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Webcam stripper strikes back at vicious 4Chan trolls after year of bullying



This is the problem with letting 13 year olds use t'interweb...

Microsoft retunes Intune for full Android, iOS app integration



I keep getting dragged into meetings on BYOD and I can't escape thinking it's a fad to sell devices into corporate which are mostly not needed.

BYOD has gone from being a proposed method to reduce corporate asset ownership - which failed - to being about making people feel good because they get to use gadgets at work!

Here's an idea, get the best and brightest by offering a good salary, an interesting job, and looking after them well. Give them equipment which enables them to do their work and how about blocking any other devices so when they are outside work time they don't get work emails through to their personal device - simple step to help people walk away from work when they go home.

Personally before I have to spend money on new infrastructure, reduce corporate security, train and create new policies and procedures I like to see a far better ROI than 'it makes John in HR smile'.

Windows 8: Sugar coating on Microsoft's hard-to-swallow tablet


Is this a showstopper?!

While we've all been busy debating pretty or ugly and so on, I've spotted something which for me might be a showstopper for me …

I set up two users on a Windows 8 machine. On user (A) I go to the app store, update the apps installed and buy some new ones, let's say one day Photoshop for £100 as a scenario. User (B) logs in and finds that none of the apps have updated, and on the same machine they have to re-buy and re-download Photoshop!

Try it - you're no longer buying an app for your computer, you're buying an app for your specific user on that specific PC …

Anyone else think this is a con?!

Apple's iPad not so shiny once you get it home


Touchpad win!!

I have an under 100 pound Touchpad, overclocked, dual boot with Android, and for that money great, but more than that? No thanks, not enough use for it.

some great features on it as well, like mobile pairing, but never was worth the original price tag.

Beastly Android will batter Apple's iOS beauty


Funnily enough ...

Last night I was at a friends house and his wife came home, complaining about the 'cheap iPhone copy' her mobile provider had given her, which was an HTC Wildfire. I explained to her that it was just as good as the iPhone and you could get comparable apps on both, and that she could actually have Angry Birds on her phone.

That was it, she wanted Angry Birds, so I downloaded it for her, it installed, and then ... it didn't work!

I searched the internet only to find that Angry Birds does not work on the Wildfire and they are trying to develop an angry birds lite to work on the slower Android devices, and therein lies the problem, she still wants an iPhone.

The figures will of course show a huge majority of phones being Android because every phone manufacturer can use it 'for free' on their devices, they can become hardware designers instead of investing so much in their operating system, but that doesn't mean it will win the battle.

The fact that more and more applications will only work on certain Android devices and not others with no way for the user to know what will and will not defeats what Apple started with the iPhone, the easy app store - click here and this app will install and work on your device, but not any more.

I could not convince the wife that she should try another Android phone, she wants an iPhone, because her friends can run whatever they want from the app store.

Market share can be make or break, especially when market share starts making people think your product does not actually work!

'Suspicious' Android wallpaper app nabs user data


Hmm ... App Police?!

Does this validate the Apple approach of policing the apps? If only they used their power for good!

Microsoft bares Steve Jobs' Flash rant claptrap


Well, bye MS Office!

I couldn't work out why my Mac was running slow, then I removed MS Office from it, and it ran better again!

All these things get turned into 'Fanboi' vs MS/Google/whoever, but in reality I use my Mac because everyday it works, and I need it to - my Windows machine I have great fun rebuilding, and my Ubuntu is great but I can't use my FW-1884 mixing desk with it.

I moved away from iWork (which is fine but I just don't need most of what it does), MS Office (which is pretty but slow and I don't need most of what it does), away from Open Office (which is fine but clunky and ugly - personal opinion), and moved to IBM Symphony which I love - free again!

The only thing I have trouble with is the lack of something like Entourage which works great with OWA. If another app could do that, I would never put MS Office back on.

Another thing, I really don't care what code any app uses, it has no relevance to me at all, if it does what I want, I'll use it, if it doesn't, I won't. They could write it in etch-a-sketch for all I care.

As for Jobs, well I think soon he's going to walk onto that big stage, and try breaking bread to feed everyone. Either that or make himself Leader Of The New Republic, but I don't own an Apple product because of him, I own one because I like my MacBook, just like I like my Sony laptop and my Dell netbook, and whatever make of TV I have, but next time I ned to buy a new laptop, I'll see what takes my fancy most.

Superslim iPhone 4 enough to fend off Android?


Hands Up!!!

Has anyone here ever, ever, ever used the front camera on their phone or actually done a video call?!

I've had a multitude of phones with front cameras (and still have one), and I have yet to use it.

I've tried, just for fun, but I've never managed to connect a video call!

Dear Adobe: It's time for security rehab


iPhone and iPad complaints?!

I notice that numerous articles complain about the lack of Flash support on the iPhone and iPad, and as an iPhone user I can agree that not having Flash can be a real bugger, but this article suggests that Mr Jobs is correct in not allowing Flash onto these platforms until Adobe cleans up its act and releases a good version without all the issues.

On the one hand we criticise Jobs for his stance, on the other, we criticise Adobe for releasing buggy rubbish, and hope that someone forces everyone into the brave new flash free world. Can't have it both ways, so are we saying iPad and iPhone right not to allow Flash for now, or are we saying allow it and we'll deal with the crashes, security issues, and so on?!

Ghost of Gates' tablet haunts Microsoft's future



Have you tried Linux Mint recently? Great Linux desktop, have moved many people over to it with very few issues, so depending on what you use an OS for, you don't always get what you pay for, sometimes you get something great for free!

Windows 7 is a lot better than Vista, but I still struggle to tell people they should move from XP to 7, still not sure for 90% of users it makes a big difference.


Missing the point?!

I think this is missing the point a little. Don't count power by CPU or memory, 'powerful' in this respect I think is about the end user. Most end users if you ask why they use a computer it is for: Listening to music, watching films, email, internet, so from an end user perspective, the iPhone is as powerful as a PC because it allows them to simply do the things they want.

Part of the issue (IMHO) is that PC makers and OS makers think we want ever more power when really the majority of use for computers has not changed since the humble 486.

So yes, from a market and end user view, the iphone is every bit as powerful as a PC, as is an Android handset. WM6 we'll just ignore for the sake of this discussion ...


The new sheep ...

This is a real shame. Microsoft used to innovate, but that seems to be many years past now, and really you want more people than Apple to be innovative.

Everyone has said it already, Microsoft have become uninspired. Windows 7 is a great upgrade from XP, but the first OS/X was a leap forward. WM7 is a leap from 6 and 6.5, but still behind the iPhone, and here we have an upgrade to the clumsy terrible HP 1000 tablet which we bought for secretaries and then promptly binned.

Everyone now wants to see if Apple can do to the tablet market what they did to the smartphone market, change the whole landscape, but I was really hoping (even though I am an Apple user) that someone else would make me sit up and go 'Wow!'.

It's amazing that two giants like Microsoft and HP cannot come up with anything new or exciting.

Microsoft needs to throw out it's old and find some innovators.