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Facebook planking game claims its first victim

Ivan Slavkov

Darwin award winner

Well, one has removed himself from the gene pool. 90000 more to walk the plank

O2 ups 3G speeds by 30%

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Agreed, I would like to see that legendary 3G network

I have seen 3G on my N71 all in all twice while on O2 network within the last 2 years. At best - a few channels of Edge, usually just GPRS (Cambridge, Ipswich and London).

Compared to that in the "wild wastelands" of Bulgaria with a Mobiltel SIM it goes to 3G every time you use data.

Could Coraid be readying for takeoff?

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Most VDI shops need to fix the basics first

VDi problem is usually not with network speed as such and even not with IO speed on the host server, it is with latency on _LARGE_ frames in the client. If you are going to invest into VDI you may as well invest into fixing this than throwing crazy money at AOE or FC storage. In fact any storage investment will be pretty much wasted if you do not fix your client infra first.

In the client, if you generate an IRQ per frame or even per few frames (bog standard IRQ mitigation) you still get the chance of task switch in the middle and the overall latency for a "draw this" operation on the client increases by as much as an order of magnitude.

If you offload the reassembly in the IP stack to the card and there is one IRQ per whole TCP segment with virtually the picture changes drastically. Even a lame duck client based on a 1GHz Pentium3 from around 2002 can fly and deliver performance on par with sitting on a physical desktop once you put the proper Ethernet into it. One that shows GSO, GRO, TSO on ethtool and can actually do them.

That is the first thing to do, long before any Coraids taking off...

Taking to the task vendors that continue to ship thin clients with Ethernets which do not have this also a jolly good idea.

Thunderbolt: A new way to hack Macs

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Different attack

Different attack

If you reset the password nowdays it gets you nowhere. Most laptop disks are encrypted.

This is the equivalent to the "fake network adapter" PCMCIA card attack which was used by people with enough resources before the laptops stopped having anything but USB. You pretend to be a well known adapter for which the laptop has drivers for example Intel Ether Express Pro. Once the laptop enables the card you start using BDMA from the card side to copy all of the laptop RAM. Once done, unplug.

Intel: 'PC makers took the light out of Light Peak'

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Is it RAND and is it a standard

The obvious questions: Will intel license it under RAND terms and will make a proper standard out of it which other vendors can interop to and build to.

None of the news so far say a word.

In any case, if this gets standardised and if someone does some silicon for a switch fabric for this it will have a number of interesting non-apply, non-display applications in the supercomputing arena. PCI-Express to a distance of 100m makes for a very tasty interconnect :)

Sony tweets 'secret' key at heart of PS3 jailbreak case

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I did not know that I just became transparent

I did not know I am transparent and inexistent. I have in fact two PPC desktops.

My main personal laptop nowdays is a MacBook Pro Titanium which my other half obtained via skipdiving before leaving her last job. The dolts in their IT did not know how to fix a run of bad sectors under Mac OSX. Despite it being 8 years old for most laptop tasks it performs _ON_ _PAR_ with the company hp nc94xx crap I am obliged to have from my work. Under Linux (debian to be more exact).

Similarly, till recently the shared desktop in my house was a Mac Mini G4 similarly running Debian. Similarly written off by dolts in IT somewhere and obtained via skipdiving. The only reason I went back to Intel for that is that the Mini does not hibernate.

I also know quite a few other users which use PPC for Internet exposed home/SME servers. It is quite a bit of fun watching k1dd10tz trying to apply their scr1pt k1dd13z 31337 sk1llz to a non-Intel big endian machine.

Yours, sincerely, a PPC linux user.

DEC founder Ken Olsen is dead

Ivan Slavkov

May he rest in peace

Obligatory PDP joke:

Q: How do you recognise yourself as a dinosaur.

A: When you know that big endian and little endian are not the only endians out there.


Data centre season down under

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And your problem is?

Just add them to the professions that give extra points for the immigration system. Plenty of that to go around Eastern Europe and other places which would prefer down under to let's say USA.

