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France's official P2P monitoring firm hacked

greg oestreicher


Hard to call this a hack when the leaked data was available with a simple browser pointed to the right IP address. Call this a massive fail on TMG's side and it'll be more accurate, with the added bonus that they won't be seen as poor victims of some uber-pirate, but only of their own incompetence.

And the 'This is a test server' argument is moot. Are the leaked IP addresses (there are some if the original reporters are right, see http://reflets.info/le-honeypot-de-tmg/) only test addresses belonging to test citizens? I doubt it…

Hacker pierces hardware firewalls with web page

greg oestreicher
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nothing new ?

Looks a lot like an attack already described in phrack #63, unless something new escaped me. This works fine against netfilter firewalls when admins are abusing the copy-n-paste from tutorials.