this is a waste of time fishing exercise so that the FBI, local and state police, dog catcher etc can go to court in the future on a case the public wont support them on so strongly and be able to say its possible, its already been done, precedent has been set, break the phone encryption now. Not forgetting foreign governments demanding it as the cost of selling in their country.

This must be stopped now as it doesn't matter to the result of the case being investigated but will to the future freedom of people everywhere.

UK to stop children looking at online porn. How?


They want to ban British porn ? ? ?

Having seen the state of some of the "actors" / "actresses" on them all I can say is the vast majority of the world will celebrate.

As to children seeing porn and what is ok whats the next step ? banning them posting all pictures of people under the age of 16 and wearing anything arousing such as swimwear, PE kit, school uniforms, ankle socks etc.

These idiots working in the government need to sort themselves out so only non abusive (yeh do a deep check to see if they look at porno nasties or fiddle with those they shouldn't) and intelligent people who understand the internet and what is possible make the decisions on what to past laws on, anyone who doesn't pass a written exam to show they understand should not be allowed to vote or have any input at all.

Shopping for PCs? This is what you'll be offered in 2016



I recently upgraded my 3 year old Dell desktop that was getting a bit long in the tooth, I installed Chromium on it instead and bought a very cheap plug in the tv windows 10 box from Gearbest for £55 delivered.

I now have a very fast booting and shuting down PC for 99.5% of what I want to do at home plus a windows unit for the very rare need to do something with it. I mostly use it for Ethernet drives to access old data due to Chrome OS not working with that, otherwise meh to windows.

Dreaming of the day when I can kiss goodbye to Windows completely.

Yeh I know I could go for Mint or Umbutu or whatever but I just have very simple needs at home that Google cover almost completely.

Depressed? Desperate for a ciggie? Blame the Neanderthals


Or to put it another way

Neanderthal genes 'boosted our immunity'

We may owe our ability to fight disease to our extinct relatives - the Neanderthals and Denisovans


Three: We won't hike prices if you say yes to £10.5bn O2 merger


Oh how some are blinkered/biased in their comments

Three made the changes to the one plan a year ago and stated then that anyone already on it would have their contract terminated and offered a different one instead.

You have had about a year extra on it and you complain it was only announced last week. You need the data ? then go with BT mobile and use their unlimited wifi for your needs and you get a better coverage at the same time. Otherwise go look elsewhere for what you want, its a free market.

As to the merger I can see no difference between 2 big and 2 smaller companies or 3 big companies as far as competition is concerned, No way will EE and Vodafone increase prices in a big way if 3 are not as they would lose customers,

BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?


Re: Redundancy?

No need for it, Its Most likely Cisco kit and the Chinese will have used the backdoor to enter it and fix it for them by rolloing back to the version where they get copies of all the data going through.

You would expect that the NSA would have informed them they were going to do some software mods though......

Robots. Machine learnin', 3D-printin' AI robots: They'll take our jobs – Davos



Dam I read that as Davros . . . .

Comet halo theory for flickering 'alien megastructure' star fails


Its the latest deathstar

They're building it in this Galaxy ready for a return attack and its in a slow orbit, Its taking a long time as its going to double up as a star ship carrier and base.

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL: Clear thoughts of Continuum with a snazzy camera


Would I buy this

Yes I would, if it was a stock Android phone.

Will I buy it with any version of Windows on it ?

Nope unless its a full version of Suface Pro with phone ability built in and phone mode rather than tablet mode then maybe I would as a replacement for a Laptop. desktop computer.

Still an incomplete answer looking for a question no-one is asking....

Obama calls out encryption in terror strategy speech


If I were a terrorist

I wouldn't use computers to communicate with others, I would use the low tech much more secure method, the one that uses numbers to say page, line, word from a book that is not mentioned in the mail.

Snail mail is very hard to beat due to not being readable without a court order and then they are looking at a pretty much unbreakable code system.

Instead they want a system where someone could break the back door or whatever they use and suddenly they have access to everyone's data.

No the simple way to sort the password on a phone/computer is to prove to a judge you need to access it due to having enough proof the owner most likely committed a very serious crime such as murder child abuse, rape etc and the judge insisting the password is given or the person in held in jail in contempt of the court with no time limit until they give up the password.

Doctor Who: Oh, look! There's a restaurant at the end of the universe in Hell Bent


How did I miss it ?

Matt Smith ending, he gets to go and find Gallifrey which is missing / in some pocket universe or somewhere.

Now suddenly its at the end of the universe . . . .


When did the Doctor find it ? Did I miss an episode ?

Apple's Watch charging pad proves Cupertino still screwing buyers


Bend over

Grab your cheeks and spread them

Grit your teeth and get ready for the Apple Tax

7 million Apple Watches just buried the competition – Canalys


Explain please

You say "shipments" not sales so lets say every Apple Store and Warehouse have a nice stock of these on the shelves plus others sent on to re-sellers etc then how many actually sold and are on customers wrists and how many are waiting to be sold ?

Add to that Apple may have shipped a shed load just for the number one spot where others only shipped what the sellers expected could be shifted based on experience over those last 5 quarters.

Until we get sales figures then these don't mean anything other than Apple hope to shift a lot of kit which is on all OS's still looking for a killer app to make them more than a fashion accessory. Fitness bands at least have a defined purpose beyond what the phone can do already.

UK's super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping

Black Helicopters

I personally have no problem with this at all

IF. . . . . . .

She and all the other MP's who vote in favour of it and anyone who can access it have all their data recorded and posted openly on the internet for us all to see.

After all, they must all be law abiding honest people who would never abuse the system. As has been said before if you have nothing to hide . . . . .

PC sales will rise again, predicts Intel, but tablets are toast


Re: 3D Golfball Printer

3D Golf balls ?

God I hate you rich MEME 's

Some of us have to make do with 2D golf balls cut out of magazines.