I am speaking this as an IT professional who happens also to be a reasonably good plumber, carpenter and electrician.

Not that I would apply of course :)

Sarko to use G8 presidency to promote net regulation

Ivan Slavkov

Why so harsh?

We should just sent him a set of platform shoes as a present. _EVERY_ _ONE_ _OF_ _US_. That would do a better job.

Ivan Slavkov

As my uncle used to say

Platform shoes can go a long way towards decreasing the level of imperativeness of such moral urges.

As my uncle used to say - if Napoleon was 2 inches taller he would have never attacked Russia and we would have all been speaking French instead of English today.

Microsoft answers Google MapReduce with 'Dryad' beta

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That is called marketing you know

That is called marketing driven product roadmap.

It is a standard issue replacement for innovation in companies whose internal governance prevents them from innovating.

Microsoft is _DEFINITELY_ not alone in this category.

Olympians threaten ICANN with lawsuit

Ivan Slavkov

They discussed that one with me

Everything can be arranged ya know... Wink.. Wink.. Wink...

Sarah Palin calls for US to stand by North Korea

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And that is exactly why she will win

And that is exactly why she appeals to Joe Average sixpack who thinks that Bulgaria is somewhere in Texas. I really had that one, I am not joking. It was from a university student in the USA. OK, he got into uni on a positive discrimination boat, but he was a student in a mid-top-50 private uni in the USA none the less.

She may not win the East Coast or California, but she will surely win everything in between.

Just stay in a 10K people town somewhere between the rockies and Pittsburgh for a few months. You will understand what I mean.

Immigration caps won't touch tech transfers

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Quoting general Akbar: "It's a Trap!!!"

With all due respect that was what highly qualified labour was paid around 10 years ago. In fact I was paid 57K in those days for technical qualified non-management labour as a foreigner on a work permit.

40K today is exactly the salary of a "from-offshore" temporary worker who has been brought to offshore the work at a later date. Even if it is slightly higher today, it will definitely be so in 5 years at the projected rate of inflation.

This should be at least 50 (if not 55) a+nd indexed annually with inflation till further notice. Until then it is a scam. As far as industries not ready to pay that amount of money - tough, learn to live with what you got or match the requirement.

Nokia slips out Designed By Community handset

Ivan Slavkov

Welcome to the world of modern innovation management

Well, c'est la vie.

That is what you get when "innovation" is managed by people who have not attended or slept through that boring course where the prof explained the idea of a Paradigm Shift and how does the history of world progress and innovation map onto a series of those.

So instead of a breakthrough, a paradigm shift or anything the like you get an organisation that is capable _ONLY_ of gradual progress. As anyone who has attended said course knows such an organisation is guaranteed to be outcompeted by the ones who are not bound by such constraints.

Nokia is a prime example. It can produce a gradual evolution on its own (N8- U1) or someone else's (iPhone - N97 and onwards) ideas. It cannot produce a true Paradigm Shift. Its own governance, internal structure, management practices, salary structure, bonus structure GUARANTEE that. Not that most other EU high tech companies nowdays are any better either.

Many Microsoft workers big on company not Ballmer

Ivan Slavkov

Mathematically you are right, in reality - most likely not.

This type of surveys in MSFT-like organisations are usually done on a per-departament basis. This is not a random sample so the confidence levels are fairly meaningless.

Microsoft and Adobe talk acquisition and Apple

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Slashdot commented most succintly

The first comment on Slashdot on this is: "I just vomited in my coffee".

Frankly spot on. The worst thing imaginable to happen to the world wide web is a bastard child of Silverlight and Flash with Adobe Acrobat reader sprinkled into it.

Navy Carriers: We want two or no votes for you, Tories

Ivan Slavkov

You are missing the point

Next battle will be in the Arctic or Antarctic. That is what the planners plan for. No steam there. Does not work I am afraid.

Otherwise you are right. For the amount of money wasted on the non-conventional fighter wing the navy can buy two nuclear aircraft carriers as well as a couple of armed nuclear icebreakers for good measure.

