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Valve tried tongue-tied interface controller


Nice yellow, dead tooth in that picture.

Dell Inspiron 17R SE 17in Ivy Bridge notebook review


I have that exact same laptop and was thinking that too. I have not seen many laptops with a resolution that can match the old Vostro, and it still does everything I need it for, including the odd bit of gaming.

Student racks up £8000 mobile broadband bill


serves him right

I agree with the first few posts, you can't use that amount of data abroad and think you are going to be paying a few quid for it, regardless of how tech-savy you are, surely most people know that roaming charges can be much higher than normal.

But at the same time I also agree roaming costs in general are ridiculous and need to be brought in to some sort of realistic pricing scale.

Brits left cold by mobile internet



I do believe it. I for one don't use it ever, never in a day - and virtually nobody I know does.

However I understand that I am only one person and could easily be hidden in the figures they give. Just because you and your pals use it doesn't mean the whole UK does, you don't represent everyone.

Reasons I don't use it have been given over and over in this already, however I plan on using it more when I get a new contract, assuming I can get a decent data package.

Nexus One teardown: 'nicely put together'


dead not flat battery

Everyone reacting to Matt's comment about the battery don't seem to realise he meant a dead battery, not flat. I don't like the idea you cant remove the iPhone battery and would rather have this option available to me too.


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