Ivan Slavkov

More like eighteen... Or eighty...

Let's face it, Britain is no longer a world naval power. Even India is on its way of overtaking it.

So what do "aspiring powers" with no navy do for a navy? They do not build frigates. They do not build carriers. They build (or buy) gunboats. Rocket ones.

These can do "drug patrol" and can do some very heavy duty "power projection" against other 5th world nations and even some "powers". They are also a very good export item in their own right so more than enough work for "local production capacity". The only problem is that Russia is pretty much having a monopoly on both boats and armament here and overtaking it will require some serious investment. I definitely do not see the UK arms industry in its currenf form being able to compete against them.

McCanns join CEOP quango row

Ivan Slavkov

Thank you sir

Someone said it. Finally. Applause.

They would not have been there if they did not treat their children as pests that would have gotten in the way of a "romantic dinner for two".

Seagate announces ugly diskless NAS filer

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Still too much

You can assemble a much better looking system capable of up to 12 drives out of the spare bits bucket and a new case from Maplin for around 150£. 200£ if all parts are new. After that just run FreeNAS on it or plain Linux.

So once again, why should I spend money on this? I am not looking at it unless I see the price fall under what I would pay to DIY.

FLYING CAR, full hover, fairly quiet, offered to US Marines

Ivan Slavkov

Stinger bait

"In general the sky-Hummer would operate at around 1,000 to 2,000 feet above ground, keeping it clear of most normal aircraft" _AND_ making it the perfect Stinger bait.

IT recruiters warn over migration caps

Ivan Slavkov

Highly educated my a***

Highly educated my a***. I am going to take offence here and I am very well justified to do so.

Most of Continental EU CS engineering degrees are 5 years at least because it is taught in proper "full" universities and not in engineering schools. I suggest you first learn what are you talking about. Not surprisingly, on a comparative scale of 1 to 10 most of the continental EU produces software engineers around 7-9 with Russia, Bulgaria and France usually hitting solid 9-10.

Not surprisingly this has led companies like Vmware, Cisco, etc to move key development there. Ditto for vote and bank fraud prevention systems, etc. It has all gone east for a reason and the reason is qualified labour which is often paid on par with the UK/US by the way. An average Indian engineer (and the kind of outsourcer that sends work to India) can very well choke on their breakfast seeing some of the EU salaries. Yes, EU is "overpaid", however EU produces working high quality code. It is paid for what it delivers.

Now as far as UK engineering degrees - there is a bit of what you refer to. However it is not in CS itself. It is in the supporting disciplines - UK CS does not study anywhere near the amount of math which the continent goes through and it shows. Neither does Indian CS by the way. At least compared to what the Russian and the French have to get through to get their degree. And it _ALSO_ shows.

So comparing UK and Indian CS to what the continent studies is patently unfair. However if we compare, India's CS engineering production is generally sub-5. So highly educated - some other time. There is however LOTS of it and it is erroneously perceived as cheap.

UK is actually not that bad. Based on my own experience of working with British software engineers it is generally around 7. There are not a lot of them, but the few that still graduate are actually fairly good (considering the lack of supporting math in the curriculum).

Cisco uncloaks Android video tablet for suits

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Way off

You forgot that CCIE voice will be required for the configuration and maintenance of the back-end infrastructure at first so you will have to "buy" a few more Isaac Asimov's Profession style freshly reprogrammed droids off the market. After that you will have to buy new courseware packages to reprogram your helldesk and support droids accordintly.

You will also need additional Unity, call manager and media gateway licenses for interfacing to your existing infrastructure and will also have to have them upgraded. The upgrade will be free if you have gold support and a corresponding CCO account and a very discounted rate of a few 10k an install for the majority of loosers who do not.

So your TCO figure is off by let's say 10-20K. A 50-60K USD sounds more like it. You will also no longer be surprised at the size of John Chamber's bonus (if you ever were surprised in the first place).

Nipper's naked arse provokes Street View outrage

Ivan Slavkov

Some people need to get a life

Some people need to get a life.

A good idea may be to attend a beach with people who have one. Going on a holiday to a place where Germans, French, Spanish and other more sane people tends to help.

For f*** sake, this is a toddler's bottom. So what? We have all seen one. Those of us who have children and have to change nappies probably one time too many. Having it documented is not the end of the world.

Similarly those of us who do not go to beaches with bylaws set by taleban have it here or there on their holidays snaps. It is impossible not to have one while trying to take pics of your own offspring on a beach where nobody has their kids in swimwear up to the age of 5 (this is pretty much the norm for most beaches in the EU and especially for the ones where Brits are a minority).

If I was in her place I would have taken some screenshots for posterity to show on their wedding day in 20 years time instead of producing Daily Fail style fits of rage.

Google open video codec may face patent clash

Ivan Slavkov

And why do you think that MPEG LA royalties are predictable?

"because people could come after you for payments of unpredicatable size at a later date"

It is probably me being particularly thick today...

So what exactly makes you think that MPEG LA royalties will have a predictable size once the 5 year selfimposed moratorium on web licensing is over?

The MPEG LA and 3GPP are a demonstration that the current RAND standards process has failed.

In fact the 3GPP has admitted it and has gone to reuse non-patent royalty encumbered IETF generated intellectual property for LTE. It went to another organisation's process because its own process resulted in an amount of royalties which made any new kit un-sellable.

It is a pity that neither USA, nor the EU apply the provisions in the IPR law which they applied to the Right's brothers patents on aircraft. These provisions should be used more often in all cases where the patent holder is deliberately sabotaging scientific, industrial development and the establishment of standards which promote said development and scientific progress.

Ivan Slavkov

Software is not, but algorithms are

Software is not, but algorithms which produce a "technical effect" such as compression, encryption, etc are.

So a lot of the IPR in 264 is valid in EU as well.

Mystery fungus smacks Afghan opium poppies

Ivan Slavkov

Vicious circle

The farmers are producing opium for the warlord and the warlord ensures that opium is produced. Regardless of is it a "loyal" or "talebani" warlord any missionaries advocating for alternative crops are least likely to survive to see the dawn of the next morning.

The only way to deal with this vicious circle is to reduce demand by giving away Heroin for free to registered addicts in the west (and Russia). That is one thing the Swiss did right a while back and it is a pity that most of the rest of Europe ignored the lesson for the sole reason that it contradicted their cultural and religious sensibilities.

Once opium has deteriorated in value to below the price of let's say potatoes the farmers will switch themselves and the warlord will not be there to stop them.

BBC nicely summarises Gordon Brown's legacy

Ivan Slavkov

Just read the mash

Mash has the best summary of his legacy


Android tops iPhone in US (no thanks to the Nexus One)

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Different metrics

1. US vs EU vs World.

2. Phones sold vs phone OS-es detected on mobile-specific ads vs phones in use

That gives a sufficient "mix-n-match" matrix to prove any particular statement. You can claim that Iphone is being sidelined and prove it, you can claim that Nokia is being sidelined and prove it, you can claim that BwahaBwaha OS running on GigglyMungy handsets is the definitive winner.

How to lie with statistics part 2.

Bill Gates chucks cash at climate cooling cloud creator

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A truck of fertilisier on a glacier in Iceland is cheaper.

A truck of fertiliser in a suitable location on Iceland every couple of weeks or so. Meltwater entering the crater. A bit of woof, a bit of ash, a bit of ash-based cooling. Voila, job done.

As far as the plane industry they can happily switch to building diesel powered ground effect craft. Or diesel powered blimps.

I am not being flippant by the way. Economically and environmentally the combination of both will deliver both the required travel (who cares if it takes 16h to get to NYC instead of 5, your day is screwed anyway) and environmental effect. At a fraction of the cost.

The problem is that the "murder everyone from above" AKA "aviation industry" lobby has continued to have lots of undue influence since the days of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki and air transportation tech that does not have double use for mass murder is continuously being sidelined by all parties involved.

NFC will help you find your car - if you're next to it

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And what is the point?

Most new vehicle on the high end ship with Bluetooth integration which can handle this and a hell lot more - reminding the driver to do a service, reporting, fuel efficiency, supplying real time fuel consumption data to GPS apps, you name it.

Mafia Wars dons deprived of pit bulls

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peta should stick to posters

Peta should stick to posters. Especially angelic ones. Every time they go beyond that they make complete idiots of themselves (not that they are not...)

Nokia tops iPhone and BlackBerry (again)

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Well, Apple did one thing

Nokia finally sat down, took a lesson and started working properly on their software. The latest software releases for my E71 do not just have a long list of features. The features actually work and the performance _IMPROVES_ with every release.

Britain expels diplomat over faked passports in Hamas hit row

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Britain is a signatory to the relevant conventions granting immunity to diplomatic personnel.

It is more of a question does the fact that it has not implemented them in a specific domestic law matter or not. There are precedents both ways and the priority of domestic vs international is not set in stone in the statute books like in countries with non-medieval legal systems so difficult to say.

Feds sue Russian for stock pump and dump hack

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He should have called himself a hedge fund

He should have called himself a hedge fund and called the accounts he used for pump-n-dump his customers. That would have earned him a place on the golf course and in the dinner club instead of an extradition order.

Firefox alpha dons Flash flak jacket

Ivan Slavkov

Fantastic idea... Lifted from KDE

Konqueror has been doing this for a very long time now. 10 years or so if not more.

Ivan Slavkov

Quick answer - no

Most of these are based on holes in the enforcement of the DOM model and this changes very little to that respect.

It is primarily a stability fix and its consequences are fairly well known - Konqueror has been using this technique for a very long time.

Street View threatens to throw Eurostrop

Ivan Slavkov

Bye bye and good riddance

They are welcome to. Bye bye and good riddance.

QLogic sues over video of chip frying egg

Ivan Slavkov

Fantastic as it is, it is not original

The first Athlons had no thermal cut-out so the silly egg frying trick was quite popular. In fact either tom's or Anand or one of the many other hardware sites had a video of it and it was smoking:). So in fact, it is just a bit of history repeating. What used to be used in scoring cheap points between CPU vendors is now used in the storage arena.

And similarly with the CPU wars of old the demo is unscientific and not representative of overall consumption.

Dell servers block un-Dell HDDs

Ivan Slavkov

Even easier for me

I never buy Dell period.

Finding out that they changed the wiring on an ATX power supply to be different from the standard 7 years back was pretty much enough. It is a vendor which has been permanently banned from my shortlist.

China stomps cybercrook training outfit

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That is called nationalisation

Failing important infrastructure companies like Railtrack needs to be nationalised in all countries. China notwithstanding.

Intel mobile graphics in 3x boost

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Speed boosted crap is still crap

Speed boosted crap is still crap. The day when intel is forced by competition authorities to exit the video market or delivers product that can compete on merit not on forced bundling will be a good day for the computer industry.

That is besides the fact that Nvidia has had dynamic clocking for ages now.

Ubuntu Firefox shuns Google for Yahoo! search

Ivan Slavkov

Same thing I am thinking

After the latest several rounds of tweaks to Google search and ad machine the revenue on my websites has dropped 10 times.

I was not making any real money on them anyway and I keep it as a barometer so I can see what's going on and use the data from time to time in my day job. The drop was while they still generate roughly the same amount of impressions as before. So the change is only in pay per impression for pics and in click-through rates.

If you depend on this money the way Canonical, KDE and Mozilla do, you definitely start thinking. So this does not surprise me in the slightest.

Aussie man convicted for Simpsons smut

Ivan Slavkov


Can the author of the London Olympics logo be convicted too.

El Reg sparks international incident with Olympics committee

Ivan Slavkov

How silly of the Register

When you do an article about Olympic sponsorship you have to come to me ya know. We sort things out. For a small fee. A bigger fee and athletes will have cameras up their bottoms. And a special fee for me and it may happen in London.